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What’s Your Money Habit Archetype?

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Our habits rule and create our lives.
When it comes to money, we all have a money habit archetype and this will determine our financial position.

When it comes to habits, the important thing to understand is that they are totally unconscious – we act, speak, think & feel in automatic habit patterns without giving it any conscious thought or without making a conscious choice.

A habit is simply an unconscious & automatic pattern in your nervous system.

The great news is that once you become conscious of a habit, you have a choice.
You can either leave it to keep running as it is or you can uninstall it and replace it with something more helpful.

In this Effectology Tip:
● the 3 types of money habit archetypes
● why how much you earn makes no difference
● how to figure out your archetype and what it means
Knowing where to start & what the next step is, is crucial if you want to effectively create an awesome life on purpose.

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