The practical tip that makes you more magnetic to money

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Most people think that being practical with their money is one thing, and manifesting more money is another.

Can I just come right out & tell you, “They’re wrong!”

Taking practical steps that help you know what your money is doing, being able to make empowered decisions and setting yourself up so your money can start to grow and multiply actually HUGELY helps you attract more!

You see, when you start yo feel empowered around money, when your money has a cosy and tidy home to go to, you are actually getting yourself into ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT with it.

You’re sending out a message that you DO expect more money and that you are totally ready for it!

So not only will this help you absolutely make the most of every dollar that comes yoru way and help you create that financial freedom you’re looking for, it will also call in MORE!

Most people won’t bother doing any of that, using the lack of money as an excuse.
The problem with that is, they stay stuck exactly where they are – in lack!

There is one super simple thing you can start to TODAY that will help you control of your finances, feel confident & empowered around money and bless you in magical ways as you get into alignment with abundance so you can attract lots more money.

And here’s another bonus that comes with following this tip:
You’ll instantly have more spare money!

In this Effectology Tip:
● How paying attention to your money opens the door for more to flow in
● Why spending on paper instantly increases your bottom line
● The simple habit that will completely shift your relationship with money





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