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Now, like a lot of people, you might have ‘had a go’ at this manifesting thing. You’ve asked for what they want, you might have recited affirmations, got yourself some funky goal cards – maybe some crystals and angel cards – you might have even made a Vision Board.

But NOTHING HAPPENED.   (how annoying…)

Do you know why? Because you still don’t really understand how it works.

There’s no magic fairy or genie in a bottle that grants your wishes. It’s just a quantum field – it’s Science and so operates by some basic immutable laws. You either play by the rules or you don’t get to play.

So what are you missing?

The second most important thing about manifesting you need to know is:

The Universe Does NOT Hear What You Say!

The Universe, the Quantum Field, the field of Infinite Possibilities – whatever you prefer to call it. It only speaks one language – the language of VIBRATION.
And that means you get not what you ask for but what you expect. Not what you hope for, but what you EXPECT. Not what you pretend you expect – but what you actually EXPECT – down deep n your heart of hearts.

There is no hiding how you really feel. And if you’re not quite sure how you really feel – have a look at what’s going on in your life. THAT’S how you really feel! And that’s why it’s in your life.

Sure – sometimes bad stuff happens, but if you don’t take it on as your new expectation of how life is, it will only serve as something that allowed you to get really super clear on what you DO want (and that is a good thing).
In this video:

  • The SECOND most important thing about manifesting
  • Why you’re getting mixed results
  • How to speak the Universe’s language


After you watch the video, let me know what YOU think – leave a comment below!




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