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If you multi-task AND feel like you’re struggling, you MUST read this:

Multi-tasking has often been touted as some sort of sacred art form, of being a way to achieve so much more in your day than someone who – by comparison – seemingly just plods along, focusing on one thing at a time.


Well, that’s actually complete & utter bullshit!


I’m not sure who came up with the idea that multitasking is a good idea, but I think they may have been trying to play a little practical joke that spiralled out of control, because people actually believed it.


The problem is not only that people believe multi-tasking is a good idea, it’s also that our brains love novelty so the temptation to flit from one thing to another can be great – it’s also a hugely addictive habit!


We get a hit of satisfaction endorphins when we multi-task and jump to something new, making us feel rewarded for ‘getting stuff done’ when in fact, we’ve done previous little except start but not finish a whole lot of things & scramble our brains to boot!


Another problem with multi-tasking is that women’s brains are wired to be able to cope much better with this (and actually manage reasonably well) much more so than men, who are wired better for focusing single-mindedly on one thing at a time.


So we tend to wear this multi-tasking habit as a badge of honour, pointing proudly to all the plates we got spinning at once, then hoping everyone looks away before they all come crashing to the ground!


The bottom line is that:


It’s a waste of our resources, it burns up more fuel than necessary by getting our brains to fire up over and over again to a new activity.


As Eideteker said:  Multi-tasking is the art of distracting yourself from to things you’d rather not be doing by doing them simultaneously”

Still not convinced?


Try this simple exercise:

  • Get a piece of paper and pen.
  • Start a timer.
  • On the first line write the numbers 1-26 in series as quickly as you can.
  • Immediately follow that by writing the letters of the alphabet in series right underneath.
  • Stop the timer & notice how long that took you.


  • Now get a fresh piece of paper & reset the timer
  • Start the timer and do the same again HOWEVER, this time instead of writing 1 line at a time, alternate between a number, and a letter below, a number again and a letter below.
  • Keep going until you feel you’ve got the point


It doesn’t usually take people long to work out that the 2nd method is painstakingly slow compared to the first!


When we multi-task our way through the day, this is what we do. No wonder you feel exhausted!


If you want a simple way to increase your productivity AND feel a lot more energetic at the end of the day, simply:




Enjoy your new found serenity 🙂


Please let me know your thoughts below!


xx Miriam

PS: You’re welcome… 🙂