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Let’s spin the Effectology Wheel to Abundance today so you can pay your tax and save money:

I want to get even more practical today and let you in on a little secret that will save you soooo much money!

You’re going to find out how to pay your tax AND save money!

But first a reminder – all this practical stuff is obviously very useful but do not forget the bigger picture which is ENERGY.

Everything you do has an energetic component to it, so when you’re managing your money well, that is also saying to the Universe, your Unconscious Mind or the Money Fairies – whichever is your preferred version – that YOU are GREAT with money. You take care of money and YOU can be trusted with money – so more money would would be a really good idea, thank you very much!

This means taking great care of your money has a beautiful double whammy effect and YOU benefit both times!

Wooo-hooo !!!!

OK, let’s get to it:

When you’re saving money – for tax, holidays or anything that means big sums will be sitting around for a while, it usually just sits in a bank account, earning a bit of interest and waiting for ‘it’s time to come’.

(By the way, if you’re thinking “Saving for tax? What fairyland does she lives in???”, then look into simple systems like ‘Profit First’ and get your shizzle together)

There is a much better thing you can do with it that will save you money WHILE you are saving for tax. Here, let me explain:

In this video:

  • Why taking care of your money is good energy
  • How to save for tax
  • How to save even more money while saving for tax

After you watch the video, let me know what YOU think!

– Does taking care of your money make you feel good about your relationship with money?
– What other powerful money saving tips do you have?

Let me hear them – just comment below this post.


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Hope you create yourself an awesome day!

xx Miriam


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