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procrastinationI have a confession – I’ve fallen WAY behind on the schedule for this book. I mean, I’ve STILL not even launched the Facebook page..!

I was just about to get the whip out &  give myself a good public flogging when I thought: “Hang on – maybe there is some good that’s come from this delay..?”

I decided before sentencing myself to the maximum allowable punishment for extended procrastination, I at least deserved a chance of a defence.

So I made a list of all the good that’s come from this delay and it started looking pretty good!

  • I’ve met some even more amazing women who’ll now get to be included in the book
  • I’ve spent a lot of time mentoring someone and from that has come a great new friendship & fabulous business opportunity
  • I’ve moved house & set up a cosy new nest for my family
  • I’ve taken time out and enjoyed being just a bit lazy so now feel refreshed & raring to go again
  • I’ve enjoyed time focusing on my family, spent quality time with my kids & re-centred myself as a mother & wife
  • I have a much clearer picture of what I want from this book, what I want to teach & share with others and have so many more & even better ideas now
  • I’ve cleared my schedule of some low level things (& people) that were taking up more time & energy than they were worth
  • I’ve cleared out a bit of old head-junk & have grown even stronger in my self-belief
  • I’ve spoken to lots more women and am more convinced than ever that this book needs to be written

So, it’s not been a waste of time at all – it’s been an incubation period for even bigger & better things.

Yet like most women –  I was so quick to berate myself over it.

An elite athlete cannot train 24/7. It’s actually during recovery periods in between training sessions that muscle fibres knit & grow stronger.

For us not-so-elite-athletes who work with our minds rather than our bodies, the same philosophy applies.

The verdict on my extended procrastination charge? “NOT GUILTY, your honour!”

I was instead found to have sensibly taken time out when I needed it and since I was caught red-handed practising what I preach, have been given a full license to get on with it.

And by the Wonder Woman Syndrome power vested in me, I also grant you permission to rest & incubate (guilt-free!) as and when needed.

Much love,  Miriam

What are your thoughts on procrastination? Do you have a different view? How do you deal with it? Please add your comments below:





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