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Are you really ready for more money?

I’m serious! If all the money you wanted came in right now, would you actually know what to do with it to ensure every dollar is put to work for you as effectively as possible?

Do you have a plan for that money?

You might think that right now you have too many bills or debts to pay to even worry about a bigger ‘money plan’ but let me be upfront here:

NOT having a money plan or system ready to go will actually BLOCK more money coming in

It’s like opening a restaurant & not bothering to hire a chef because you don’t have any customer orders yet.

Not having a chef in the kitchen will stop customers from coming in – especially when they know for a fact that there is no chef!

On an energetic level, all that money that’s out there waiting to flow into your experience knows exactly what’s going on! It knows you have no plan for it – no chef in the kitchen and so there’s nothing to call it in.

You simply can’t BS the Universe, so it’s important that you’re truly ready – on all levels – to receive that abundance you want.

Waiting ‘til it comes before you get ready will keep it from coming!

You’ll end up in an energetic stalemate.

Having a money plan will ensure that when your money comes, you’ll know how to make it grow & multiply.

Having a money plan is also a CRITICAL step to help you release the resistance that stops the money from flowing in the first place!

Any good plan begins by determining your starting point, then deciding how to get from there to where you want to go.

Knowing your starting point is crucial, because if you just decide you want to go to Los Angeles, you better know if you’re currently Sydney or Rome!

When it comes to your money plan, we want to know your starting point not just in terms of what’s currently flowing in and out, but also of your mindset around money.

In this Effectology Tip:
● how exactly having a money plan opens the abundance floodgates
● what to do to avoid a vibrational abundance stalemate
● the easiest & most powerful way to get that abundance flowing





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