The number 1 secret to becoming the best version of you

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Would you like to evolve into the very best version of you?

Let’s assume that – since you’re reading one of my blogs – the answer is HELL YES!
Then this is for you..

Before we talk about the number 1 habit that will help you do that faster and more magically than anything else, let’s talk about what’s NOT helping..

…and that is they monkey mind.. the constant chatter… your mind jumping around from one thing to another..not being able to focus on the important stuff for long enough.. which leaves you stressed and worn out, unable to access your higher faculties – like intuition, insight and creativity so you can move towards your dreams and goals.

This is how most people live their lives.. stuck in the hyperactivity of their prefrontal cortex, their amygdala constantly firing and their body flooded with stress hormones.

In our modern world, most people tend to spend the bulk of their time in a fight or flight stress response. Aside from being extremely unhealthy, this also does not allow you to grow, expand and evolve. You’re only ever just dealing with whichever ‘emergency is right in front of you – and these are usually not actual emergencies, but rather, the latest email ping or Facebook message you feel the sudden urge to respond to.

Ín that state, you simply cannot make clear decisions that serve you… and you cannot access your insight, intuition and creativity.

This monkey mind is what keeps you trapped in the same old cycle of stress and reactivity. Life is just one mega-fast revolving door.

Your number one task therefore, is to learn to still the monkey mind – even just for a split second… and to continue this practise daily.

Yes – I’m talking about meditation!

And before you launch into all the same old excuses of “I can’t meditate – I tried and it doesn’t work for me” etc, let me tell you.. nobody goes flatline when they meditate.

It is a PRACTISE… a practise of directing your FOCUS.

Even if you only get a split second of silence during a 20 minute meditation, it’s beneficial.

A meditation practices will help you start to connect to your higher mind and  allows the space for all that higher knowledge to come in – because you’re not weighed down with the state of resistance from everyday fears and worries you’re so used to living in.

Simply sit quietly for 10-15 minutes a day with the intention of quietening your mind, so that you can evolve into that more intuitive, joyful and aware version of you.

That’s not much of a price to pay for joy, is it?



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