Have you heard people say “Don’t bother asking permission, just ask for forgiveness”?


Well if you’re in business – or in any relationship with others that you value at all – that is just bloody terrible advice!


I’m all for being assertive, proactive, & going out to make shit happen, but if that means  stepping on other people’s toes – people whose trust you’ve worked hard to gain, people you value and people who you want to continue dealing with – you’re just better off NOT doing it.


When you overstep the limit, you know it and what’s much worse – THEY know it

If you happen to get away with it because they’re too polite to say anything, it’s even WORSE again! Not only do they now trust you a whole lot less, they RESENT you on top of that.


They won’t be going out of their way to recommend you, help you or support you in a hurry again.


You don’t need to be pushy to get what you want.


You just need to be REAL, offer true value, trust yourself, ignore the fear that makes you want to do STUPID things & TREASURE the trust you’ve taken time & effort to build with people.



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Have a great day!

xx Miriam


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