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5 Golden rules for self care

These self-care rules are so simple…

 but have the power to completely

transform your life.



We all go a little nuts from time to time, don’t we? We yell at the kids, throw a tantrum like a two-year-old at the grocery store, complain about feeling unappreciated… and finally, melt down into a sad puddle of tears.

The truth is that we usually have no one to blame for our stress but ourselves. We’re in charge of our lives, our workload, our energy and our day. We get to say “yes” and we get to say “no.” We have financial choices, social choices and choices on how we choose to spend our time.


 How you feel at the end of your day?

  • Do you feel excited, satisfied and energized? Great!
  • Do you feel exhausted, frazzled and overwhelmed? Then it’s time to fix it by taking responsibility for your own well-being!

Here’s the 5 golden rules for taking care of yourself:


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