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Photo by ishaip

If you’ve set goals and done ‘all the right things’ but they just don’t seem to be happening, you’ve probably underestimated the power of your sub-conscious.

You’ve failed to work on first changing your self-image.

We can fool ourselves like that, thinking what we want and what we expect are one and the same. Far from it! That little onion we are always has more layers to it. Simply peeling off the outer skin does not change what we are inside.

Our self-image sits deep within our sub-conscious. It’s how we see ourselves at the core of our being. It’s what we truly see ourselves of being worthy of and of being capable of achieving.

I repeat: it’s how we ACTUALLY see ourselves. That’s not the same as how we WANT to see ourselves or how we WISH to see ourselves.

It’s not even necessarily how you admit to yourself that you see yourself.

Yet as we peel back the layers of the onion we get closer and closer to that true self-image we hold deep inside – at our core. It controls all that goes on in our lives and it always wins.

This can be a damn scary ride.

I’ve worked really hard on my personal development over the years. The more I’ve studied, the more I’ve realized just what a little onion I really am.

As we work through the layers we get closer and closer to the core – to our heart.

The journey can get pretty hair-raising. Sometimes you just want to run away and hide under a rock, too afraid to face the monster under your bed.

It can also be super humbling. Just when you think you’re becoming rather evolved, thank you very much – you find yet another layer to peel back!

It was only a few months ago that I had a big reality check. I thought I’d done the work I needed to in order to move forward to the next level I’d set my sights on. But it just wasn’t happening. I felt like I was stuck in quick-sand. So I sought help and had a session with my friend and fabulously talented clairvoyant Robin Sharee. She sees things so clearly. (I often wonder how frustrating that must get for her at times.)

In that session I came to realise that, although I’d worked through many layers, my core still held onto beliefs that stemmed from early in my childhood. Beliefs around self-worth, hard work and success. Beliefs I thought I’d eradicated only to find their seed was still alive and well at my core, right there in my heart, ready to sprout again should conditions turn in their favour and certainly blocking my current path.

It was a big eye opener. There are always more layers to the onion. Personal development never stops. Thinking you have ‘arrived’ is a sure way of fooling yourself.

Those beliefs at our core are what form our self-image – how we see ourselves at the deepest level. Our outer world can never be more than that. It will always match our self-image.

All the goal setting, dreaming, desiring, planning and wishing will only ever remain that – a wish – unless we are able and willing to change that self-image.

This takes courage.

Now let me tell you the good news bit!

Once I got over the shock, I decided to dive into the next layer of the onion and get excited again. I’d discovered it, that’s cause for celebration. Imagine – if I’ve come this far whilst holding those seeds of limiting beliefs inside me, just image what’s still possible!

So when you discover a limiting belief that has been responsible for a self-image not in line with how you’d like your life to be: Get Excited!

You’ve discovered a golden nugget. A treasure!

Uncovering it and seeing it is the tricky bit. Once you see it, you can start addressing it.

How do you do that?

Start by telling yourself how loved you are and how worthy you are of all the good that is waiting for you.

So hop to it!

Xx Miriam


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