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Strat trading time

We just keep cramming more in, don’t we?

I’m sure it’s not just me who’s a little chump like that.

We start out with the best intentions of valuing ourselves, getting to yoga, the gym or a brisk evening walk and take ourselves early to bed, but then someone says “Could you please come over and help me wax my butt crack”.

Or maybe not quite that – maybe it’s just one extra client or one extra networking meeting you end up saying YES to.

Before long, you’re feeling cranky and worn out and wished they’d had a better sense of privacy.

It’s not their fault!  Aside from the fact that excess body hair can be a hormonal issue and rather embarrassing, they’re also not responsible for how you manage your time.


Here’s a simple tip for staying in control of your time. Instead of trying to cram more in, start TRADING TIME.

You only have 24 hours in your day, so where do you get off thinking you can just keep jamming more stuff in?

It doesn’t work like that, sugar.

Start TRADING time instead. Here – let me explain…

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