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What makes a person successful or otherwise? Is it nature or nurture?

Well, I think it’s probably a bit of both. Some people are just born with a ‘my-life-sucks-eggs’ outlook. This doesn’t mean they’re doomed. They can still succeed at whatever they choose but they have to work that bit harder to overcome their built-in compass which prefers to point south rather than north. For them, the nurture part of the equation becomes their saving grace to overcome any genetic predispositions.

Others may be borne with a natural ‘I’m-coming-through-so-you-better-not-get-in-my-way’ attitude, But they can still lose their way if exposed to the wrong influences for too long.

I figure since we can’t control the ‘nature’ part of the success equation, we better do our best with the ‘nurture’ part. And if we REALLY rock that part it can help us create a most awesome life, no matter what our DNA says.

We talked about the doubters and the knockers already. They’re the ones who openly try to tear everything down as you’re trying to build it.

But there are other ways we’re influenced by those around us – more subtle ways.

The people we spend our days and nights with determine the conversations we have & end up influencing the way we see the world.

It usually goes a bit like this:

“Man – I had the worst morning! My alarm didn’t go off, then the dog ran off with my shoe and dropped it in the toilet and on the way to work I got stuck in the biggest traffic jam ever. Unbelievable!”

“You think THAT’S a bad morning? Yesterday I woke up & my husband hadn’t come home. He fell asleep on the train and ended up 100km from home. He got mugged & then arrested so I had to go get him. On the way, I ran out of petrol and had to walk to the nearest petrol station. Then I left my car keys on their counter & of course they were stolen! So he was stuck with no money 100km from home & I was stuck with no car halfway between him & home. Meanwhile, a rat chewed some wiring in our roof and the whole house caught fire. So now we’re homeless to boot!”

Well, something like that, anyway. I exaggerate for emphasis.  🙂

It becomes a contest of ‘I bet my life is worse than yours’. By the time we’re done, we’ve usually convinced ourselves that everything pretty much sucks. How depressing!

So how to avoid this? Easy:

If you spend all your time with people who see the glass half empty, eventually they’ll convince you that it is. They’re usually the people who come home at the end of the day, switch on the TV, stare at it mindlessly for several hours no matter what’s on before going off to bed, then complain loudly they’re not given any opportunities in life. Ahem, what..???

If you spend a lot of time with people like that, you’ll go where they’re going: “Nowhere – Fast”.

So steer clear!

When you meet people who are really making shit happen, who are inspiring, up-beat, encouraging, happy, try to find creative ways out of a jam & generally make you feel the world is full of opportunities – make friends quick! Before long you’ll start seeing the world as they do.

You will learn from them, be inspired by them and aspire to new levels. You’ll see a world of opportunities & possibilities. By osmosis, you’ll learn & adopt new ways of doing things and will start seeing yourself as one of them.

And you ARE one of them – you are awesome & full of possibilities. All your dreams are inside you, just waiting for you to give them the opportunity to come to fruition.

So go on – off you go! Find yourself some eagles to fly with!

xx Miriam

Would love to hear your thoughts, so please scroll on down & share. Have you found yourself caught up in a ‘my-life-sucks-harder-than-yours’ contest? I think we all have at times…!