How to manifest business success – while juggling your day job

How to manifest business success – while juggling your day job

Are you still working in your day job while growing your business?

Katie Allen asked a really cool question about this:

How do you manifest business success when working in your job leaves you feeling exhausted, burnt out and really struggling to tap into that abundance mindset?”

So in this episode, we are going to talk about how to use Law of Attraction to help you make money as quickly as possible so you can build your beautiful new business – while still working in your day job!

And in fact, we’re going to talk about how to take advantage of the fact that you have a day job to turbo boost the whole thing!






Building a business while you’re still stuck in your day job can feel really hard. You might feel resentful and like you just want to so you can fully immerse yourself in your business. I felt that way when transitioning from my finance business into my coaching business.

At the time, my finance business had become my ‘day job’. I had grown it into an amazing, successful business and it brought in lots of money, but my heart was in my coaching business. That’s what I wanted to build. That’s where I wanted to spend my time. And so I found myself constantly battling against having to show up and spend so much time in the finance business.

It was really tiring and it wore me down.

So eventually I decided to stop struggling. I looked at the energetics of what was going on and took it back to basics. And I made a few tweaks that completely shifted that energy which allowed me to not just show up more in my new business without feeling tired and worn out – it also allowed that business to take off and become successful a whole lot faster! This meant I could leave the finance business sooner and hand my clients over to my wonderful husband, leaving me free to build my coaching business full time.

Here are some basic principles that will help you manifest business success and leave that day job faster:

The first thing to remember is: What You Resist, Persist!

The more you struggle against the day job, against not wanting to be there, feeling resentful of the time you’re having to put into it and the energy it’s zapping from you, the worse it’s going to get!

You will only exacerbate that problem and feel more drained and resentful. So you need to let go of that and stop resisting what is, which is what will make space for ‘what is yet to come’.

Next: Surrender allows new doors to open.

Surrender yourself to accepting that this is how it is right now. You may need to go a little bit slower. Some days you won’t be able to work on your business. 

The more you allow yourself to go with the flow of that, the more that energy actually relaxes and allows new doors to open. That allows new opportunities to come to you, because you’re no longer wrapping up all your energy in the struggle against what is. You’re allowing things to unfold and flow where life naturally wants to go next. And that allows the Universe to do its magic, put you in the right place at the right time and have the perfect conversations that ultimately help you grow your business even faster. 

Because who knows what amazing people you’ll meet through your day job that end up being the perfect catalyst to help you succeed in your business?

The more you just surrender into it and enjoy where you are right now, the more you allow the magic to unfold.

Sometimes in the Magnetic Money Club, a member will say, “Look, I’ve decided I’m going to take a part-time job as I build my business.” People used to feel embarrassed or like they’re failing, but my reaction is always to CELEBRATE because that job plays an important role in allowing your business to grow without all the pressure of having to make money instantly. It allows you to find your way, to figure it out, to let things find their way. The day job takes the pressure off your business and that allows the magic to flow.

If you’re still in a day job while building your business, tell me in the comments:
What are 3 things you love about your day job that you can be really grateful for?

The more you tap into that and express gratitude for all your day job gives you, the more you allow that energy to shift.

Remember also that the one thing that will support your alignment more than anything else, is getting enough rest. So be okay with going slow and get lots of rest because that allows you to be in alignment. And your  alignment is worth more than any amount of hard work you could put in.  

You can never work your way out of poor alignment. 

So you may as well take a rest, have a nap, go to bed early, take a day off and get back in alignment. The power of that alignment will make up for any missed time. 

Time is irrelevant when you work with the power of alignment. 

Let me share a quick story:

One of our Magnetic Money members works full-time while running her business. She took a new job she thought was going to free her up more, but didn’t realise she’d have to travel to and from the office. This meant she was out of the house from 7am until 7pm each day! There was no time and energy left for her business. She was quite distraught. We had a conversation and I said, “Look, it’s okay. Right now you’re in a transition period. Get  your head around a new job and settle in. Your business will still be there for you. Just look after yourself for now and love everything you can about this new job. And you’ll see… the energy will shift and things will find their way.”

Well, about 2-3 months went by. She felt terrible because she had all wanted to achieve all these things in her business. But she surrendered. And once she found her feet in her new job, things started to shift. She suddenly had freedom to work from home and a lot more flexibility. She found that beautiful place of alignment again and within a few months, she’d achieved more in her business than she’d hoped to all year. By surrendering and letting go, relaxing into & accepting what is, she’d allowed herself to get back into alignment. And she made up for all the ‘lost time’ in next to no time.

What she achieved in the next few months in her business was really quite staggering – and actually more than many others who are full time in their business.

So remember: Time Is Irrelevant – Alignment Trumps Everything.

Your mindset is going to be one of your most critical assets in getting you through any transition periods. So make sure you check out the episodes linked below, because they will really help you with sorting out some of the main mindset blocks that tend to slow entrepreneurs down.

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are SO ready to take that next step!

See you in the next episode!


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