How to get unstuck in business – Jane’s Aligned Business Story

How to get unstuck in business – Jane’s Aligned Business Story

I recently caught up for a chat with the lovely Jane McKay from Jane McKay Communications.

I asked Jane to share her story, because she radically changed her business model after joining the Aligned Business Mastermind – and it’s paying off big time!

Jane has gone from feeling stuck in business, working way too hard and not bringing in the income she wanted, to feeling totally aligned with her business & offers, making sales easily, owning her value & loving her work.

Not to mention being completely on track to hitting her target income of $20,000 a month.

But before the change, she’d been feeling stuck in business for a while

– stuck in all the ‘doing’
– stuck in promoting packages she didn’t feel aligned with – and that weren’t selling
– stuck because she’d paid big money for a coach who helped her create those packages.

In this chat, we discuss what she did that helped her to let go of all the ‘shoulds’ and get clear on what she did want to align herself with, so could then go ahead and create it.







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How to manifest money fast by developing an abundance mindset

How to manifest money fast by developing an abundance mindset

Let’s talk about how developing an abundance mindset helps you manifest money fast.

Along the way I’ll also be answering these questions for you: 

  • Can you really manifest money? 
  • What do you say to manifest money? 
  • How do you ask the universe for money? 
  • How can you manifest money fast?






So can you really manifest money? Well, the short answer is YES.

You’re always manifesting. Law of attraction is always on. There is no off switch so you’re manifesting all the time. 

You’re always manifesting something. 

When things show up in your life, that’s what manifesting means. It means something that used to exist just as an idea, suddenly becoming a real thing in your life. 

In fact, it even starts at a finer level than that. When you have the thought or the idea, that has also been manifested. 

Where did the idea come from? 

You also already have money showing up in your life, which means you’re already manifesting money. Every dollar and every cent that has shown up for you so far in your life has been manifested by you. You have brought it into experience. 

I don’t need to teach you how to manifest money because you’re already doing it. 

What I am going to share with you is how to do it deliberately by developing an abundance mindset. 

How can you manifest money fast? 

Well, I actually just did another video on manifesting money fast so go and check that out

But simply put, to manifest money fast you need to:

  1. Believe it’s possible
  2. Expect it
  3. Allow it

So what do you say to manifest money?

You can say “hocus pocus” if you really want to, but it honestly makes no difference whatsoever.

You can read every ‘How to manifest money fast’ guide that exists on the entire planet and it still might make no difference. 

Because what you say doesn’t matter one bit. 

What matters is what you think, feel and do. 

Your feeling state – your state of being – THAT is your vibration. 

That is the signal that goes out into the universe, and that the universe responds to. 

Like attracts like. 

Whatever signal you’re resonating, you’re going to get matching things back. 

So you really want that vibration/signal/message to say, ‘Woohoo! Abundance over here, plenty of money, feeling great, loving life, ready for more!’

This is what having an abundance mindset actually means. 

It means that you feel abundant now, you’re excited and happy with everything you already have in your life, and you’re totally open to and excited for more, but not desperate for it. 

So how to ask the Universe for money…

Well, as we’ve just said, the universe doesn’t hear you… it feels you. 

This is where I want to just very briefly mention an amazing effect from quantum physics called quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement basically says that every idea you’ve ever had, every thought you’ve ever had, that idea, that thing in the ether is now connected to you forever and ever and ever. 

Which means that if you’ve ever thought ‘Oh it would be nice to have this’, or ‘Wouldn’t that be lovely’, or ‘That looks good’, it’s already connected to you and you don’t need to ask for it again. 

So it’s critical to know that you don’t need to ask the universe for money, the universe heard you loud and clear. 

Every single time you’ve recited those affirmations, every single time you’ve written out those goals, it’s heard you over and over again and it’s probably going “Alright already, you’re giving me a headache.” 

So now you just need to stay in the room. You need to stay on that vibration so you can actually receive. You need to stay a match so the universe can bring you the thing that you’ve already ordered. 

There’s an analogy I like to use here with my students and it’s the restaurant analogy. 

So when you’re in a restaurant, you look through the menu, the waiter tells you the specials and then you choose the thing you want. You place that order and you let it go. The waiter goes to the kitchen, the kitchen knows what to do, and you get on with your day. 

But the key thing is that you have to stay in the restaurant if you want to receive the meal. 

The meal has been ordered. They know what you want, they have everything they need to make it happen, and they know where to find you… unless you leave the room. 

So stay on that vibration. Stay in the receiving mode so that the universe can bring you the thing that you already asked for a gazillion times already.

Remember that ‘receiving mode’ is that abundance mindset. It is being on that vibration of abundance. It is feeling abundant, feeling grateful, loving life and being ready and open to more without being desperate for it. 

That is how to manifest money fast by developing an abundance mindset. 

Are you ready to take the next step and make an abundance mindset your new normal so you can continue to manifest money fast and know that you never need to worry about money again? 

Then come join us in the Magnetic Money program. I’ve popped the link in the description for you so click that now to find out more.

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your amazing and unlimited potential.

Never Worry About Money Again.

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How to get in alignment with abundance – and stay there

How to get in alignment with abundance – and stay there

Let’s talk about alignment.

Alignment is a daily habit, a daily task. Your level of alignment is what will determine whether you are a match to the things that you want – the growth you want, the new things in your life, or whether you’re a match to the same old, or whether you’re a match to something you used to have and don’t want or something you’ve never had before that you don’t want.

Your alignment is a moment by moment proposition that matches you up with the reality that you are creating, the reality that you are attracting.

The thing is, most of us are very much trained into this “tick and flick” approach. We go to Uni or we get a qualification for work and we get the piece of paper, we tick the box, and that’s it. You’re qualified, away you go. You don’t have to worry about doing that again.

Alignment doesn’t work like that.





Alignment is a moment by moment proposition.

And then, of course, you know as humans we suck at focusing. The moment something goes slightly wrong it has all our attention and we have to really work to get our attention off it and onto something else. So when there’s a problem or an issue, that pulls us out of alignment straight away. Our focus, our energy is then on what’s going wrong, what is not in alignment with the outcome that we much prefer.

And then, of course, we’re surrounded by other people, and a lot of them really like to talk about the problems, what’s wrong in the world, the news likes to feed it to us in a condensed hour a day a dump it into our living room. I don’t watch the news. People tell you what’s wrong in the world anyway, trust me, it’s hard enough just keeping that under control.

So, we have all these outside influences plus our own “sucky” focus and that’s what it comes down to: It’s a matter of our focus and training that. That takes commitment, it takes perseverance, it takes really building some habits and having some systems in place that keep you in alignment on a daily basis.

The most powerful way to get a head start on that is to meditate because every time you meditate you get into vibrational alignment with the highest part of you, with the quantum field, with the field of infinite possibilities and that intelligence that is the God Mind or whatever term you want to give it.

When you meditate, you get in alignment, and the more frequently you meditate and the more you practice meditation the easier it becomes for you to then hold yourself in that space of alignment through the rest of your day and as time goes on you also get really good at staying in that place of alignment or at least not dipping out of it for very long when there’s “issue” and “problems” around you that want to get your attention.

So, PLEASE meditate!

That is the best, best way you can keep yourself in alignment and then naturally just become a match to attracting all sorts of good things.

Now, I have a whole library of meditations, they are hypnotic meditations, so they actually train your unconscious mind on a whole host of subjects so there’s literally one that will help you deal with negative people around you. There are loads that will help you get more clarity, get more focus, help you align with abundance. There are 52 meditations in that library and it’s totally free, so if you don’t have access to it yet please click the link in the description and help yourself to that and get into that daily practice of meditating.


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When money manifesting doesn’t work

When money manifesting doesn’t work

Have you been trying to manifest some specific money goals but it just not happening… and you’re starting to feel frustrated and disappointed?

Well, this one’s for you..

Maybe you’ve been trying to take your business to 6 figures and beyond for a while and it’s just not happening.
Maybe you’ve set some income goals and you can’t seem to get there, or it’s taking way, way, way too long.
Or maybe you can’t seem to land that specific client or contract that you’re after.
Or set up that partnership.
Or finally get that book published.

Whatever it is, if it’s related to money and manifesting and there’s an element of disappointment, I want to give you some really important insights into what’s going on there for you so that you can turn things around.

And I’ll also give you some tips on how to ensure it doesn’t KEEP happening!






The thing is that when you’re disappointed in these things that we’re talking about… and I want you to become aware as you’re thinking about what some of your disappointments have been or are at the moment… that what we’re talking about is really specific things.

A specific client.
A specific sum of money.
A specific income level.
A specific book deal or outcome.


And the thing is, those specifics… at the end of the day when you’re co-creating with the Universe… when you’re learning how the law of attraction works and how to tap into it to create an amazingly abundant life that includes lots of money and all good things…

When it comes to the specifics… they’re actually not your work.

They’re not your work.

And so what’s happening there – especially when you’re feeling disappointment – is that you’re banking on “this is the thing I need” for it to mean that “I am manifesting abundance. I am creating an amazing life.”

“And because this one specific thing hasn’t happened, it means that it’s not working.”

But that’s not true.

Because it is ALWAYS working.

The problem is, that you’ve decided to get yourself all caught up on something specific. And as I’ve already said: the specifics – the how – are NOT your work.

Because what you ultimately want is a much bigger picture scenario anyway.

You want an abundant life.
You want a business that’s thriving and profitable.
You want work that’s fulfilling and that makes a meaningful difference in the world.

And there are sooooo many ways that can happen.

And when you decide to get stuck on a specific thing – that YOU think is required in order for you to fulfill that bigger picture – you get yourself stuck.
And you close down the possibilities.
And you close down the energy.

Because you’re co-creating alongside a much bigger intelligence that you are a part of… that you are communicating with. 

And you have to find a way to allow for the flow that invariably happens as part of getting you to the bigger picture outcome… to that ultimate actual end result that you’re really after.

So you’re basically trying to do it the wrong way around.

You’re looking to the outside of you and letting it determine how you feel on the inside of you… letting it determine whether or not you think it’s working… whether or not you think you’re on the right track – letting it train and determine your VIBRATION.

But the way this works – this whole manifesting gig – is that the outside of you responds to the INSIDE of you.

And that bigger picture thing you want is at a really high, vibrational level.

And when you know how to stay in alignment with that, then all the things that are a part of that… all the things that make up that bigger picture… can come to pass. They can come in to your experience.

When you micromanage and try to get stuck on one particular thing, you’re actually relying on your external reality to help you get in the right vibrational alignment so you can have the specific things.

And it just doesn’t work like that.

So let me give you some tips on how to break out of that, so you can allow yourself to manifest lots of really cool things and not get caught up in the details. Not get all hung up on specific outcomes.

So what you want to focus on… what you want to get clear on is what I call your “North Star.” Your North Star is the big picture scenario – the thing you’re REALLY after.

And I already mentioned it earlier.

Maybe it’s a beautiful, high level of abundance in your life.
Or a profitable business.
Or work that makes a meaningful difference to the world.

Now, see how those are really big picture things?

They’re not specific like, “It’s going to be THIS client.”
“THIS contract.”
“THIS speaking gig.”

It’s not any of these specific things.

It’s a really big, beautiful umbrella statement that leaves so much room for the possibilities… that leaves so much room for the magic.

So get really clear on what your North Star is.

What is it you’re ultimately really after?

The thing that these smaller things you’ve decided need to happen are really just a part of? They’re just a means to an end and, really, you can substitute them for pretty much anything.

When you make your peace with that, then you let go of the resistance. And the Universe can do the substitution and go, “Actually, I’ve got something much better. So glad you’ve finally let go of the other thing. Try this because you just wait and see. This is going to work so much better for you overall. And you’re going to be so glad that this came into your experience instead.”

So that’s the place that you want to get to, and your north star helps you really do that.

So pick your North Star. Make your peace with the fact that there are infinite possibilities that sit underneath that. And hand that over to the greater intelligence… the divine… the quantum field… the matrix.

And celebrate that you are on your way, and all these little things along the way… they’re part of a much bigger picture you can’t always see.

But every time you get a little sniff of it, I want you to celebrate!

I want you to look at all the ways that you already have things in your life that make up that North Star picture. And remind yourself, “It’s always working. I am divinely guided. And I am the co-creator of my life.”

So then, when specific things don’t happen the way that YOU think they should, you’re not attached and you don’t have to worry about the disappointment.

Now… if you’ve been trying to manifest a specific goal…. or there’s something that you’re feeling rather attached to.

  • maybe it is reaching 6 figures in your business.
  • maybe it is taking your business to the next level – moving to that next level of abundance.

Then please grab my freebie that is attached to this video. You’ll find the link in the description.

It will really help you figure out exactly how to dance this dance, and how to co-create with the Universe so that you’re not getting in the way – which actually allows you to have all the things you’ve ever desired and so much more.

So grab that right now and until I see you next….

Make sure you keep embracing your unlimited potential!


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Why manifesting money is hard

Why manifesting money is hard

If you’ve been wondering why is it that you can manifest all sorts of cool stuff except for money, then this one is for you.

So, why is money different? Why is money hard?

Why is it though you can manifest beautiful car parks, or maybe you can win competitions or even holidays, or you can manifest the right man or woman of your dreams, but when it comes to money, it’s different. It’s hard.

Money doesn’t want to show up.
Money doesn’t want to flow.
And the harder you try, the worse it seems to get.

Well, I’m here to tell you the truth and the truth may sting.

But trust me, this is for your own good.

The reason that money is different and hard is because you’re making it so.





You decided at some point that money is different and money is hard. And this Universe is simply a reflection of your belief system… of your vibrational set-point. It will reflect back to you everything you believe to be true… everything you’re putting into it.

Because, really, all this Universe is an ocean of motion… an energetic soup. And you’re a part of that.

Your energy is constantly flowing out – transmitting out to the field – and then by law of resonance and law of attraction, you get matching things coming back to you.

Your vibration, as much as you think, “I want money.” You actually mean “I want money. Give me the money!”

What it actually is is:
“Why is money hard?”
“Money is different.”
“Money is still not showing up. It didn’t show up last time; I hope it shows up this time.”
“It better bloody show up this time.”
“Oh my god! It still hasn’t shown up yet.”
“There’s no money.”
“Money is hard.”
“Money is not showing up.”
“Why is money so different and so hard?”

That’s the vibration that you’re really sending out.

And so the Universe mirrors and echoes it back to you. It’s just an echo coming back to you.

That’s what your current financial situation is all about. It’s an echo of the vibration you’ve sent out into the field.

And I know this can be a little bit hard to swallow.

I’ve had to have moments where I need to sit down and go, “Yup.”
Really, the only person that you can blame or hold accountable is the person in the mirror.

This is not always what we want to hear when we’re not getting what we want.

But it is the truth.

And the reason that this keeps happening is because you probably have a tendency – like most humans – to reference what you expect to get in the future from what has happened in the past.

We’re surrounded by people – like our parents – who have been programmed into, “You’ve got to work hard for money.”
“Don’t ask for more than your fair share.”
“You don’t deserve that yet; you haven’t worked hard enough.”

All this sort of stuff.

“Don’t be greedy now.”

All these kinds of messages program us to believe that money is different and money is hard.

So every time you’re referencing the past, you’re driving looking at the rearview mirror thinking it’s your windshield.

What that means is that you end up in the same place over and over and over again. 

You’re using your past experience to create your future. 

It’s happening because you’re unconsciously in a habit of believing that the past is the truth. And by believing that the past is the truth, you make it your future.

But the truth is whatever you choose to make it.

The truth is whatever you choose it to be.

So, what you actually need to do is to make a decision that you will stop referencing your present and your future by the past because money doesn’t have memory. 

Energy doesn’t have memory; it just responds in the moment.

This law of vibration… law of resonance… it’s a moment by moment proposition.

So, whatever happened in the past, it’s totally irrelevant… unless you choose to remember it. Because then, you’re making it your current vibration which creates your future reality.

So you need to make that decision to draw a line in the sand and stop referencing everything you believe to be true by past experience because all it does is recreate it.

Draw a line in the sand and choose to start a fresh slate right now.

Wipe the slate clean. Start fresh. See what’s possible.

This can be challenging. It can be confronting.

And it does mean that if you’re not surrounded by the right kind of people it is difficult because this programming is all around us.

Most people aren’t even aware that they’re constantly repeating it. And so, people are running around the whole time programming and reprogramming one another into these old patterns… into these old belief systems.

So it’s really important that you get yourself a powerful community that gets it… that understands what you’re all about and that goes, “Yup. Even though this might be happening now, this is happening because of my past vibration and it’s totally irrelevant.”

The only thing that matters is what you choose now.
What you choose to think, believe… how you choose to speak and act right now in this moment. Because this moment is your moment of power where you create your future.

So, the reason that money is hard and is different has been (up until now) is because – up until now –  you chose to believe so.

Because up until now, you chose to reference everything by the past and by what you heard from other people.

And all you need to do to shift that is to stop referencing what you believe to be true about money based on the past experience and wipe the slate clean.

You can totally do this.

Surround yourself with the right people. Get some support. I’ve popped a link in the description to one of my free resources to help you with that… to help you stay on track.

So please grab that.

Find yourself an amazing community of like-minded women like my Manifesting Circle Facebook Group and make sure you immerse yourself deeply into an environment that will help you to wipe the slate clean every single day.

Because right now, you’re creating your future.

I’m going to leave it right there. You know what to do. The link is in the description.


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