3 Top Tips For Raising Your Vibration

3 Top Tips For Raising Your Vibration

When we talk about ‘raising your vibration;, we’re talking about your feeling state – because feeling is how you interpret vibration.

Because when your feeling – or emotional state is a bit low, you’re not creative. You’re not intuitive. You can’t connect to big ideas and you can’t see yourself achieving the things you want to achieve. 

So that is why you need to lift your vibrational (feeling) state. 






So here’s my top tips for raising your vibration:

Number one: Start on a high vibration

This may seem stupid and obvious, but when you start in a high, good feeling place to begin with, you stand the best chance of staying there. So figure out how to wake up in the morning and get yourself into a good feeling place right away.

There’s a whole lot of ways you can do that and in the Magnetic Money program we take a step by step approach towards helping you wake up feeling great EVERY morning and making it your default state.

Number two: Work yourself up step by step. 

If you google the emotional scale, you’ll find a spiral diagram of emotions, where each is one step up from the previous one. It’s an emotional scale.

But you don’t really need a diagram to tell you what feels better than something else, because you feel it, right? So for example, revenge feels better than anger because it’s empowering. So if you’re in anger, do what you can to move to revenge. It’s not a great place to stay, but it’s a step up. Then once you’re in revenge, you can move on to blame. It’s ok – don’t be all weird about it – it’s just another step up. You just keep moving up until you can get to something more positive, like feeling hopeful or expectant. And from there, Law of Attraction and the Universe will help you motor things along so you start to feel better & better.

A hint: Don’t try to go straight to love and joy and peace and bliss. If you’re in anger or revenge, that’s a really long way to go! So moving up incrementally, whis a much easier & more sustainable way to go. 

Number three: Flip it!

The third way to raise your vibration is to flip it, which means that you look at where you’re at and go for a kind of vibrational judo move where you use the power of that emotion against itself.

So say someone’s really annoying. You’re blaming them for all your problems. (This never happens to me, by the way.. but I’ve heard of it, lol)

So you’re blaming it all on somebody else and you go: This sucks. It’s all their fault. They let me down. They always do this, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So what you do is you state it as you see it (in blame and with all the emotion) and then you say, “Okay. If I didn’t feel this way, how would I feel instead?”

And you start reeling off all the positive emotions that come to mind and allow yourself to feel them. For example, “I would feel positive, empowered, hopeful, expectant …  etc”

You just feel each positive word as deeply as you can let the next one come. and it will gather momentum.

And what you’ll suddenly find is that you’ve actually disconnected from the negative emotions and connected into a positive upwards cycle.

So this is a great pattern interrupt that also helps you build positive momentum – which is why it’s called flipping the vibration.

What you’ll find is that depending on how much negative momentum you have, different things will work better at different times. So if flipping the vibration is too hard, go back to the step by step approach.

It’ll be a bit of trial and error which is a good thing because it will make you more self aware and allow you to become aware of shifts in your vibrational state before it slides down an abyss.

Having a range of tools is important as it will allow you to reach for a quick & simple solution that is perfect for each situation.

Speaking of quick & simple solutions. If you’d like to have a mindset mentor in your pocket to help you clear your limiting beliefs anytime, anywhere, then grab yourself the Money Block Buster System!

You can check it out here: www.miriamcastilla.com/mbbs

Until next time, remember that it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential

xx Miriam

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I love my biz but hate asking for money

I love my biz but hate asking for money

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more money, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about what to do when you love your business but hate asking for the money.

So, first of all, let’s take a step back:

What’s your business all about and why do you love it so much?

If I was to take a guess, I would say that it’s the way you express yourself, it’s the way you show up as the most valued and valuable version of you, the version of YOU that really feels like she makes a difference and you’re doing the thing that is your unique contribution to this world in serving the people that you serve.

Your business is all about serving.

So, if your business is all about serving and self-expression, and then on the other hand also about money…let’s think. What’s money all about when it comes to business?

Well, money is received and exchanged for service rendered, right? It is an exchange of energy. You give service, and in return you receive money. You can’t have one without the other. Not in business (otherwise it’s called a charity or a hobby). If it’s a business, that’s the exchange of energy that happens. By receiving the money, it allows you to give the service. By giving the service, it allows you to receive the money. It’s part of a cycle, it’s an energy exchange.

Now, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about receiving money you’re effectively saying, “I don’t want to give too much service.” Energetically, you are refusing or blocking yourself from giving more service.

… Which is probably why you might find you don’t have as many clients as you’d like to have in your business, because you’re feeling uncomfortable about the money and it’s part of the cycle. If there aren’t any clients, you can’t give the service, so you can’t receive the money and that takes care of your little problem, see?





If you want to resolve that problem and stop blocking the money, which blocks you from giving more service, then you need to do a bit of changing things up.

Start with that reframe and remember that the more money you receive, it means you’ve been giving even more service.

So really you owe it to the world, you owe it to those you serve to become very very rich.

It shows that you’ve been of incredible service to the world.

So that’s a big reframe, and that alone will help you really up your vibration around money. It’ll help you start to relate money to money in a whole new and much more resourceful and helpful way. In a way that allows you to attract the money in, to feel good about attracting the money in, and to give even more service.

Now, if you’d like to practice that a little bit further, then make sure you access my free money manifesting video training.

If you haven’t got it yet, you can access it from the link in the description. It’s a 25-minute video training that I’ve recorded especially for you to help you understand the 5 top reasons why you’re not manifesting more money, and what to do about it. You even get a little cheat sheet to help you remember what I covered for you in the training – just in case you need it later on.

So, hop to it!

Grab yourself that and until next time, remember to keep embracing your absolutely beautiful and unlimited potential.



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How to manifest more clients and money

How to manifest more clients and money

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – where we practice the art & science of Effectology – marrying the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the hustle!

Let’s talk about how to manifest more clients and money.

When you’re in business it’s really easy to get into the mindset and pattern of focusing on that you NEED the clients, you NEED the money (because you NEED to pay the bills), and how much you want them. What usually happens is you find that it’s not very long before the flow of clients and money starts to dry up even more. This is because your focus is then on the “lack” of what you want, on the fear of it not coming. That is then what this intelligent universe that we live in starts responding to.

You’re focusing on not enough, the fear of not enough, and that’s what you create more of. The key is to actually start becoming magnetic – magnetic to the clients, the money, and all the things it takes to have them in your business and your life.

The way you do that is by becoming this powerful, stable, source of attraction – becoming the magnet. A lot of people think that manifesting is about going out and trying to grab at things and reel them in. But manifesting – truly effortless, easy, and graceful manifesting, is actually about BEING the magnet. Magnetizing yourself and having the things come to you.

So, how do you become magnetic?




Well, you need to be strong, focused, centered, and powerful.

You need to become this powerful, attracting force that then magnetically draws the things you desire to you. It starts by being really aligned, by being grounded in who you are, by taking good care of yourself so that you’re not frazzled, and constantly thinking, “Well, I need to do this, I need to do that. Maybe I need to have this kind of client. Maybe I need to start speaking the language of this kind of person with that kind of problem. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.” You’re constantly looking outside of yourself, trying to figure out who you need to be to please them.

What you actually need to do is flip that around and become so grounded, so strong, and so powerful in who you are and what you are about that you then become irresistibly magnetic to the people who need what you have to offer. The more this is genuinely in alignment with who you truly are and what it is you’re here to do, so that you can just stand powerfully in the passion of it, in the belief in it, in the mission that is entirely and uniquely yours, the more irresistibly magnetic you will become to the people who need exactly what it is you have to offer.

So it is about knowing YOU and connecting to YOU at that deep and powerful level.

Because you know what? When you’re standing in that place of power, you could be selling paper clips or you could be selling toothpicks, and people will want to buy them from you because people still need paper clips and toothpicks. So whatever it is that is uniquely your thing, there is a market for it. The more powerful you are in your knowing that this is you, and speaking your message and getting it out there, the more clearly you will connect with those people and the more powerfully you will attract all the things you need in order to serve them.

So, the key to it is knowing yourself in a really deep and profound way.

And you start doing that by knowing what your core values are, by connecting to the deepest part of you at the unconscious level so that you do have that pure passion, that pure drive, that inspiration that comes from within that draws you forward in the direction of your dreams that makes you irresistibly magnetic.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done your core values or even if you think you know what they are, I truly invite you to grab my free mini course to uncover your core values, because the way I do it is unique. I take you deep into your unconscious mind and when you connect at that level you let go of all the “what you think you should be doing to please other people and who you think you should be to please other people” and instead you become powerfully connected to who you truly are at your core, at the deepest part of you. That is when you become irresistibly magnetic and you will manifest all the clients, all the money, and everything you need and desire… but you won’t even care so much anymore because you will be so lit up with the thing that truly is who you are and what it is you’re here to do.

So, grab it from the link in the description if you haven’t done that course in a while. It’s entirely free and I lead you through a process that I actually take my students through in live workshops and in the Effectology Method program… and it’s all yours!

I’m there to guide you with a live video, a workbook, and a guided meditation to take you deep, deep, deep within yourself.

Have fun with that! I’d love to hear what your core values are, so please feel welcome to leave me a comment.

Until next time, keep on embracing your gorgeous and unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


Uncover Your Core Values