How to adjust your thinking to attract more money

How to adjust your thinking to attract more money

How to adjust your thinking to attract more money

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Thoughts Become Things. That’s a fact, so if you want to attract more money , it follows that you’ll need to adjust your thinking.

..but … HOW???

It sounds pretty simple to say adjust your thinking but how do you even know what you’re even thinking right now?

(You know how sometimes you ask your partner (or they ask you), “What are you thinking?” and all you get is a blank stare? I rest my case..)

It’s not so easy to know what you’re thinking because we have around 70,000 thoughts per day… and almost all of them are completely unconscious!

So we’re running these automatic programs & re-hashing the same old (usually unhelpful) thoughts – over and over again – and we don’t even realise it!.

No wonder it can seem almost impossible to get some new results out of life, right?

There are however 2 super simple ways to know EXACTLY what you’re thinking and today I’m going to share them with you.

In this Effectology Tip:
● why knowing what you’re thinking isn’t easy
● 2 ways to hack the system so you instantly know what you’re thinking
● how to adjust your thinking to attract the money – and anything else – you want



Paying attention is your secret super power. It’s so simple, costs nothing and anyone can do it. You do have to be choosy as to WHAT You pay attention to.

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