Can you manifest without taking any action?

Can you manifest without taking any action?

Law of Attraction critics will say, “You can’t just sit on a mountaintop and meditate and wait for it to rain money”

But can you manifest with action?

Or at least, without action that feels like work?

You absolutely can!
Because yes, you need to take action, but the right KIND of action. And when you take the right kind of action – it does not feel at all like hard – let alone like hard work!






So in this episode, we’ll answer the questions “Can you manifest without action?” but even better than that:

We’ll talk about what kind of action you SHOULD be taking – and what kind of action is a total waste of your time and energy.

Like me, you’ve probably been applying Law of Attraction and doing all the things.

I know I did everything – all the Law of Attraction things and (just to be on the safe side) –  all the work things as well.

I worked hard and long hours. It all got really exhausting and disheartening because I was doing all this Law of Attraction stuff, but I was still burning myself out!

It wasn’t until much further down the track when I figured it out that, yes, there’s some action you need to take, but you’ve gotta be smart enough to know what kind of action is productive and what kind of action is counterproductive. Because most of the actions we take are a total waste of time and energy.

And when I figured out this seemingly fine – but actually massive difference between the different types of action, everything changed. Yes, I was still DOING things, but it didn’t feel like I was working. And it certainly didn’t feel like I was working hard! My income really took off and I would have my biggest income days & months when I wasn’t working AT ALL.

I still remember having a record $31,500 week without looking at my business at all. I wasn’t thinking about it and I didn’t even check my phone. In fact, I had my feet dangling in a pool in Bali at the time!

If this sounds like a plan you’d like to get in on, then let’s break this down for you. Let’s talk about the difference between the kind of action that leverages Law of Attraction versus the kind of action that’s counterproductive and a total waste of time and energy.

First, let’s talk about the innate problem people have trying to figure this out:

And that is that we equate ‘taking action’ with ‘working’. We take certain actions to achieve a direct desired result.

Cause and Effect.

But when you’re working with Law of Attraction, it’s different, right!
You’re actually looking to leverage the magic of the Universe, tap into synchronicities. And yes, you need to be a cooperative component to that, but the moment you get too involved and try to micromanage and force the process, you’re actually getting in the way and are stopping that effortless flow of manifestation.

Because you always get what you EXPECT. And when you get too involved and take all this action, it shows that you only expect to get things that are a direct line of sight to your actions.

You’re cutting the Universe out of the equation and taking over – shutting yourself off from the magic.

The other issue with getting way too involved and taking action that is more ‘work’ oriented is that you’re bringing an energy of fear and worry to what you’re doing.

“Ooh, I just better do this ONE extra thing to make sure it all works out.” Sound familiar?

And when you bring that energy of fear and worry, you’re sending out a vibrational message of, “I’m not really expecting this to be easy or to even work out at all.”

So in fact, you’re manifesting it NOT happening or manifesting it being WAy TOO HARD.

So we definitely don’t want to be doing that, but we do need to be taking SOME action because we need to put ourselves into the play, right? We need the Universe to be able to throw us those opportunities, nudges & great timing. So there is action to be taken.

(In a previous episode I covered the 6 steps to attracting a consistent 6-figure income. It’ll help you get a better understanding of where the actions you take fit into the overall process and you can find that at the link below.)

Before I share the kinds of actions that absolutely help manifestation happen, I’d love to know:

Have you ever taken just some small little action that has resulted in some awesome manifestation?
What are your manifesting stories? Type me a comment below and let me know!

So what kind of action do you need to take? 

Well, you need to put yourself into the play, put yourself where the Universe can find you. So when you take action, take it with that spirit of “I’m putting myself in the play. I don’t know exactly how this is all going to work out. I’m going to – as my mentor, Mike Dooley says – knock on lots of doors without knowing which one will open. But if I keep knocking, I know that one, two or more of them will open.”

The other reason you need to take action and get some motion going is because that is how the Universe can guide you. Think of it like the GPS system in your car. It can’t really do much for you if you’re just sitting in your driveway. Until you get moving, it can’t guide your next step, telling you whether to turn left or right. Your inner guidance that’s always there for you is much the same.

As you move forward and then pay attention to the guidance – those intuitive nudges, instincts & hunches – you will be guided step by step towards your goal.

And the action that you THEN take as a result of that, is INSPIRED ACTION.

And that’s going to feel totally different from the action of ‘hard work to try and get what you want’

It’s going to feel like fun, like child’s play. That inspired action has a whole different energy. When you‘re taking inspired action, just knocking on doors to open possibilities and putting yourself into the play of life, it feels like fun. It feels easy. It feels effortless. It feels like exploration and an adventure, rather than working hard to force an outcome.

Now, a great way to get yourself into the right frame of mind for this is through regular meditation. And if you don’t yet have it, I’d love to gift you one of mine. It’s a hypnotic meditation called ‘The Vibration of Abundance’.

You’ll find the link in the ‘Today’s Freebie’ section below.

Remember, gorgeous. It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are so ready to take that next step.

See you in the next episode!


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Why manifesting isn’t working for you – OR IS IT?

Why manifesting isn’t working for you – OR IS IT?

Been doing ALL – THE – THINGS but your manifesting isn’t working?

Well, I have both good news & bad news.

It’s not that Law of Attraction doesn’t work.
And it’s not that you you’re not a good manifestor.

In fact, you’re an EXCELLENT manifestor… it’s just that you’re doing it backwards.

In this episode, we’re going to break down what’s going on that’s causing it to look like manifesting isn’t working, when in fact it is. It’s just that you’re manifesting the opposite of what you want.






I’ve worked with 1000s of entrepreneurial women wanting to manifest more abundance and inadvertently, they all make this same mistake. So don’t feel bad – this is really common and one of those things that may seem hard to pick at first – but once you get it, you get it.

In a previous episode, I talked about the 5 Rules of Law of Attraction that make manifesting work. So if you haven’t watched that yet, check it out here. That will help. 

Ok, so here is the crux of the problem:

Most people think they’re focusing on what they want.
And yes, they’re THINKING about what they want.

But when it comes to Law of Attraction, what you’re thinking and what you want don’t really matter.

What matters is where your vibrational focus is is – where your emotions are at.

And when you want something, most of the time you’re actually focused on the fact that it’s NOT here. That’s why you really, really want it. 

So even though you’re thinking about what you want, your emotions are focused on the the LACK of it. That’s WHY you want it! That’s why you’re trying to manifest it. 

I invite you to pause for a moment and have a think about that thing you’ve been wanting to manifest. Has your emotional focus been mostly centred around the fact you don’t have it? Have you been feeling the absence and lack of it? Be really honest with yourself here and let me know in the comments! 

Let’s think about this some more:
You want freedom when you’re feeling trapped on some level.
You want more money when money feels tight on some level.
You want a great new relationship when you don’t currently have one.

See how it works?

So the key is to become a whole lot more self-aware and start lining up the way you feel – your emotional, vibrational state – to match the thing you’re looking to attract – rather than the lack of it.

Think about it like this. If you’re trying to lure some rare bird in, you’ll imitate its mating call.
And the bird will think, “Oh, there’s more of me over there. I think I’ll go join them.”

That’s how you need to approach this! It does take practice, because human nature is to notice what’s missing. That’s how we decide what we want, after all. But when you want to then ATTRACT it, you have to switch that up and become a vibrational match to HAVING IT.

It takes practice and continual self awareness. And somebody saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re doing it the wrong way around again!” This is why in Magnetic Money, we keep each other accountable. We continually have that conversation to ensure that vibrationally, you’re focusing on what you’re wanting to attract. That you’re matching and imitating that bird call, rather than making some other noise that completely frightens that bird away. 

If money is something you’ve been wanting to attract more of and it’s not been happening, then I invite you to take my free Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix Training. It’s a quick & simple video training that comes with a checklist of 5 simple tweaks that will help you start attracting more money – rather than be accidentally repelling it.

And if you enjoyed this episode, please let me know in the comments!
And if have some friends who would benefit from it, then share it with them. 

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready for the next step.

You just need to keep on building that self awareness, making little tweaks and have someone around to keep on reminding you.

See you in the next episode!
xx Miriam


Want to manifest more abundance in your business & life – CONSISTENTLY?

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Law of Attraction Rules for Beginners – 5 things you need to know

Law of Attraction Rules for Beginners – 5 things you need to know

Do you wish you had a rule book on how to make Law of Attraction work?

In this episode, I share the 5 Law of Attraction rules you must know – if you want to make manifesting abundance easier & more consistent

When you understand how it works, how to tap into it and leverage it, life can take on an amazing magical flow where you make it look easy – and others wonder how you do it.. and how you got so ‘lucky’.

But luck has nothing to do with it!

So let’s break it down into really simple terms.

⭐ What makes Law of Attraction work? 

⭐How do you tap into it? 

⭐ How do you leverage it so you can live a more abundant life? 






When I first discovered The Secret, I did ALL – THE THINGS.
Affirmations, vision boards, writing out my goals – I did it all.

I had some good results… and I had some non-existent results. It was all over the place and I had no idea what was working & what wasn’t working.. or if maybe it was all just blind luck. 

Fast forward a few more years and I started working with one of my heroes and mentors, Mike Dooley. I became a trainer in his Infinite Possibilities program and I learned how Thoughts Become Things. I also studied hypnosis and NLP and studied the mind.

Through all of that, I realized one important thing: 

You don’t have to do all of that stuff! 

Essentially, manifesting becomes very, very simple – once you understand its basic rules.

The students in my Magnetic Money program love the feeling of relief when they realize that they don’t have to do a million things to become magnetic to more abundance.

And in this episode, I’m going to share the 5 basic rules of Law of Attraction with you so your manifesting can get easier too.

Number 1: Everything Is Energy

As you look around your world, everything you see is actually nothing but pure potential.

It’s all energy, particles vibrating at the speed of light. They’re actually NOT here more than they are here. So the world we see is an illusion, things are not really solid.

So without wanting to spin your brain out with quantum physics principles, the bottom line is that everything is energy and everything is vibration.

Everything is just little particles, packets of energy that are vibrating at different frequencies. 

And here comes the very important part of that: You are too! 

Number 2: Like Attracts Like

Within this vibrational Universe, things are magnetizes to one another that are on the same vibrational frequency. That’s the Law of Resonance.

So the interesting thing with that is that the more anything stays on a given frequency, the more it continues to attract and build momentum on that attraction power.

We call that Law of Attraction.

Like attracts like and if you hold that frequency for longer, more and more things start to be attracted and appearing in your reality that match that frequency. 

Number 3: You are Energy with Consciousness

You are energy that is aware of itself. You know who you are, that you exist and you can be aware of your vibration. You can be aware of your energy, and you also have control over it.

And you can change your vibration, you can adjust your frequency. You literally have your finger on the dial. 

Just stop for a moment and consider how powerful that is. Do you consider yourself the creator of your life? Pause for a moment and recognize your power and let me know in the comments below:  “Have you ever thought of yourself that way?” 

Number 4: Everything you want is on a higher vibration

The things you desire – more money, better relationships, better health, more fun in your life – all of those are good feeling things, right? Which is why you want them. 

All of those things are actually on a higher frequency. So given everything else we’ve just talked about, if you want to attract more of those things into your experience, then you need to get on that higher vibing frequency. 

I’ve linked another episode for you below with ideas and help on how to do that, so you can check that out next.

Number 5: Maintaining your Vibe is KEY

This is the big one. Raising your vibration is important because it matches you with the frequency of what you desire. But the key to having manifestations appear more easily is to MAINTAIN your vibration. 

Maintaining your vibration is key, which is why it’s so important that you become self aware and that you get better and better at not only raising your vibration and recognizing where your vibration is at, but at maintaining it there as steadily as you possibly can. 

It’s all about stability, because remember that stability allows Law of Attraction to keep on building momentum and bring you more ideas, more synchronicities, more perfect matches for the outcome that you desire. 

And if you’ve been trying to manifest what you want, but it’s just not happening, then look out for the episode because I’m going to cover that for you and help you do some troubleshooting if you need. 

Now, I bet one of the things that is at the top of the list of things you want to manifest more of is money –  cash – moolah.

The thing with money is that it brings with it a whole lot of other set of complications and challenges. This is why I run a whole group coaching program called Magnetic Money where I literally hold your hand and lead you through a step by step process that allows you to consistently attract more money and build your money confidence. 

But if you’re not yet in Magnetic Money, then I can still give you a little bit of a hand by helping you make some simple tweaks that allow you to align with that vibration of cold hard cash much more easily.

I’ve created a free training the Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix, and you can grab that by clicking the link below. 

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential, gorgeous, and you are absolutely ready to take that next step. 

I’ll see you in the next episode!

xx Miriam


Want to manifest more abundance in your business & life – CONSISTENTLY?

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How to raise your vibration and manifest abundance in business

How to raise your vibration and manifest abundance in business

Have you ever tried to manifest abundance into your business & it totally bombed? Well today we’re going to talk about WHY that happened.

To manifest abundance, money, success, clients, ideas, inspiration & opportunities into your business, you need to know how to raise your vibration and become a vibrational match to the vibration of abundance.

That’s kind of all you need to know.  But it’s not that simple, right? Because HOW exactly do you do that?

In this episode, we’re going to talk about why WHAT you do actually doesn’t really matter and what DOES matter.






And today’s freebie is a simple 1-page cheat sheet that takes you through 5 simple tweaks most people need to make if they want to start manifesting more abundance, more success, more money, and prosperity into their business and life.

But first, let’s talk about what works – and what doesn’t work when it comes to knowing how to raise your vibration so you can manifest more abundance.

When I first came across the secret, I was a broke, single mum. I was pretty desperate and so I did EVERYTHING! \I made vision boards, I practiced visualization. I recited affirmations till I was blue in the face, I wrote my goals each day. I did it all. It sort of worked some of the time and a lot of the time I was just working hard. 

But then I dug a little deeper and discovered what the secret behind the secret is. And this little tweak that makes all the difference. That’s when my business exploded, I hit a multiple 6-figure leveraged income, bought properties, married the man of my dreams, moved into the house of my dreams and life changed quite drastically and also became a whole lot easier.

I also share this secret behind the secret with the students in my Magnetic Money program and as soon as they start to implement this one little tweak, their life starts to feel completely different. They suddenly feel abundant. They notice the abundance all around them and more abundance starts to flow.

So let’s talk about why some of those things you’ve done in the past worked and others didn’t. See, there’s a very simple reason. It’s because when you’re looking to manifest, you’re looking to communicate with the Universe.

And the Universe doesn’t actually hear what you say or what you do!

It doesn’t care what you put on your vision board, what affirmations you recite or what goals you write. It doesn’t hear or see any of those things. The language of the Universe is vibration. That’s how the law of attraction works. 

We have the law of vibration where all is the vibration and then the law resonance. And like attracts like. 

So it’s not what you did that made it ‘work’, but what you felt when you did it. Some of the things you did made you feel abundant and helped you match the vibration of abundance. And some of those things didn’t make you feel abundant. In fact, they probably made you feel like you’re working really hard, or just reminded you that it’s not working. And so you weren’t feeling abundant. You were doing the THING, but you weren’t FEELING the vibration. And that’s why some things worked and some didn’t work.

So I know your next question will be, “How do I know which things will help me feel abundance so the Universe hears me and brings me what I want?”

Well, I’m going to tell you that in a moment, but first I want to know:
What weird and crazy things have you done to try and manifest abundance?

I know I’ve done some really weird stuff, involving the moon, crystals, certain drinks – even the way I walk and what I eat.

So what’s something weird or crazy you’ve done in the past to try & attract more money & abundance? I’d love you to share with me in the comments below.

Okay. So back to that question, “What do I do to raise my vibration and feel more abundant, so I can attract more abundance, Miriam?”

Well, that’s surprisingly simple!

Just focus on building daily little habits that make you feel abundant.

See, Most people hold back on allowing themselves to feel abundant and enjoy where they’re at, because they’re afraid the Universe won’t deliver what they want if they seem too happy.

But that’s backwards. That is not how it works. The Universe will deliver you whatever you are a vibrational match to. So you’re allowed to feel good now. You’re allowed to feel abundant now. You’re allowed to enjoy your life right now. And the more you do, the more easily you will attract and manifest the abundance, the prosperity, the clients, the money, the opportunities, and all those good things.

So simply ask yourself, “What makes me feel really abundant? What makes me feel really prosperous that I already have and can do in my life right here right now?” 

And then go do it. Do as often and as much as possible. It will align you with the vibration of prosperity and abundance. It will automatically magnetize to you the money, abundance, the clients and all those awesome things you’re after.

I’m giving you permission right here right now to feel abundant NOW. To enjoy your life, to celebrate the magnificence of all that you have, and to do those things that really allow you to feel good and thoroughly enjoy the abundance that you already have in your life – right now.

Now I will just say that when it comes to the topic of money, things can get a little bit tricky.

Most people tend to get it backwards when they start focusing on money specifically. And that’s because we have a lot of baggage and there’s a lot at stake, right? 

That’s why I created the Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix. It takes you through 5 simple tweaks and shifts that you can make straight away to ensure that you don’t get it backwards and accidentally start repelling rather than attracting money.

Just click below to access that for free right now.

Remember, it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready to take the next step. I’ll see you next time. Have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

Manifesting Quick-Fix

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Meditation for Manifesting Money – The Science of Law of Attraction

Meditation for Manifesting Money – The Science of Law of Attraction

How would you like a meditation for manifesting money?

It might sound too good to be true to manifest more money with your eyes shut but it’s totally possible. The trick is to not just use any kind of meditation. The best kind of meditation for manifesting money is a hypnotic meditation that is a meditation that will tune you to the vibration of abundance.

This is done by reprogramming your mind and reconditioning your body – energetically upgrading you to a new, more abundant version of you. A version of you who is a vibrational match to more money.

In this episode, I give you access to exactly that kind of meditation. But before you rush off to download it, let me explain how to use it for maximum effect and why it’s so powerful.






Both in my own journey going from broke, single mum to multiple 6-figure business owner, living an abundant life I adore … and in helping my clients do the same… there’s one thing that keeps cropping up over and over and over again. 

People think that it’s what they DO that will help them attract and manifest the money they want.

But it’s actually not what you do that matters. What matters is how you feel.

Because this is a vibrational Universe and Law of Attraction organizes all those vibrational frequencies and matches them up.

At the end of the day, the Universe isn’t listening to your desires. It’s not reading your daily manifestation lists or your journal or any of those things. It’s not listening to your affirmations. It’s not taking photos of your vision board and trying to find matches out there. It’s not doing any of that. All it does is respond to your vibration. It’s pure science, really.

It doesn’t judge and it doesn’t second-guess. 

It simply says, “This is what you’re putting out. I’m going to give you things that match it.”

So this takes me to the very first point:

When you do anything to manifest more money, it’s not about the act itself. 

It is about the shift inside of you that the act helps you achieve. 

Now there are two key things we want to shift here. 

The first one is we want to shift your neural pathways, the patterns in your brain that fire automatically over and over and over again.
And we want to shift those to be naturally tending towards more abundant thoughts. And as you do that, your brainwaves – which also emit a frequency – are going to be much more in alignment with abundance (which includes money). 

Money is just a subset of abundance. 

So that’s a really cool little hack. All we really need to do is match you up with the frequency of abundance.

So the very first way that meditation helps you do that is by shifting your neural pathways so that your brain starts automatically firing much more abundant thoughts.

Now, the second reason that a hypnotic meditation designed to create these unconscious shifts is so powerful and helps you manifest more money is that we can change your addiction to whatever mix of feelings is your current ‘normal’.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, we all have a normal, average way we feel. We have so much joy, so much frustration, so much worry, so much anxiety. There tends to be an average mix we’re used to that is our average. And when we go outside that natural mix, things start to feel uncomfortable – even if we’re starting to feel more abundant. 

That’s why when you grow, you usually hit what Bob Proctor used to call the terror barrier or what psychologists call cognitive dissonance or what I call perturbation or the wobbles.

As we start to grow and expand, it can get really uncomfortable because we’re starting to become a new version of ourselves.

You’re literally becoming a new version of you. 

There is a part of our brain, the cerebellum right near the brainstem, which is part of our ancient lizard brain. Its job is to go “Danger – Danger!! Warning – Warning!!” when we venture outside the norm.

It is literally trying to keep the caveman inside of us safe in the cave. Our biology is still wired that way.

That’s why sometimes when you want to grow and expand and do cool things in your business, you start self-sabotaging, things feel scary and you shrink back into the same old comfort zone. It’s not necessarily where you want to be, but it’s what you’re used to and therefore your body chemistry is comfortable with it and considers it ‘safe’.

So we literally have an addiction to a certain mix of body chemistry. And with a hypnotic meditation, we can recondition the body and slowly but surely start shifting that ‘normal’ to a more abundant mix. 

And as we do that – along with rewiring the thought patterns so they automatically start firing more abundant thoughts – we are shifting your vibration. 

We are shifting the signal you’re sending out into the Universe. 

Now, your signal is an electromagnetic signal. You are an electromagnetic being with electrical brain waves and magnetic heart energy. It all needs to be a match so your vibration is clear and clean. And then the Universe & Law of Attraction can say, “Now THAT is a match to more abundance, including this much more money!”

So that is how we can use meditation, especially a carefully and well-designed hypnotic meditation – to start manifesting more money.

You still need to show up during the day and put yourself out there, allow the opportunities to find you and be congruent in lots of other ways. 

But if you start by rewiring your brain and reconditioning your body then you’re shifting everything at the unconscious level first – and life gets a whole lot easier & more abundant as if by magic.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter much what you do on the outside of you. If you don’t first shift what’s going on inside of you, nothing else is going to work.

Remember, it’s not what you do that matters – it’s how you feel.

Because how you FEEL – that is your vibrational signature! That is the electromagnetic signal you’re sending out into the Universe, that the Universe will respond to and bring you matching things in return for. 

And with a hypnotic meditation that is designed to shift your ‘average normal’ state of feeling, you can become a more abundant vibrational being. And as you shift internally, your external reality will start to shift.

So here’s how to use this meditation. 

No.1: Download it (the link is below).

No. 2:
Listen to it frequently. Not 10 times a day, just once a day or maybe every second day – or maybe some weeks just once a week – that’s okay. Just keep using it regularly and enjoy it.

Enjoy it, and listen to it for the pure pleasure of diving deeper into feeling abundant. Allow yourself to be totally immersed in that vibration abundance so you continue normalizing yourself to it more and more.

You’ll find the link to this free meditation below. It’s called ‘The Vibration of Abundance”

Enjoy & remember, it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready to do that – right here, right now!


Download your FREE Self-Hypnosis Abundance Manifesting Meditation here:

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