How much money you make is irrelevant

How much money you make is irrelevant

How much money you make is irrelevant

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You’re working your little butt off to bring in more clients, make more sales & earn more money… hoping that soon you can leave those money worries behind you and reach that nirvana of financial freedom.

OK, let’s just press pause for a moment because I want to share something important with you which became glaringly obvious in over 12 years of operating my finance business.

You need to know that:

How much money you make is irrelevant!

How much money you bring in will make no difference to how much you save, how much money you have or how you FEEL about money.

It will not change your general level of money stress!

The reason is that people tend to fall into one of three habit patterns when it comes to money. I call these the Money Habit Archetypes.. they carry these habit patterns with them, no matter how much money they make!

These money habit archetypes are:
1. The Overextender – always manages to spend more than they bring in. They always end up using a credit card or needing a loan to get by.

2. The Spender – always kind of breaks even. No matter how much money they make, they manage to spend every cent of it and there’s nothing left to show for it.

3. The Accumulator – always manages to put some aside. They simply can’t sleep at night if they don’t. And they usually manage to do this, no matter how much or little they earn.

That certainly busts the myth that making more money will solve any money worries, doesn’t it?

Over the years, I’ve seen dozens of people on multiple six figure incomes who are suffering huge money stress and juggling large personal debts. There are loads of Overextenders and Spenders out there in high income brackets and their income has nothing to do with their habit pattern around money. The stakes simply get higher.. the stress gets amplified..

Meanwhile, my mother is a brilliant example of an Accumulator who is NOT and never has been, a high income earner. Even while on an income that barely kept her above the poverty line, while struggling away as a single mum, she managed to buy a home and pay it off, then upgrade to a nicer home and pay that off too!

How much money you earn is totally irrelevant as to whether you end up in surplus and deficit – and as to whether you’re living in money stress or not.

So before you get focused on trying to bring in more money, you need to first take a look at those patterns and spot which one you fall into.

Think back to when you were a kid. What were you like with money then?

These patterns don’t tend to change much through our lives. And yes, sometimes life circumstances cause us to fall into an overextending pattern, but once you have enough to cover the basics – what is the pattern you tend to fall back into?

There are certain belief systems that fuel and drive these behaviors and in the Magnetic Money Program we dive deeply into these. The habit patterns are just the tip of the iceberg, they help indicate what kind of issues might be lying beneath the surface, but they are definitely where you must start.

The awareness of your Money Habit Archetype is a powerful force that will help you unravel your money issues and start to create positive and lasting change.



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