Why positive thinking won’t make you rich

Why positive thinking won’t make you rich

Why positive thinking won’t make you rich

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We all know about the power of positive thinking.. and yes, there are lots of benefits…

…but positive thinking alone won’t make you rich & here’s why:

You’re an electromagnetic being and your thoughts are only one part of that equation.

Yes, thinking positive helps you feel better but it’s still not powerful enough to switch fear, stress and worry to enthusiasm and  excitement.

What usually happens is that you force yourself to THINK positive but deep inside you actually FEEL lousy… you’re riddled with doubt, fear & worry.

Basically, you’re only kidding yourself.

Worse than that, it means that electromagnetic signal of yours is all over the place – it’s not coherent..

So you’re sending out mixed message, both to your incredibly powerful unconscious mind … and the entire Universe!

And this is why, at best you get mixed results.. but more often you get results that mostly match your previous ones.

So what can you do?

It’s actually surprisingly easy..

Watch this video to find out:

  • how to bring yourself into alignment
  • ensuring that your signal is loud and clear
  • how to become a match to what you DO want.



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