3 reasons Spenders do well in business.

3 reasons Spenders do well in business.

Let’s talk about the three reasons that SPENDERS do well in business!

If you’re a Spender Money Habit Archetype, then you’re probably aware that your pattern is that all the money that comes in disappears again – it all goes out. 

This can lead to a feeling of living hand-to-mouth and never really getting ahead… however, there are some things about being a Spender that are a real asset to you in your business, and I want to talk about those.

First of all, being a Spender means you’re comfortable with the ebb and flow of business.

That means that your vibe will stay high more consistently. You’ll stay more aligned to that high vibrational frequency – the vibration of abundance, and that helps you continue to attract money.

Now the pattern is that the money that comes in tends to all go out again – and we’ll talk about what to do about that in a minute – but the thing is that as a Spender you‘ve grown accustomed to the ebb and flow of business which is a natural phenomenon that will happen to some extent in your business – and you’re okay with it.





You’re not so easily fazed by it, and that means you can stay in alignment much more easily. And that is a HUGE asset for you.

The second reason why Spenders do well in business, is that you’re happy to invest in growth. 

You’re comfortable with spending money… with spending all the money that’s available, right? That’s your habit pattern. What that means is your business can grow faster and you get to enjoy time out a lot sooner, because you’re happy to invest in your business and help it grow when it most needs that investment.

The next thing is that because you’re naturally in flow with money, you’re naturally used to that continual flow of money flowing in and money flowing out.

You’re not stifling that flow – in fact you’re a completely open channel to that flow! What that actually does is it does keep it coming. 

Because you know that more money will come, that’s why you’re comfortable spending it, and that is a huge asset. 

It allows the money to keep coming at whatever level you’ve committed to investing into your business. So for you it’s: You invest in your business and you might take that up a notch – but you also know that the money will flow in… you know that you’ll spend most of it… but you know that it will come back to you and your business will thrive as a result.

So, these natural tendencies can be a really big asset and they’ve taught you many valuable things that will serve you really well going forward. 

In fact, they’ve trained you to live in that natural ebb and flow, to be comfortable with being a conduit for money flowing in and out, and to stay vibrationally stable amongst all of it. 

You’ve been really well trained for all of those things by being a Spender money habit archetype.

You just need to shift the underlying story so that some of that money can actually stay around to grow and multiply for you!

For that, you want to get some really practical things in place and I do have another blog you can search on here for it. It’s on how Spender’s can actually create a buffer and a savings account. 

That’s the practical tips, but the most important thing you need to do is shift that unconscious story that says, “All the money that comes in, has to disappear.” You want to change the story that’s keeping that pattern alive, and retain all the beautiful things that it’s taught you so far.

To change that underlying story, just jump on my quiz. I’ve linked it in the description.

Confirm you’re a Spender Money Habit Archetype, and then work your way through the sequence of emails I’m going to send you that will help you dive down deeper and uncover the story that has been fueling and driving and forming that pattern to occur.

Then you can shift, change and transform it into a much more empowering and helpful story so that your money can stick around, have lots of fun with you, and start to grow and multiply.

So I’d love to hear from you, and hear how that goes. Feel welcome to leave me some comments. Bookmark this page and put it in your calendar, and in a few months time come back and report back, I’d love to hear from you.

Until then, keep on embracing your unlimited potential.


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Why you DO have to spend money to make money

Why you DO have to spend money to make money

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more money, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about why you have to spend money to make money.

I know… can you believe I just said that?

When you talk about manifesting and that the universe is unlimited, you would generally say, “That’s not true. You don’t HAVE to spend money to make money. You can just be in alignment with the vibration of abundance and attract money to you.”

Totally true. Not saying that’s not true, but what I’m also saying is that if you are unwilling to spend or refuse to spend money or you’re scared of spending money or you just don’t like spending money, then what you’re actually doing is you’re blocking the flow of money.

Money is a flow of energy.

It flows TO you and THROUGH you.





When I teach what it takes to attract more money, keep more money, and help that money grow and multiply, the practical steps around running your business and spending money in really smart and wise ways that are a great investment for your business -they’re an important part of the process.

Spending money to make money and knowing that this is an investment that comes back to me multiplied and generally in life having that attitude – that I can spend money on this and that and the other (within reason by being not totally flippant about it and just blowing everything… because that’s a really bad habit and we’ll talk about that in a moment) – but knowing that you can spend money on things that are in alignment with what you’re all about, in alignment with where you’re going, and you can feel really comfortable knowing that – that’s part of the flow.

If you think about it, if you are a pipe of abundance, money flows to you and through you.

If you block the end and you don’t let anything flow out, you’re going to end up with some congestion and no more money can flow in.

You do need to get comfortable with allowing the money to flow out of your experience so that it can continue to flow INTO your experience.

Flow means being in the flow of life… not hoping to manifest some money and then hoarding it, holding onto it out of fear that no more will come. That’s not what we’re about, is it?

So I talked about healthy patterns of spending around money, and there are also some unhealthy spending patterns around money. BUT.. some of the spending patterns around money that you would think are actually good, like accumulating lots of money, are not necessarily healthy. If they’re coming from that point of view of “lack” and fear and “What if there’s not enough? What if no more comes tomorrow?” then that’s part of a really unhelpful story that’s keeping you trapped in a vibration that does not match abundance.
Life is fearful, and even though you might have some money coming to you, you’re certainly not feeling abundant.

Trust me, abundance is a feeling and not a dollar amount.

So that is the starting point. See what your patterns are around money. Ask, “What are my habit patterns when it comes to spending money and relating to money?” because they’re your first indicator of some of those old stories that are lurking beneath the surface that are stopping you from really getting in alignment and allowing yourself to be in the flow.

I call this your Money Habit Archetype.

If you don’t yet know what your Money Habit Archetype is, then do the quiz from the link in the description, because once you find out what your Money Habit Archetype is, that is your first step to uncovering those patterns that are lurking beneath the surface and that is what will allow you to take the next step and really step into the flow abundance.

It’s a beautiful, beautiful place to be!

So let me know in the comments below what your Money Habit Archetype is, and until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.



Let’s find out what your Money Habit Archetype is. It’ll help you figure out what to do to help more money flow.

Do you feel guilty spending money?

Do you feel guilty spending money?

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can enjoy more money, more time, and more alignment.

Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself? Let’s talk about that and let’s talk about why it stops more money from coming into your experience.

Maybe you’re in this habit of saying, “Ah, not yet. I won’t spend that money on myself just yet. First I need to hit a six-figure income,” or “When I have my first big month,” or “When my launch does this,” or “When I have this many clients,” or “When I put my price up to X number.”

The thing is that what you will notice if you’re really honest with yourself is that you keep moving the goalposts. You keep finding excuses and you keep skimping and putting yourself last, feeling too guilty to ever really spend that money on yourself.

So my question is: When will you feel ready?

When will you actually get to a place where you step into and claim your abundance?

On this journey, if you want to create an abundant business and life, it’s all about you actually getting to enjoy it, right? So if you’re constantly dangling the carrot on the stick and you keep moving forward and forward but the carrot never gets any closer, then it’ll never be enough, you’ll never get there, and you’ll never get to enjoy the beautiful rewards of your heart-centred business.

So what’s causing that?





Well, at the unconscious level, there is something within you that says, “You don’t deserve it. You haven’t done enough yet. You’re not good enough. You’re not qualified enough. You’re not worthy. You’re not deserving,”

But you ARE all those things, you were born deserving and worthy!

A part of you isn’t allowing you to have it, because it believes that you’re not ready because you haven’t done enough, not qualified enough, all those things.

It’s these old stories that are keeping you stuck.

What that means is that it’ll never be enough because the story doesn’t change with the dollar amount of income you’re making.

The story stays the same.

The story is what’s putting your abundance, your enjoyment of what you’re creating, on that stick. It’s keeping your carrot dangling in front of you and it’s keeping you working hard and just pushing yourself more and more and punishing yourself for still not having made it and gotten there, and it just never ends… unless you untangle and release that old story. When you notice a pattern like this, it’s really time to break free.

So… where the hell do you start?

Okay, the first thing that you need to do is to start to look into these old stories.

What’s creating them and how are they showing up? In my training with my students, I talk about these stories and I talk about how they’re just archetypal stories. They’re kind of the same theme, but just with different nuances and iterations. Now, those stories actually show up quite pronounced in your life through your habits and your behaviour. Your habits are really just an indication of what your beliefs are. And those stories? They create your beliefs. The stories that you were told growing up, the stories that you absorb by watching the world around you and listening to the people around you created your beliefs about life and how life works and what you deserve within it.

It all shows up in your habits. Your Money Habit Archetype is your predominant pattern around money. It kind of defines your relationship with money. That is your starting point because it’s that little sign at the surface, it’s the tip of the iceberg of what’s lying underneath. Once you find the tip of the iceberg, then you can start drilling your way down and getting to what’s actually created that to rise up and show up in this way for you.

If you don’t know what your Money Habit Archetype is so you can start uncovering and releasing these old stories that are keeping you stuck, then take my quiz!

It’s the Money Habit Archetype quiz. It will let you know what your money habit archetype is, and then you can start doing the work to release it – and I will support you with that as well.

So go on, jump on the quiz right now, the link is below!

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and absolutely unlimited potential.



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Why there’s no money left after you pay the bills

Why there’s no money left after you pay the bills

Hi beautiful,

I’m Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business – the place where we practice the art & science of Effectology to help you marry the magical with the practical so you can have more money and more time, the easy way – without all the extra hustle!

Today we’re going to talk about what is going on when week after week, month after month there is no money left for you after you’ve paid the bills. It’s frustrating, right? And it’s annoying and it’s also a bit scary.

So what is going on there?

Well, I’m going to cut straight to the chase and tell you what’s going on and that is that you’ve got the formula backwards.




Let me explain – there’s a phenomenon called Parkinson’s Law and it applies to all sorts of things and it also applies to money. And what Parkinson’s Law says is that, “The amount of resource needed to accomplish something is the amount of resource available.” I’ll rephrase that, “the amount of resource used to accomplish any given task is the amount of resource available.”

And see how that is a bit different to the first time I said it and had to correct?

Because that is the whole point of Parkinson’s Law that whatever amount of money is available gets used up and this also applies to time, if you’ve got lots of time to get something done – you usually get it done at the last minute. But for money it means, that all your money gets used up unless you switch that formula backwards because what most people do is they take their income and they deduct all of their expenses, all of the things they have to pay for, all of the things they want to buy and do and so on..

And then they go, okay I’ll save what’s left and what’s left usually is zip, zero, zilch, nada! Right?

Because Parkinson’s Law applies and it means that all of that beautiful money that came in whether it was a little, a lot, huge amount it all got used up. So you need to switch that formula around the other way and actually decide where your money is going to go.

So what you then actually do is you say, ‘okay my expenses plus my savings need to equal my income.’ And it’s the same formula but just backwards. What that actually means is that then you have 2 input variables there: expenses and savings. And you’re going to have to make some decisions as to what those should be and then you also get to look at the other side of the equation: ‘Hmm how much many do I need to be making to actually meet this target?’ And if the amount of money you’re making right now isn’t enough, it means that you might need to look at reducing your expenses or maybe reducing your savings for a little while or maybe increasing your income and looking at ways that you can do that… but it actually puts you in control. And that is the point, the way that most people do it is the first way – you’re not in control you just get the leftovers which is usually zip. This way, you take control, you start to make decisions.

Now if you’re ready to start taking control of your money so you can actually have left over what you want to have leftover to do the things that you really want to do with that money, then start the easy way which is just by paying attention.

It’s a super easy way to start paying attention to your money which will illuminate you in some many ways, you’ll have so many huge a-ha moments. Simply start tracking – start tracking what’s coming in and also notice what’s going out and start making some empowering decisions – because you’ll find that there’s money just leaking out to all sorts of things that you’ve forgotten about, you stopped paying attention to and it feels really great to actually reel all of that back in and to reclaim that money. That is your money disappearing because you stopped paying attention so start paying attention!

I’ve got a beautiful magnetic money tracker for you which you can access from the link in the description – so help yourself to that. Get started today, start taking control of your money so that you will have left what you would want to have left, to do the things you want to do.

Alright, until next time. Remember to keep on embracing your beautiful unlimited potential.

Bye for now!


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