The key to a balanced lifeCan a simple childhood toy hold the key to a balanced life?

Did you ever make pinwheels as a kid? Aren’t they amazing little things? If you get it just right, you can blow on it ever so gently and it’ll spin for ages!

To be that efficient, the pinwheel needs to be perfectly balanced. If some blades are heavier than others , it’ll wobble and waste a whole lot of energy. If it doesn’t have enough blades, it’ll struggle to generate momentum. If it has too many blades, it’ll be too heavy to spin fast.

It’s all about maximum output for minimum input – also known as ‘Efficiency’.

You need balance in life to achieve maximum results for minimum effort. You need to be highly efficient – at the RIGHT things.

An ideal pinwheel will cover body, mind & spirit, nurturing these areas equally & evenly. Spirit is such a huge and important aspect of our being, that I like to break it down into two parts: Self & Others.

The ideal Life Pinwheel therefore looks like this:

The key to a balanced life


‘BODY’ covers the areas of: physical health, nutrition, material comfort, money, lifestyle etc

‘MIND’ covers the areas of : mental health, intellectual stimulation & having the right mindset

‘SELF’ covers the areas of: time out, knowing yourself, introspection & honouring yourself

‘OTHERS’ covers the areas of: relationships, family, friends, social life, giving/philanthropy


The key is to get all four blades spinning evenly & equally at all times. This may take a bit of planning, commitment & vigilance at the start, but it’s well worth it.

A balanced approach will keep you flowing along. It’ll keep up your energy for the long-term, so you can sustain that amazing momentum you’re building. In fact, you will NEED a certain level of mental & spiritual ‘fitness’ in order to keep up with your physical world once things start to accelerate!

Those who don’t honour the pinwheel principle risk suffering one of 2 fates:

1 – They may burn out early trying to ‘do it all’. Their pinwheels just have way too many blades – none of which get any real traction. The blades are all in what fluid dynamicists call ‘Dirty Air’. It’s hard work ploughing through that! There’s just way too much going on.

2 – They have to work so damn hard trying to generate any momentum, they eventually run out of steam. Their pinwheels only have one or two blades. They then either give up early or hang in there until they crack up – their personal life may fall apart from neglect.

Keeping life in balance isn’t just about focusing on the few important things, it’s also about ensuring you don’t focus on so few that you’re neglecting key parts of your holistic self.

In fact, I would suggest the more you’re resisting this whole ‘balance in all areas’ idea, the more your life is WAY out of balance and you’re just not wanting to face it. (Did you really think I didn’t see you looking at your shoes & shuffling towards the back exit..?)

So your homework – should you choose to accept it – is this:

Go back and have another look at your core values. Do you have at least one in each of the areas of Body, Mind, Self & Others?

Much love,

xx Miriam