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When it comes to creating a balanced life – one where you’re not running yourself ragged, where you’re getting what YOU need from life, so you can feel like a whole & nourished person – you’ll need a little bit of a plan

Life Balance isn’t about evenly splitting up your time between the various parts of your life. It’s simply about NOURISHING every part of yourself so you can FEEL balanced & whole – and that will be different for every single person.

So how do you do that?

OK, I want you to think back to those little paper pinwheels you made as a child for a moment. They usually have 4 or 5 blades. If those blades aren’t equally full, the pinwheel will wobble all over the place. It will be really inefficient and very imbalanced. It gets really hard to keep it going.

But once you get the pinwheel balanced, that baby will just go & go with very little effort! All this simply from making sure each area is properly addressed!

In this video:
● Why the simple pinwheel holds the key to helping you feel whole
● The secret for having boundless energy
● How to stop feeling cranky and worn out and start loving life again





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