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I’m so excited!!!

Here, let me tell you in person:

If you’ve ever had so much on that you didn’t even know where to begin, you know the feeling well.

The key to dealing with those times and being highly effective is to firstly recognise the single most important thing you need to do – RIGHT NOW – and then use the power of focus to complete it – FROM START TO FINISH – until it’s all done.

So do whatever it takes. Lock yourself away, shut your office door, for goodness sake TURN OFF THE PHONE and shut down your email inbox.

There are even software applications you can download to block you from going online or accessing social media during work hours.

Treat yourself like a naughty teenager needing some serious discipline. Take no prisoners!

And don’t forget how important it is to say ‘NO’.

When you start the most important job right now, keep going until it’s done. Don’t even give yourself a toilet break. I’m serious! (Ok, if it’s a really big job, you’ll have to chunk it down anyway. Please don’t soil your pants and then blame me.)

Focus, focus, focus. Always use the power of focus.

Let’s hear some things you do to help you focus. You know what to do – go back to the top & hit ‘Leave A Reply’


xx Miriam

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