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<script type="text/javascript" src="http://forms.aweber.com/form/21/split_1152036721.htm"></script>What is the secret to business success… EXPLOSIVE business success!?

It appears the answer is:  Just start kicking butt!

Meet Phillipa Kiripatea. She’s the head Derriere Kicker at www.phillipakiripatea.com.

She helps female coaches, mentors and consultants with marketing and leveraging their business.

Phillipa teaches clients much more than just marketing, she teaches them the secret to business success.

Hmmm… Interesting…!

Her Professional-ish Bio reads:

Phillipa Kiripatea wants to live in a world where women are lovingly bold & glorified, connections are enlightened and messages are spread far and wide. As a sought-after marketing coach, she’s been spotlighted on Social Media Today, Three Minute Masterclass, Sydney Business Month, the stage of LotteryWest and the stage of BizSmart 2012. When she’s not devising industry dominating Love Marketing strategies for clients, you can find her watching 5 episodes of her favourite TV show at the time in one sitting, having a dance off against herself or her son, and creating masterpieces of baked delights.

I had to find out what makes her tick and what a business owner needs to do in order to transform their business in such a major way – over such a short time.

So we talked about a whole lot of stuff, including:

  • keeping it real
  • making love to your clients
  • knowing your ideal client intimately
  • and saying ‘No’ without apologies

It all tied in rather well with his blog post I wrote a while ago about being true to yourself

Here’s my chat with the totally ‘Real’ Phillipa Kiripatea for you:

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