Most of us use the odd 4-letter word in those toe-stubbing moments, but THIS ONE is ruining your life!

It’s pretty awful and I don’t even like bringing it up but I truly can’t stand by any longer and watch you slowly let it ruin your life.

The big problem with this 4-letter word is that, rather than getting harsh looks and threats of having your mouth washed out with soap, THIS little 4-letter bit of filth usually gets you nods of approval and words of support! People will actually ENCOURAGE you to use it and even join in!

I’m not quite sure I can bring myself to type it so I’ll just spell it out.   B – U – S – Y

God.. I feel so dirty now!

Instead of egging you on like naughty kids in the school yard, the people who love and care for you should be giving you a big slap upside the head when they catch you using it! (a caring one, of course..  more a firm caress really – OK, maybe a bit more than that, but I’m certainly not suggesting anything that could result in a head injury –a little gentler than that is fine –firm, but safe)

OK, I’ll be fair. I know you have a lot of stuff to do. I get it, I do. You’re running from A to B to Z and back again. There’s kids to drive around then pick up again, their friends to drop home, groceries to buy and put away, washing to hang, meals to cook, lunchboxes to fill, tax returns to organize, bills to pay, social outings to organize, bathrooms to clean, dishes to stack, pets to feed, mail to collect, emails to read, text messages to reply to, phone calls to return and after all of that, you may actually need to get some work done.

I do get that you FEEL busy, but here is where I start losing my shit:

Most people complain about wanting better work-life balance yet talk non-friggin-stop about how BUSY they are! I mean they are PROUD – they friggin’ BRAG about it! It’s like they’re competing for some sort of prestigious ‘run yourself ragged quickly’ prize.

They wear this big fat ‘BUSY’ badge of honor and point it out to everyone they meet. “Look! LOOK! See how busy I am???”

And make no mistake about it, sister. You ALWAYS get what you EXPECT – not what you’d silently wish for or would rather have. So if you EXPECT to be constantly busy, that’s how you’ll operate. That’s how you’ll see yourself and your life. Actually, you’ll probably struggle to see your life at all because it’ll be nothing but one gigantic BLUR (oh look! another 4-letter word…)

Here’s what you need to get through your head:

  • Busy does NOT equal EFFECTIVE
  • Busy does NOT equal HAPPY & FULFILLED
  • Busy is NOT better or more valuable than RELAXED

So please – STOP saying you’re so damn busy!

I’ve spent lots of hours sitting around airports over the past 12 months. It’s a great place to people-watch.

And what I saw at every single terminal and gate was at least three out of four people being crazy busy – busy keeping busy.

They’re on phones, tablets and laptops (sometimes all at the same time!). They’re plugged in like a junkie who’s lost touch with the world, hooked up to a virtual IV, madly pumping as much internet juice into their veins as possible before being forced into Flight Mode.

As soon as they get on board, they switch on the Entertainment system – sometimes before they even take their seat! You wouldn’t want to have a spare moment to think – or worse – NOT think, would you?!

It’s nuts!

We’ve forgotten how to switch off, disconnect and be at PEACE with ourselves. We’ve forgotten how to just BE.

We worry and stress if we don’t not reply to emails within minutes and text messages within seconds. We’re prisoners trapped by the ‘fear of missing out’. The pressure is enormous – and constant.

So here’s my heartfelt plea to you: SAVE YOURSELF! Run for the hills! There’s no wi-fi up there. It’s much harder for the busy plague to reach you there.

If you truly want that better life balance, next time you catch yourself proudly proclaiming you’re ‘BUSY’ – stop, rethink & reframe. Look for opportunities to be still, alone and at peace. There are plenty of them and you’ll see them – if you just stop talking about how busy you are!

Disconnect, step off the treadmill, take the pressure off yourself and just… BREATHE.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh…. isn’t that better?

xx Miriam