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Some people just have it. It all flows – they simply ‘Ooze Success’.

We usually look at what it is they DO that makes them so successful and try to emulate that.

Let’s spin it around for a moment. Let’s have a look at how they ARE.


Success means different things to different people.

You may be a mum with young children who wants to work from 10am to 2pm each day in your home based business and still earn $70-$80,000 per annum.

Or you may be at a whole different stage in life and want to run a business generating millions in turnover – all poolside from a beach in Barbados.


Be in touch with your core values and passion – so you don’t have to be trying to convince anyone – least of all yourself – that the work you do is important and meaningful.

Align what you’re doing with your core values and get in the flow. You will emanate congruence.

Work your Passion – Live your Passion – Be your Passion



Be authentic – it inspires others, be genuine. Don’t try to be perfect – perfect is boring and very forgettable.

Stand up – Stand out – Be proud.

Own it, girl! Be YOU. Nobody else can be you. This makes you unique and valuable.



Be of service. Always ask, “What can I do to help and serve others”?

We’re not talking about becoming a charity worker here. We’re talking about becoming outwardly focused on how you can help others solve their problems.

By adding value to others you will become of immense value.


So there you have them – three keys to BEING successful.

Why not start thinking about these a bit more as you go through your day, as you interact with clients and customers and start practising them.

Please let me know what happens!

Have a fabulous day, chickadee!

Xx Miriam


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