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ironign tipsIroning seems like such a mundane & boring thing – probably because it is …

…but it causes (me) much stress, so I thought I’d share my approach.

We all know what happens to the clothes a busy woman puts in the ironing pile: nothing much and usually for quite some time.

I’ll be upfront here: I detest ironing, I don’t DO ironing, I hate ironing.

I honestly iron maybe 4 times a year – at best worst. And it’s usually just the one specific garment I need at that moment (while cursing the day I bought it).

A few tips I’ve learned:

  • get washed loads out of the washing machine ASAP. We run the washing machine on a timer to finish around 6am. The washing’s ready (for the kids) to hang before we head off for the day & as a bonus, we use off-peak power. Not letting your clothes sit in the machine for hours hugely reduces wrinkle-age.
  • shake everything well before hanging. Again – HUGELY minimises creases. And when I say shake it, I mean: “Shake it, sister!” You know how a whip cracks because it breaks the sound barrier…? Like that!
  • anything that will/should end up on a hanger in your closet, goes straight on a hanger to dry. (Needless to say I do not need to point out that ALL wire hangers good for is to get the dry cleaning home, right..?)
  • when collecting washing off the line, fold it & put it straight into the basket. Even better: Get the heavy stuff off first (jeans, hoodies etc.) so they don’t crush your delicates. I go one further & place it in order of owner so I can put it straight in their closet. If you just throw it all into the basket, you’re creating the ironing pile right then & there! My whole family’s way too frightened of me to ever be caught doing that 🙂
  • put the washing away ASAP (keeping it carefully folded) including anything that may actually need ironing. It’s much easier to grab a shirt you’re about to wear & quickly run the iron over it rather than slog your way through a whole basket of ironing at once.
  • this may freak the socks off some of you ironing addicts, but I find after having done all of the above , most light creases actually drop out with the help of a bit of body heat. I usually get dressed, have breakfast, then check to see if the item really still needs ironing – usually it doesn’t!
  • if you’re worried about your husband’s business shirts, there are 2 options: Make him iron his own or take advantage of one of those dirt-cheap deals at your local dry cleaner. You really do have bigger & better things to do.
  • my biggest and first rule of thumb though is to avoid buying clothes which require ironing in the first place

Now, if you’re someone who actually bothers to iron undies, sheets & tea towels, I’m afraid I just can’t help you… I suggest you get a life or resort to medication 🙂

Much love, xx Miriam

Ok, let’s hear it – do you hate ironing too & think it’s a waste of time? What are your tips & tricks for minimising time you’ll never get back? Please share!