A Simple Trick For Faster Manifesting

Do you act like you already have those things you want?

Do you behave like you would behave if that life you dream of was yours?

Are you the person who could have that life?

If you’re not at least acting in small token ways like the person who has the life you want would act, it will probably never happen.

You see, actions speak  louder than words! They are the external demonstration of the sum of your thoughts,emotions and your EXPECTATION.

The way you act directly demonstrates what you actually expect to happen. So if you’re acting like someone who does not EXPECT the things you are wanting, your nervous system – and the entire Universe – will certainly get the message.

So how do you act as if without maxing out the credit card?

EASY!  Just make little token gestures and watch the Universe leverage them.

In this video:

  • Do your actions speak louder than words?
  • How to trip up those old patterns
  • Why it’s important to get congruent

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