Will 2020 be the year you finally….

set up your business to go to 6-figures & beyond?

Is 2020 the year that changes EVERYTHING for you?

The year you FINALLY stop going round in circles, busting your ass for no return  ✔️

The year you get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your strategy and business model ✔️

The year you get the support & accountability you need to actually BUILD IT ✔️

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You’re a smart woman who’s got what it takes,

but you also know that a deep internal shift

needs to happen before you can fully step into

your millionaire self.


You know that 6-figure & beyond businesses are run by women with RESILIENT MINDSETS who actually IMPLEMENT their business strategies.


By now, you’ve done all the courses… and they’ve helped you get this far.


What you need now is to MAKE A COMMITMENT to the vision you have for your business & life.

It’s time to create unstoppable momentum

so you can consistently

reach new levels of income


2020 6-Figure & Beyond Mastermind

Read the MASTERMIND PROSPECTUS for more information and application details.




A Business Mentor who has built TWO multiple 6-figure businesses out of thin air and will happily share the secrets & ‘behind-the-scenes’ details of EXACTLY how I did it.

A Manifesting Mentor personally trained & certified by Mike Dooley (of ‘The Secret’) in his Infinite Possibilities Program who can show you how to leverage the power of the Universe.

A Hypnotherapist who will help you rewire your brain & clear limiting beliefs so you finally get out of your own way.

A former Finance Professional who understands money and has helped thousands of people take charge of their finances and can now help you feel empowered & in control of your money.

Many years ago, freshly divorced & having left my career in Engineering & Corporate Development to have children, I suddenly found myself to be a broke, single mum. Things were bleak. There was even one day where I broke into tears at the supermarket because the bill was $10 more than I could afford. 

You’d think that as a former fast-moving career women I would know how to get my life back on track, but I felt totally lost.

I borrowed my friend’s copy of “The Secret” (I couldn’t afford my own) and started learning about the power of our thoughts.

Several years later I’d built a very successful multiple 6-figure business as a finance professional – but I still felt broke! How embarrassing! I was also an exhausted workaholic and felt so much mother’s guilt, I thought I would burst!

I realized that it didn’t matter how much “text book” knowledge I had… I would ALWAYS feel broke & exhausted if I continued to be led by old self limiting beliefs , making daily decisions from a scarcity mindset, oblivious to the true power & abundance of the Universe around me and the riches INSIDE of me.

That’s when I got serious about learning what it takes to truly FEEL abundant, to ALLOW the money to flow and to have business feel EASY & FUN.

It took me nearly 12 years to finally understand that the secret to having it all is to combine the MAGICAL WITH the PRACTICAL – and throw in a good sprinkle of HYPNOSIS so the results become magnified and everlasting because you are making fundemantal changes at the core level of your being where it really counts – in your unconscious mind.

When it finally clicked, I was able to leave the finance business to keep ticking over without me and went off to build a second multiple six-figure business the EASY and ALIGNED way .

This ‘formula’ is the Effectology Method – a powerful combination of science, spriituality & practical know-how.

And in this Mastermind YOU are going to apply it to create YOUR perfectly aligned 6-figure & beyond business.

I’ve helped thousands of people change their financial situation and their lives for the better.

The Effectology Method has helped them step into their power and claim their abundance.

For the first time in their life they feel CONFIDENT about money – confident it will continue to come, confident it will stay around & confident they’re equipped to manage it wisely with confidence.




How do you create a

sustainable business 

with a consistent 

6-Figures & Beyond 


You’ve tried the DIY approach, and you’ve tried working with this coach and that coach in fits & spurts

.. and you know it’s going to take more than that.

Because let’s be honest.. you simply cannot generate the DISCIPLINE it takes to get there all on your own

… and you’re sick & tired of letting procrastination & self-sabotage get in your way.

Truly successful business women commit to their growth and to building a business structure and a framework that can support increasing levels of income.

They don’t just do it for a week or a month.

They focus deeply and they surround themselves with people who can help them achieve their goals.

Whether you are going for your first $10k month or your first $200k or $500k year, the fundamental principles are the same.

I’ve been teaching and applying these for over 12 years now.


you need to make a BIGGER COMMITMENT




SO HERE IT IS.. YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE consistently reaching those new levels of income YOUR REALITY.

The 2020 6-Figures & Beyond VIP Mastermind

will run for 10 months from

February to November 2020

In our 10 months together you will: 

► Reclaim your time as you learn to grow your business to 6-figures and beyond while working LESS

► Create a bespoke blueprint for your unique 6-figures & beyond business, get it all mapped out and actually get it DONE.

► Master your energetic alignment so abundance, ideas, clients & money can flow freely.

► Clear any limiting beliefs and money blocks that threaten to get in your way so you stop self sabotaging & actually reach your goal

► Showcase and promote your business – LIVE on stage!

✔︎  You’ve done a bunch of “one size fits all” courses that have brought you to this point but know the next level of success will require a more personalised approach.

✔︎  You understand the basic principles of Law of Attraction and accept that your thoughts create your reality.

✔︎  You believe the Universe is infinitely abundant, you’ve manifested loads of great stuff so far but the REALLY BIG THINGS seem just out of reach.

✔︎  You’ve read a whole stack of self-help books and are constantly on the lookout for ways you can personally grow and expand.

✔︎  You are passionate about what you do and truly believe you have a much bigger potential that is not yet being realised..  like an invisible ceiling you haven’t quite been able to crack.

✔︎  You are ready to solidify the foundations of your business and scale and increase your income in a sustainable manner.

✔︎  You’ve decided that 2020 is going to be THE YEAR you experience a whole new level of success in your business and you want to never look back.

✔︎  You want your money to stick around and multiply on autopilot.

✔︎  You’re done playing small.

✔︎  You’re no longer willing to do it all alone.

✔︎  You’re ready to take full control of your future 

✔︎  You’re 10x more likely to take inspired action when you’ve got a group of like-minded women on the same journey as you to hold you accountable.

✔︎  You’re reading this page thinking ‘YES!, I’m so ready to take my business 6-Figures & BEYOND!” 😊


2020 6-Figure & Beyond Mastermind

Read the MASTERMIND PROSPECTUS for more information and application details.

► A mentor to help you develop and implement a business strategy that’s uniquely suited to you.

► A group of like-minded peers to bounce ideas off, so you can stop second guessing your every move & get instant feedback.

► A skilled practitioner who can help you rewire your brain and clear unconscious blocks.

► Master the art & science of programming the Universe so you can get what you want.

► Steady guidance and powerful tools for maintaining energetic alignment so that Law of Attraction can continue to bring you what you want.


These are the essential ingredients to take your business to 6-figures & beyond.


2020 6-Figure & Beyond Mastermind

Read the MASTERMIND PROSPECTUS for more information and application details.


Spiritually minded and practically focused.

Fully committed to building your business to 6-figures & beyond
Keen to show up, own your results & do the work
Willing, ready and able to commit 2020 to this Mastermind and the task of creating your 6-figure & beyond business
Willing to listen to new ideas with an open-mind and heart
Keen to generously support & encourage others in their growth & success
Ready to be honest, vulnerable and to dig deep so you can create the life your soul is crying out for
A woman who wants it all, is longer afraid to ask for it & knows it’s possible – you just have to figure out exactly how 🙂

Your business is still in the start-up stage


You are not ready or willing to take full responsibility for your results


You are not ready to look deep within yourself


You are not willing to be open, honest & vulnerable


You’re unwilling to step outside your comfort zone


You want to ‘give it a go’ and hope for the best


You are not willing to be open, honest & vulnerable


2020 6-Figure & Beyond Mastermind

Read the MASTERMIND PROSPECTUS for more information and application details.