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If you’re like most people, you put your body into a state of stress before you even open your eyes in the morning.


Out of sheer habit you immediately cast your mind back to THE thing that had you most worried and stressed yesterday, dragging all that negative energy forward into the new day and starting a spiral of negative thought. And you do this out of sheer habit.


The mind works by association – one thought leads to a similar thought which leads to a similar thought which leads to a similar thought etc etc .. you get the idea – UNLESS we consciously make a choice to interrupt that pattern.


So before you open your eyes, start your day off on a positive track!

Make it really simple and easy.


Just start by appreciating the comfort and warmth of your bed, the birds singing, the sun rising.




Your mind will automatically jump to other, similar feeling thoughts. You only have to do the bare minimum to get started.

If you find yourself drifting to negative or stressful thoughts, gently come back to the most simple thing to appreciate.


Once you’re ready (or if the negative thought train has gotten the better of you and it all gets too hard) simply move onto Step 2.



See you soon for Step 2!

xx Miriam


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