OK, so you’ve completed Step 1 and are feeling pretty good about life. Awesome!

Next let’s get some rocket fuel in your tank with Step 2 – Meditation.

You only need about 15 minutes a day but I promise you – your life will never be the same again!

Meditation is like having someone go through all the messy stuff on your desk and neatly file it all away, then write you a clear and detailed itinerary to follow for the rest of the day.


Unimportant daily crap just slides right off! You’ll have much more control over your emotions and your reactions, will be less likely to be set off by old stress triggers and generally just become one cool and calm cucumber.

Meditation actually has an awesome cumulative effect – the more often you do it, the greater the benefit.

Everyone can find a spare 15 minutes in their day (especially when you get back HOURS of productive, clear minded time in return!) and there are plenty of fantastic guided meditations out there. I recently even went to the extra trouble and expense of learning Transcendental Meditation and I cannot rave enough about it!

NEXT: I’ll show you how turbo charge your rocket fuel with my latest addition to the Vision Ignition Sequence: STEP 3 which immediately follows your meditation.

See you then!

xx Miriam

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