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Before you get up from your daily meditation, set a timer for another 4-5 more minutes and spend that time visualising!

What should you visualise?

Just see yourself in a really great place, put yourself into the scene, experience it all your own perspective and be sure to put a lot of EMOTION into it.

You see, a lot of people think you should set goals, then visualise them coming true and then you get that really specific thing you asked for – kind of liek writing your wishlist for Santa – but maybe sending him the barcode and model of the actual bike you want as well.

Well, sometimes you do get that specific thing but there’s a MILLION or more other really awesome things out there you would really love if you got to experience, do or have them. And you’ve probably never thought of them! By being too specific you actually close the door on cool stuff that might be just around the corner for you. Stuff that would blow your mind!

But in your single mindedness, you might just completely miss out by wearing those narrow minded blinkers.

The acres of diamonds might be right under your feet – so don’t get too caught up on the details of HOW a really awesome life might unfold.

It’s about using the ability to visualise so that you can FEEL some really strong emotions that are in line with how you want to feel about your life.

Athletes use visualisation to program their mind into a winning frame of mind, but they don’t try to program every single running stroke or pass they will take to get to the end result.

Worry more about giving yourself a virtual reality experience that makes you FEEL great. Isn’t that the end result you want from your goal anyway?

This will not only set you up for one awesome day, it will have you seeing yourself as someone to whom good things happen.

And you always get what you expect – no exceptions!

Next, I’ll take you through Step 4 which covers a really CRITICAL part. If you miss this one, you might can undermine all your good work

So catch you soon for Step 4!

xx Miriam

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