OK, so you’re more than half-way through your Vision Ignition Sequence. Well done!



The engines are rumbling and the sparks are flying. The excitement is palpable. You’ve built up a strong and beautiful energy BUT… you haven’t actually moved off the spot. .. yet!

Before I get to Step 4, let me quickly mention some things that could very quickly cause your launch to unexpectedly get aborted:

Manipulation, hesitation and procrastination can stop your rocket from launching.

So be sure to keep moving forward – but without meddling and trying to FORCE things. This takes a bit of practise, there’s a bit of finesse to be practised.

Or you could do it the easy way. I’ve figured out the very best way to do this is to simply skip through life whistling “Don’t worry – be happy…”

Allow yourself to be led by intuition and stay open to opportunities. Don’t allow yourself to get close minded by doggedly insisting that things SHOULD unfold in only one certain way.

You’ll just stuff it all up if you do that – so keep your sticky hands off it!

Next: Step 4!

All the mediation, appreciation and visualization in the world won’t get you to your goals if you don’t also put your money where your mouth is… or rather… your mouth where your intention is!

Step 4 is to ANNOUNCIATE – that is, you need to make sure your words – as well as your body language and actions – are in line with how you want things to work out.

There is no point in visualizing yourself living in abundance, then spending the day complaining about your ridiculous phone bills, the rising cost of living & buying only generic labels at the supermarket to save a few lousy bucks. Spend the bucks – it will be a very worthwhile invetsment, trust me!

Create congruence between what you desire, what you visualise and how you talk and act.

I don’t mean that you should go out and buy Gucci handbags and max out your credit card, but maybe buy yourself some nice cheese, pate and delicious fancy pants crackers to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. Choose to focus on all the great things you CAN afford.

Else your words and actions will just loudly scream “Liar!” at the life you’re wanting to create by focusing on new thoughts. It will be 2 steps forward, 1 step back – or you may just stay stiuck until you get disheartened and give up.


OK – back to that launch sequence:

Next we’ll get to Step 5 which is all about creating momentum that will sustain you after the launch.

See you soon for Step 5!

xx Miriam

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