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So… what are you waiting for? When will you be happy?

When you ‘get there’? Where? The big goal at the end?

Why can’t you celebrate all the little milestones along the way, the sign posts, the synchronicities, the unexpected twists & turns?

Are you worried you’ll look like an idiot if you celebrate too soon? Are you waiting for proof… making sure you don’t count your chickens before they hatch?

If so:

Basically, you’re just not buying your own story.

If I could guarantee and SHOW you a future where your life is even more amazing, fulfilling and wonderful than you hoped – a future where really really cool stuff you didn’t even see coming has happened – would you have a different attitude?

Would you get excited about the little milestones as the plot of your amazing life develops? Would you get excited and wonder what will happen next – how the plot will unfold?

Would you see life as an adventure where little unexpected speedhumps just make ita ll much more interesting?

Would you move forward with certainty and purpose, feeling confident and excited?

And if you did that, do you think the ride would be much easier and a lot more fun as a reulst? Do you think you’d enjoy the journey at least as much as the destination?

Then do it already! Back yourself and celebrate the journey!!!

xx Miriam


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