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Before You Set Goals_ThumbnailAre you ready to go for GOLD

in 2015?

You might want to re-think your approach a bit. Before you go charging out of the starting blocks all guns blazing and get yourself busy ‘doing stuff‘, take a step back.

Now that you’ve enjoyed a bit of an end of year break, it’s worth making a little bit more of a time investment into gaining CLARITY.

What is it you’re really looking to build? – What does the outcome look & FEEL like? – What will give you that outcome? – What should you be focusing your efforts on to ensure you get THAT outcome and not something you didn’t sign up for?

If you’re unsure, start by looking back on 2014 and ask yourself what kept you so busy, what did you think were you working towards & what did you actually get for your efforts. That will give you a great starting point on what direction you want to set your compass for this year. Then set goals that match it.

I really encourage you to take this extra time to gain clarity on what it is YOU really want. Watch the video below for my full explanation.

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Chat soon – stay beautiful,

xx Miriam