The easiest way to save money – even when you have barely any!

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One of the fastest way to start shifting your relationship with money is to start saving some. It just makes you feel ABUNDANT – and rich!

The awesome thing is, that even a small amount of savings can start to shift your attitude towards your money situation. And as your attitude improves, so do your expectations and therefore your unconscious behavior and of course, your vibration – or simply stated ‘the way you FEEL about money’.

Starting a savings pattern can seem really daunting. When I was first introduced to the importance of savings, I was instantly determined to start doing it.

However, I was also told I should aim to save ten percent of my income. Game Over!!

There was NO WAY I could save 10% of my income, still feed myself and my kidchilden and keep a roof over our heads. The whole thing made me feel even worse about my money situation. Now I felt totally stuck and that there was no way out.

Luckily I discovered a much easier way to start saving some money – even at a time when my income was less than my weekly rent. What I love about this powerful little savings tip is that you don’t miss the money you’re putting aside, but it still gives you ALL the benefits.

It SHIFTS your relationship with money, it empowers you. It gets the ball rolling.

Once that ball gets rolling and has gathered some momentum, then you can start to look at other savings techniques. This little tip will help you get to the point where you can start saving 2 or 3% of your income and then gradually work up to 10%.

…but it all starts here.

In this Effectology Tip:

  • the simplest way to start a savings pattern
  • why your small change will set you free
  • the trick to saving money without feeling like you’re missing out on anything




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The easiest way to save money - even when you have barely any!

by Miriam Castilla