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We talk about success all the time, but what is success TO YOU?

Your own definition is the only one that counts here.
Most of us at some stage have fantasised about the cookie cutter model of success: “Walking around the office, clipboard in hand, hair perfectly done at 7am, people enviously glancing at our fabulous shoes, driving a nice car, living in a gorgeous home, holidaying in exotic locations.”

Am I missing something here? Well, yes – probably all the things you truly value!

Let’s define success on your own terms. What is success to you?

I spent a lot of time contemplating this & here’s my definition:

What I mean by that is:

A – if you get to do all you love doing, hey presto: you’re there! You may ring the bell, pour the tequila & jump onto the bar to boogie all night.

B – there will always be things that are NOT at the very top of your wish list. If you nevertheless put all your love into them & give them the very best of you, you will:

1 – enjoy them more and feel less resentful

2 – get them done more easily & with less stress

3 – The law of karma go to work and other doors will open.

So to me, it’s not just a definition – it’s a recipe.

Here’s a step by step approach to figuring out what is success to you:

  • Sit quietly for a while, eyes closed & breathe deeply.
  • Now, imagine you’ve become more successful than you ever imagined possible.
  • Just FEEL it for now, don’t worry about defining the ‘stuff’ you have or do.
  • Then ask: What things are you doing, who are you spending time with, what do you now have that makes you feel like this?
  • Now open your eyes, take a pen & paper and write it all down
  • Then, make a list of all the things you USED TO think constitute success, that didn’t even come into the equation!

You will probably find your success list is more to do with feelings, stuff you do & people you’re with than material things. Most of us want to work to live, not live to work, but the equation can easily get out of balance. We run on adrenaline, are caught up in the rat race and since everyone around us is doing the same thing, we just keep going without stopping to think.

You just did. You stopped to think. This alone makes you different to 95% of the world’s population.

You can now start allocating your precious resources to your own version of success. You can stop feeling so exhausted trying to do it all.

You get to be in control of living your own version of success, nobody else’s.

And I’m all for that!

(Would love you to share what you’ve come up with below – or come join us on Facebook to talk about it!)

Much love,

xx Miriam

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