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Why Did I Attract This?

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Does crappy stuff happen to you?

Of course it does! We all have it happen. Things go wrong, unexpected bills come in, someone behaves badly and upset us. Shit happens..

You might be tempted to just have a pity party & play the blame game, but if you’re about creating your life more deliberately, you know that you will eventually have to take responsibility for it – if you want to keep growing and evolving.

This ‘contrast’ is actually an amazing opportunity – both for clarity and for your continued growth.

You see, when you understand that all is one and this Universe we live in is one of vibration, you realise that what happens it’s always a match – TO YOU and how you feel.

So when you ask yourself, “Why have I attracted this?”, here are some things to consider:

  • How to use the crap to help you gain clarity on what you really want
  • How to discover why you’ve attracted this
  • Why you don’t want to dig around in the crap for too long.




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