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BULA !!!

Truth be told, events are a big pain in the arse to put on. For example, you have to negotiate with the venue for weeks on end to make sure there are no unexpected surprises – “Oh, you mean the price you quoted me was per person per DAY and If they actually want a chair to sit on, that’s extra?” – and that’s after weeks of painfully shopping around to find one that will give you the Palazzo Versace treatment without the 6-Star price tag – not to mention actually being available when you need it!

Then there’s the endless decisions  – how much catering, should you splurge on styling, do you goodie-bag, do you not goodie-bag – it’s freaking endless!

You set a budget, you set a price, and decide how many people you need theer to break even. You want to give great value, but you don’t want to price it so cheap they’ll think it’s shit and you certainly don’t want to make a big fat loss either. Sleep is lost. Husbands’ ears are made to bleed.

And THEN – just when all the logistics are finally sorted, you realise you have to actually let people know about it!

So you tell your friends and your die-hard fans, you tell your mom, you send a newsletter, you Facebook post your little heart out.

And just when you feel like you better reign it back a bit because surely people must be getting sick of hearing about it, your best friends say “Oh – are you running another event? I didn’t know!”

W – T – FFFFFFFFlip??

So why do I bother?

I’ll tell you why.

Because we all need REAL people contact. Because we learn best when we’re in a room with others. Because we need to connect, to feel supported and to EXPERIENCE stuff in person.

There is NOTHING like a live event to stir your soul, get you feeling deeply inspired, connected to your own special tribe of beautiful fellow humans and to make you put a big fat rocket up your own butt so you’ll go out there and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN!

And because I sooooo LOVE seeing the lights go on in people’s eyes and minds. You can literally see when someone ‘gets it’ – their whole body language changes.  Their face becomes animated with LIFE as they excitedly start talking about possibilities instead of obstacles and solutions rather than problems.

Instead of feeling ripped off & hurt by life, they reconnect to their inner knowing that they WILL be OK, that they do have options and choices, that they can completely affect and create their reality and they immediately start seeing life as an exciting adventure again.

That stuff right there… that’s why I bother. I freaking L-O-V-E it.

So it’s on!

And I really really – I mean REALLY – want YOU to know about it.

Because if I see you in the street and you tell me that you know nothing about this, I swear I will not hesitate to hunt you down!

So why The Thoughts Become Things Experience?

Because Thoughts Become Things – they just do.

And if you ever want to get past feeling BLAH about your life and instead wake up a cheeky grin on your face, pee your pants with excitement over the Infinite Possibilities that await you, catch yoruself holding your breath to find out what will be served up next for you that’s even MORE awesome than you’d imagined it, that means you must finally get your head around this stuff.

The Thoughts Become Things Experience is your chance to really ‘get’ it, to understand the finer nuances, the bits that you’ve missed or glossed over in the past that are still tripping you up.

If you’ve tried goal setting before and found it boring or that it just didn’t work, you’re going to disocver why goal setting doesn’t work!

We’re going to turn goal setting inside-out and create an inspiring VISION for your life instead!

Sound good?

Cool, because now the ball is in your court, Sugar Plum!

Just click here to find out more: http://TodaysWomanExperience.com

Hugs, Miriam


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