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look for signs of land

Do you keep getting disappointed?

Many people set out to create life deliberately.

In fact, we all do nothing but create our lives – even if we’re doing it unconsciously. We are all creators of our lives – each and every day. One way or another.

Some people are aware they’re creators and some are not.

But why is it that even if you’re aware that you are creating your life through your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions and even if you are trying to create an awesome, amazing life that you love, it doesn’t always happen?

Well, for a lot of people it’s because they fail to celebrate the signs of land!

They may not even be looking for them or even worse, they think the signs of land are the final outcome and then they wind up disappointed and turn their ship around.

But the signs of land are just that – SIGNS. They are an encouragement to KEEP GOING, letting you know you’re close to the goal.

The signs are there to keep you motivated, to get you excited and to ensure you KEEP GOING!

So if you find yourself disappointed by your attempts to create deliberately, remember to look for signs of land!


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