An old fable goes something like this:

A fisherman sat on a dock, his rod cast, a loaf of bread and some cheese by his side, his bare feet dangling above the water.

A foreigner approached and remarked, “What a wonderful day to spend the day! Do you fish like this often?”

The old fisherman replied, “Why yes – I’m a fisherman. I do this every day. It’s my livelihood and how I feed my family.”

The foreigner looked at the single old rod the man was holding and said, “You should buy a boat. Then you could go out and catch a lot more fish. “

When the old man remarked that he had no money for a boat, the foreigner suggested, “You could borrow money from the bank. Then you can go out into the deep and catch many fish. You could employ some men to help you and buy another boat – maybe several!”

“If you work hard, over time, you could amass a small fortune! Then one day, you’ll be able to retire and live a comfortable life. You can own a nice home, take care of your family and spend your days relaxing.”

“You mean, I’ll be able to spend my days sitting on the dock like this, fishing?

That’s what I do now!

Why on earth would I spend a lifetime working hard just so I can end up with what I already have?”

Do you identify with that foreigner?

So often in life, we’re just like him.

We look to work hard, do more and strive to have more.  We work towards happiness. We believe that we need to earn our happiness and we become obsessed with HOW to make it happen. We get caught up in this futile chase and the years pass us by.

Meanwhile, you are actually just like the fisherman! You already have all you need to be happy. You simply need to need to allow yourself the time to enjoy it and be willing to see it right there in front of you.

But most of all, you first need to decide that you deserve it.

And you trust me – YOU DO!


xx Miriam