You are the magic you seek

Have you ever wondered what your ‘thing’ is?

We all have our own special thing, a way of seeing relating to or showing up the world that is completely unique, entirely our own.

Problem is, we’re often the last to be able to see or recognise it.

Even when we think we’re starting to ‘get it’, there’s always another layer of self awareness and connection to reach.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to move through another layer of my own personal onion and reah a state of even deeper self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-connection and self-love.

I spent an entire day with my friend Sue-Ellen Cordon doing an ‘InnerView’, where she helped me unpack my innate natural process.

At the start of the day, she gave me a little ‘Bliss Pack’ and I spent an hour on my own meditating, journaling and just being.. complete with great snack, might I add!

As I sat to do some automatic writing after a meditation as instructed, I was completely blank.

I had nothing..  No insights, no deep A-ha moments, I felt good as I usually do, but there was no movement to a new place inside of me.

Have you ever felt like that? You’re meant to be having all these deep, insightful spiritually powerful moments, but you get pretty much nothing..?

So I decided to start writing about it and here’s what came out:

So what if nothing comes?

If nothing comes, you get to enjoy the silence, the stillness.. enjoy being with you.. enjoy being you.

This is what you’re seeking anyway, is it not?

It’s already there.. actually, it’s here.. right NOW.

There’s nowhere to go, nothing to do, no lesson to learn.

Sitting in quiet union with yourself is the ultimate bliss.

Give yourself permission to have what you are seeking, and embrace it with all of your being.

What you are seeking is YOU.

You are the divine, the God within, the magic around, the love that abounds.

You are the magic you seek.



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