How to smash through an income plateau

How to smash through an income plateau

Do you want to know how to smash through an income plateau in your business? That’s what we’re about to talk about, right now!

So I’m going to give you an analogy: imagine that you are an Olympic athlete and you know that you want to beat the world record. So what are going to do? Are you going to show up at the Olympic games and just run your hardest and hope for the best? 

No. You’re going to train, right? 

You’re going to train really hard and make sure that you have a huge, huge advantage so when you get there, because you’re ALREADY that world record holder. You are already the person who can totally master that time, not somebody who’s going to attempt it because it’s a stretch for them, no no no. Your physiology, your muscles, your aerobic system, your mind, everything will already be at that level

It has to be, because that’s how you get to show up and just do it. Whereas if you show up and you’re not ready, and you’re not mentally or physically ready to break that barrier then you won’t be able to achieve it.

So this is no different. You need to think about, “I need a big run up. I don’t want to get to an income plateau or income barrier and get out my pickaxe and start smashing away at it.” No, no, no, you want to have such a huge run up and so much power and already be a match to what’s on the other side of it that when you cross it, it’s no big deal. That’s what you want it to be like!





So we talk about smashing through barriers and all of that, but that’s not really how it works because you have to do the work in advance and prepare, and then you can effortlessly cross the barrier…. because the barrier isn’t there for you anymore.


When you translate that to doing the work in your business, vibrationally, practically, at the unconscious level – all those points on the Magnetic Money Trifecta that allow you to attract the money, keep the money, and help the money grow and multiply – you need to get all of that in place before you worry about crossing the income threshold that you’re perceiving, because there is no threshold, it’s just the limit of what you’re currently capable of. 

So you need to go into training, and not worry about the income threshold because that’ll take care of itself as long as you train and become a vibrational match to the version of you on the other side.

As soon as you clear all the unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that are not a match to the YOU on the other side of it…. as soon as you get all your practical money systems and everything in place that is perfectly ready and a match to the you on the other side of that threshold…. 

And the moment you do that, that threshold disintegrates, dissolves, and disappears and you go, “Yeah okay, this is me,” and it’s no longer a big deal because it IS you and it’s a perfect natural match and it can be no other way.

So that is how you smash through an income plateau: you do the training, you make sure you are perfectly prepared and already that world record-holding athlete on the other side of that perceived plateau, and then there is no more plateau.

It’s about doing the training in advance, and getting a massive run-up so that you kind of leap over it and it’s fun and joyful and very second nature.

Now, if you’d like to get a few more pointers on helping you grow in abundance and attract more money, make sure you grab my free training, the link is in the description.

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and totally unlimited potential.



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The 3 top reasons your business feels stuck

The 3 top reasons your business feels stuck

Let’s talk about the top 3 reasons you’re likely keeping yourself stuck in your business.

I talk to a lot of – women and lots of them are my students – who are on 5-figures and want to crack the 6-figure income ceiling but can’t quite manage to get past that imaginary invisible threshold. 

Then I also have quite a few students who are on 6-figures, multiple 6-figures even, and they’re looking to go really big, like maybe 7-figures as their next goal, but still they feel like they’re running in quicksand.

The interesting thing with this work is that it honestly doesn’t matter what level you’re at, it’s the same things, just at a new level. 

When you’re moving up the spiral, that Magnetic Money Trifecta of needing to continue to attract the money by being a vibrational match, keeping the money in your experience by making sure you’re clearing out the limiting beliefs and money blocks that had it bouncing off, and at the same time allowing your money to grow and multiply by having some really good practical systems in place, that does not change.

It’s simply the same thing at a higher level and a higher level. 

So the flavours of it change a little bit, and what you’re actually doing might shift a little bit, and the consistency and the dedication and the level at which you’re doing it will definitely change, but what you have to DO stays the same.

Wherever you’re at, just get better at it. It’s as simple as that.

So let’s talk about what those top 3 reasons are that you’re probably keeping yourself stuck in your business:





The number 1 reason I see is that women who are feeling stuck in their business and whose income doesn’t seem to be growing as they want it to, are busy focusing on ‘The Gap’. 

They’re busy focusing on, “Are we there yet? Why isn’t it here yet? But I’m doing all the stuff… show me the money, Universe!” 

They’re focusing on the gap between where they are, and where they want to go. 

When you’re focused on the gap, your vibration is doing is lining up with, “It’s missing. It’s not here.” And when that’s what you’re a vibrational match to, then you haven’t nailed that first cornerstone of the Magnetic Money Trifecta because vibrationally, you’ve aligned yourself with, “It’s not here,” and Law of Attraction will go, “Okay. If you say so.” 

It doesn’t judge and it doesn’t overrule you, it just delivers exactly what you are a vibrational match to. 

So, focusing on the gap is the number 1 reason that women are keeping themselves stuck in their business… and men too, but we’re talking women here because we’re just a little bit of a different creature.

Now, the second top reason that I see women getting stuck at the same income level in their business  – or just managing to inch their way up incrementally rather than being able to take bigger and easier leaps and bounds – is that there is something in it for them in staying stuck at the lower level.

We call that a secondary gain. So you need to have a look at, “What’s in it for me by not growing to that next income level? Maybe I say I want a 6-figure business, or I say I want a 7-figure business, and I do want it… but part of me is going, oh no, if we get there, then it means X, Y, Z and we don’t want that.”

So there is a perceived benefit in staying at the current level, and you really need to dig deep and be totally honest with yourself in figuring out what that is, and then making sure that you can get that same need met at the higher income level.

That’s the key.

The moment your unconscious recognizes that, “Hey, yeah we can totally do that AND earn more money,” you’re away, you’re released, the shackles will drop off.

So that’s the second reason.

Now, the third top reason why you’re probably keeping yourself stuck in your business is that you’re simply not consistently enough on your abundance vibration. 

You’re simply not holding that abundance vibration frequency enough. You haven’t done it often enough to make it your new normal, to really become that person at the next level.

You’re throwing some stuff at it, and you’re doing a few things and you’re feeling pretty good, but largely (and remember that 95-98% of what’s going on for you is totally unconscious so it’s not your fault), you are still the same old lower-income-level YOU. 

It really takes a very consistent effort on your part to uplevel that vibration so that you are that MOST of the time, so you can rewire your unconscious programming, rewire your mind, get your body used to this new set of chemistry that is the new you, and THEN you become it. 

You can only do that by immersing yourself deeply enough, sticking with it long enough, that it becomes the new you. 

It’s not just something you do in an effort to jump up and catch the ring – you’re actually GROWING TALLER so that the ring is now totally within your reach. 

Does that make sense? I think that’s a really good analogy.

So until now, you’ve been doing little things to jump up and reach the ring that is your income goal, but what you actually need to do is grow taller so that it’s always within your reach. Interesting stuff, right?

So they are the top 3 reasons you’re likely keeping yourself stuck – actually it could be a mix of all.. just letting you know quietly – but that’s okay because now you are aware.

So, please remember that to help you with all of those I have an awesome free training and you can totally grab that right now from the link in the description.

Until I see you next time, make sure you keep on embracing your unlimited potential!

Bye, for now!


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Who’s getting in the way of your 6-figure business?

Who’s getting in the way of your 6-figure business?

Do you feel like other people are getting in the way of your 6-figure business? 

Maybe your partner’s not very supportive, or maybe you’ve got family who keep doubting everything you do and keep telling you all the bad news of all the people that have gone bust before you – who dared to venture into business, or maybe you’re not feeling supported by your assistant and the other people you’re paying to help you reach that 6-figure income.

It’s frustrating, it’s demoralizing, and it’s just argh! 

Now, as much as it is all of that, I invite you to go a level higher, because that’s what we’re all about here. You are the creator of your world. You are the creator of your life. Everything that is happening on the outside of you – you know, even though you may momentarily choose to forget so you can get grumpy about it – those things on the outside of you are actually a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. 

You bring your filter, your beliefs, your perceptions, and your interpretation of everything that’s happening to every situation.

So, the way you perceive or see a situation will be different to the way I see it and perceive it and to the way somebody else sees it and perceives it. 

What’s showing up for you in your experience is also a direct and perfect match to your active vibration. So if you’ve got doubts, fears, worries, concerns, or feelings of not being supported going on within you and those are active vibrations, guess what you’ll be attracting? Guess what will keep showing up for you? That’s right, all the people who so kindly play that role and show you what is going on within you… so that you can transform it. 

It’s not so much a frustration as it is an INVITATION.





So when you feel yourself being frustrated by those things and thinking, “Ah! All this on the outside of me is getting in my way,” remember it’s actually just a reflection of what’s going on internally for you, and so it is actually an invitation for you to shift what’s going on within you. For you to look at, “Okay, where do I have fears, doubts, worries, concerns? Where do I not feel supported and so I keep attracting people who confirm that for me, and how can I shift those things?”

That is the work for you. 

It’s really quite miraculous how when you shift your point of view, your attitude, your vibration internally, and bring a different perception to a situation, people on the outside of you seem to miraculously change. 

I’ve seen this in my own life. In my personal relationships with even my own mother, where once I shifted my perception she literally changed, and it’s not that she LITERALLY changed, so much as that I literally started seeing her differently. I started seeing her from the angle of, “Hey she actually is a lot of fun, and she has lots of cool things to offer and she’s kind of quirky” and all of this, rather than, “Oh my God, she just shits all over everything I do,” which is how it used to be. I changed my perception and started seeing a different side of her. When I was no longer triggered by the offhanded remarks she would make and so on, it no longer bothered me.

I’ve seen this with my students as well, where they might have a partner who’s really pushing their buttons when it comes to their business, but what it’s actually doing is it’s just showing them there’s a wound there and they’re pressing on it, and the moment you heal the wound… it’s nothing, it’s totally different and it transforms and heals entire relationships.

So, who’s getting in the way of your 6-figure business? 

No one but you, babycakes, and when it seems like other people are getting in the way, that’s an invitation for you to create some really beautiful and transformative shifts.

So, look within. Where is it a match? Where am I feeling that way? What belief of mine is this confirming, and work on changing that. You have 100% power.

And remember that if you’re looking to crack 6-figures in your business, I’ve got a really cool training to help you with that. The link is in the description. 

Until I see you next, keep embracing your beautiful and totally unlimited potential.


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Is fear of tax keeping your income stuck?

Is fear of tax keeping your income stuck?

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. This is the place where we apply Law of Attraction in magical and practical ways, so you can have more money in the bank and get more done – with ease.

Is your fear of tax keeping your income stuck?

Let’s talk about that, because I’m sure you’d love to increase your income and have more money coming into your business, right? Most people want that. But, if at the same time you’re avoiding your bookkeeping, you’re afraid of your tax bill, and you just generally feel really negative around all of that, then there’s a disconnect there.

Whenever you look at emotions like fear and avoidance, if it’s linked to money, that’s actually showing you that you do have a money block. It creates a money block. The fear and avoidance around the topic of money means that you don’t want the tax, but the tax comes with the money, so you’re blocking the money. Does that make sense?

So you can’t have one without the other.

You can’t say “I want more income,” but at the same time “I hate paying taxes,” or “I hate doing my bookkeeping,” or “I don’t like paying my accountant.” All of it is linked to that flow of money. 

Whenever you have negative emotions around something that is linked to your money, you are blocking the flow of money into your experience, so you really need to embrace all of it. That is the key to allowing that flow to come in. You need to embrace everything that it means and everything that is linked to it. 

You can’t say you DON’T want the consequences of it, but you DO want the thing.

It just doesn’t work like that.





When I spell it out to you like this, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah, that makes perfect sense,” but how many times do you catch yourself complaining about bills, or being afraid of your tax, or avoiding your bookkeeping, or saying how much you hate organising your money. 

All of it is linked to your money. All of it is part of the flow of money into your experience. 

So please, please, please, become aware of that, and realise that when you’re doing it, you’re blocking the flow of money into your experience.

So if just the word “tax” triggers some sort of fear reaction within you, then that’s a big red flag and something for you to work on.

Now, I love working the easy, fast, and effective way, which is why I love hypnosis.
I am a hypnotherapist, which is why I have a whole library of hypnotic meditations available for you.

So if there’s fear around tax, fear around unexpected bills and things like that, then I highly recommend that you jump straight into the meditation library and access the “Let Go of Worry” meditation that’s in there, it’s in the “Create a Shift” section. If you’re not yet a member of my meditation library, it’s totally free, I’ve popped the link in the description for you. 

So go grab that, scroll down to the “Create a Shift” section and find the “Let Go of Worry” meditation.

And keep it handy, because any time these kinds of things come up, you want to clear them. You want to get beyond them, because you want to clear the resistance to more money coming to your experience, right?

Until I see you next, make sure you keep on embracing your beautiful and totally unlimited potential.



The most powerful meditations are HYPNOTIC, because they create change & transformation at the unconsicous level. And the most powerful meditation in my free hypnotic meditations library to help you release that fear of tax is called “Let Go Of Worry”.

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6-figure Income Secrets

6-figure Income Secrets

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful in Business. This the place where we apply Law of Attraction in magical and practical ways so you can have more money in the bank and get more done – with ease!

Let’s talk about secrets… some 6-figure secrets!

Now, they’re not really secrets but what they are is 5 SHIFTS in perception that you need to make and 5 things you really need to keep in mind to help you move out of that mindset and point of view that’s keeping you stuck in the 5-figure realm and help you cross that 6-figure threshold and move into that area of business.

So let’s get into, shall we?





Number one: Your business is a real thing and when you start moving into 6-figures, you have to give it that respect. 

You have to treat it as a real, serious entity. You have to give it the time, the space, the support, the tools, and you have to feed, nourish, and nurture your business and give it everything it needs to thrive and treat it like a real serious separate entity to you. 

It’s no longer about you – it’s becoming its own thing. 

That’s a big mindset and shift that is necessary for you to move into the 6-figure realm.

Now, number two: When you start operating in the 6-figure territory as opposed to the 5-figure territory of income, it is a different version of you. 

So you need to start becoming that version of you who can operate that serious business, that’s a real thing I just talked about in the first point. 

You really need to look at who you need to become so that you can do the things you do to have the outcome you want to have, because it takes a different version of you. Maybe a more committed version of you. Maybe a more structured version of you. Maybe a more organized version of you. Maybe a version of you who follows through on things. Maybe a version of you who takes better care of herself so that she can think clearly. Maybe a version of you who’s willing to ask for help and be open-minded and listen to other people.

Really think about that, because it does take a different version of you, and I won’t get into all the reasons why right here on this blog, but it does take a different version of you and there’s quite a few reasons why, because 6-figures is a different ball game to 5-figures.

Now, secret number three is when you start moving into the 6-figure territory you need to really practice being the unemotional observer. 

You need to be strategic. You need to re-evaluate what’s worked, what hasn’t worked, what will you be doing next, and why are some things working while others are not. Make it a thing that is unemotional and has nothing to do with you, your value or your self-worth, because your business, remember, is a separate energetic entity to you. 

It is its own thing and you’re observing it and just fine-tuning and tweaking it.

It might help to think of it like a machine you’ve built that you know works and you know you can keep improving. How can you keep getting a better performance out of it? That’s what you’re looking at. How can it run more efficiently? How can it perform with bigger outcome? What else does it need? What parts might need replacing and upgrading that will help it perform better?

So you’ve got this machine you’ve built and then you’re just tweaking the parts of it, playing with all of that, and improving the result you get for the input you’re putting in. 

That’s it. It’s just a game.

So be unemotional and be really strategic.. (and make sure you keep notes on that stuff, please… just saying…)

Okay, number four is… if you haven’t figured it out yet, when you move into 6-figures, or for you to be able to move into 6-figures, you really need to make your mindset a number one priority. 

This means you have to give it the time, you have to dedicate the systems and the tools you’re going to use, you have to get really clear on, “What are my mindset practices? What are my mindset times? What commitment am I making to that?”

This is priority number one, because without your mindset being in the right space, nothing else is going to work.

So make your mindset your number one priority.

For example, for me personally, it takes a lot for me to skip my morning meditation practice. That is my number one mindset practice. It puts me in the right state of mind for the day. It helps me connect to my higher self. It makes me really calm and unemotional in my approach to my business. Without that daily mindset practice of sitting down to meditate for 20 minutes in the morning, and usually 20 minutes in the afternoon, I’m a different person. I am not the CEO of my 6-figure business that I need to be.

So making sure that your mindset is your number one priority, I’ve put down as number four – but it should really be number one to be quite honest.

And then the fifth secret to 6-figures is that it does take a team. 

You really need to have a good team around you. It doesn’t mean you need a million people, but you need a carefully selected team whom you can rely on and who you know are going to get you there.

Now, that means you have to be willing to ask for help, and it also means you have to be willing to listen. Choose carefully who you’re going to listen to. Make sure that they are already doing what you’re asking them to help you do, and then DO listen to them. 

Be open minded and open to experiment. If you don’t quite agree, learn to, again, be that unemotional observer running that experiment and measuring the results and you can say, “Okay look, I’m not convinced, but let’s try it your way for a month or a quarter and let’s see how it goes.” 

You really do have to be willing to listen, to try different things, and to experiment a little bit. 

You’re not always going to be getting instant results and… really this should be secret number six… that the results aren’t instant, that it is an incremental process, and you have to be okay with that. There’s not a magic thing you do. 

So you need that team who are going to help you get there, and you need to decide who the right people are. Who do you need from a business strategy perspective? Who do you need on your team and in your corner from a mindset perspective? Do you need anybody else? Do you need a team that helps you with your physical health, because you are somebody who needs that support so that you can function at your best?

So look at all those areas. Decide what the top priorities are. You’re better off having a smaller, higher quality team than a big team of people who do bits and pieces but who you can’t really rely on or who aren’t really fit for the job. 

Money is a factor that comes into this support team, so decide what is the number one thing you need help with, and if you can only invest in one thing then invest in that

Then get that up to a certain level so that maybe you can cut back a little bit on what you’re investing there and go into more of a maintenance kind of situation… and then you can bring in the next person to help you with the next thing on the list of priorities.

But it does take a team, you can’t do it on your own. 

No woman is an island.

So, there you have the five secrets that are the shifts in perspective that will help you get into the 6-figure territory.

And I’m talking not just 6-figures like, “Let’s make 110,000,” let’s make multiple 6-figures. 

6-figures is a big beautiful span and there’s a lot of playground in there waiting for you.

So let’s recap:

  • Number one, your business is a real thing. It is a separate energetic entity to you and you have to give it that respect.


  • Number two, you have to be a different version of you. Who do you need to be and what can you start doing to become that now?


  • Number three, become the unemotional observer. Be strategic and treat it all as an experiment where you are constantly adjusting and tweaking this beautiful machine that you’ve built.


  • Number four, make your mindset a top priority. Do what it takes. Surround yourself with the people that will help you get there, which is actually also number five. Look at who you need on your team. Now, mindset, there are certain people who help you stay in the right frame of mind, hang out with them more and hang out less with the people who don’t.


  • Number five, look at what is the team you need on a bigger level for your business, your health, your mindset, and make sure you’ve got those people in place.


Now, this is a process, so I highly recommend you jump into the meditation library and grab a meditation called “Trust in the Process.” 

You’ll find it in the “Create a Shift” section. It will really help you see this is as a process and help get you back to that place where you’re trusting the process, and you keep doing the little daily steps that ultimately make a very big difference. 

So go grab that now. 

If you’re not a member of the meditation library yet, it’s totally free. There are 50+ hypnotic meditations to help you create all sorts of amazing transformations in your life. So grab the link from the description!

Until I see you next, keep on embracing your unlimited potential.



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My top 5 tips on how to grow your income beyond 5-figures

My top 5 tips on how to grow your income beyond 5-figures

Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground for Soulful Women in Business. This is the place where we apply Law of Attraction in magical and practical ways, so you can have more money in the bank and get more done – with ease!

Today I want to share with you my top 5 tools for moving beyond 5-figures. 

So let’s get straight into it.

When it comes to moving from 5-figures to 6-figures, it’s not so much that you have to do different things, it’s that you have to things differently.

So I’ve narrowed it down for you to the top five things that I think really made the difference for myself and for the women that I’ve helped in transitioning beyond a 5-figure income.





I want you to really focus on these and make sure you’ve got them nailed.

Let’s get into it!

Number One: Make sure you have a daily practice of meditation and visualisation. 

Meditation is really powerful, I call it “Teflon for the mind.” 

When you meditate regularly.. and I personally meditate twice a day for 20 minutes… what that means is that your nervous system operates at a whole different level, and the little things that used to stress you and trigger you and spin you off into fear and worry during the day won’t be able to. 

Now, when you meditate you also get in alignment with your highest self, so it means you’ve got access to all that guidance, all that inspiration, all that creativity at your fingertips. 

My little bonus gift with purchase is that I tack on a four-minute visualisation to the end of my meditation practice. That’s a really powerful way to mentally rehearse where it is you’re headed and prepare your body for it, because when you visualise the Miriam Effectology way, your whole body gets involved.

So that’s number one, a daily practice of meditation and visualisation. 

Now, let’s move on to Number Two: You don’t have to do this every single day, although I like to do it on the spot when things pop up, but then I also have a weekly time set aside for journaling. 

Journaling, and really writing out and seeing what comes up about all those little things that were bothering you during the week, the little worries, the little background nagging things, the things that you can’t quite put my finger on. 

Sometimes, like I said, I do it in the moment and I just kind of write it out and it gets resolved, but some things that I feel might be a little bit bigger and need more of my focused energy and time I just jot down in the back of my journal and then I sit down once a week and make some time to just write it out. 

The trick to good journaling is asking really powerful questions, and that’s something that comes with practice. 

Now, top tip Number Three is: Track your income. 

Track it not just because you want to know what money is coming in and that you’ve moved past that 5-figure income level and into the 6-figure realm, but because tracking your income is one of the most powerful mindset practices you’ll ever come across!

It’s really interesting! When I first started tracking my income, I thought I had my mindset down pat pretty well, but the things that were coming up… that you notice yourself thinking on days where you have really good income and then on days where you have a few eggs, a few zeros in a row.

You start kind of playing these mental gymnastics and making it mean things. 

It gives you excellent fodder for tip number two, which was to journal that stuff out, and so the daily tracking of your income is something that I recommend you keep doing because it’ll keep flushing out whatever is going on in the background at the unconscious level that could be holding you back from making this whole thing a lot more easy and a lot more fun.

So let’s move on to Number Four, and that is: You really need to have your money system down pat.

In Magnetic Money you build your Magnetic Money Management System. Yes, it takes a bit of effort to get it all set up, and a bit of time, but then once it’s set up, it’s running on autopilot. 

It only takes you maybe 10-15 minutes maximum, per week to manage your money, but the point is every dollar then has a job to do and you know that this is your business money… this is your fun money… this is where the bills get paid… and you don’t have to worry about “is it all going to balance…am I going to have enough money left over for that bill to come out?” etc 

None of that will be an issue!

It actually helps you then run your business from that point of empowerment where you know your numbers, you know what you’re spending, you know what you need to bring in, you know what your return on investment is, you know what your overheads are, and you are the CEO of that business, baby, and that’s what helps you move beyond the 5-figures… where you can get away with a bit of sloppy bookkeeping and money management.. and into 6-figures.

It also really helps lift your vibration around money because you feel empowered and in control, right? So that is tip number four.

Now, Number Five is: Work from a place of Aligned Effectiveness.

That is part of Effectology. Effectology is about getting in alignment, and getting your money and your time humming by marrying the magical with the practical.

So we’ve talked about the money side, now your business needs YOU to run it.

Your business needs your time, your focus, and your energy to move it past the 5-figure level and into the 6-figure level. Working from a place of aligned effectiveness is one of your best assets and one of the most powerful tools you can use. 

What that means is that, rather then just diving in and doing, doing, doing… even if you’re using some really powerful productivity tools… the difference between just doing it and bringing the sense of alignment and that tuning into your higher self and the guidance that’s there is MASSIVE.

When you work from a place of aligned effectiveness, you are truly in flow. It is that Einstein time zone where time seems to stand still and you’re just getting so much done, you’re totally in the zone, you’re in flow, you’re fully focused, everything stops, and when you’re finished you think, “Wow, that seems like hours passed and really it wasn’t very long,” …and you got so much done!

And not just that you got so much done, but you got the actual important things done that are going to help your business move out of the 5-figure area and up past that beautiful 6-figure threshold.

So those are my top five tips, or my top five tools, that I think you really need to nail and focus on if you want to move beyond the 5-figure income area.

To recap:

  • Number one: Daily meditation and visualisation.
  • Number two: Journaling and learning to ask really good questions to flush out whatever might be getting in your way and clear those blocks.
  • Number three: Daily money tracking – which gives you lots of fodder for number two!
  • Number four: Making sure your money system is in place and that you’ve given every dollar a job and you know exactly what’s going on.
  • And finally, number five: Make sure when you’re sitting down to work, that you do it from that place of aligned effectiveness.

Now when you do all of those things, you are truly employing the Effectology principles, and that means that you’re in alignment, helping you effortlessly attract more money, and get more done with ease, which allows you to live that business and life you’ve dreamt of
– and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day! 

If you’d like to get a little bit deeper into the money side of things… and I know that you do.. then make sure that you access my free Money Manifesting Training, which takes you through five very important tweaks that you need to make if you’re going to effortlessly attract more money, more easily.

The link is in the description, help yourself if you haven’t done it before.

And if you haven’t done it for a while, I would revisit it! It’s only 25-minutes long, it’s a video training and it comes with a checklist that reminds you of what the key points from the training are.

Until I see you next, remember to keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.

Bye, for now!


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