How to manifest business success – while juggling your day job

How to manifest business success – while juggling your day job

Are you still working in your day job while growing your business?

Katie Allen asked a really cool question about this:

How do you manifest business success when working in your job leaves you feeling exhausted, burnt out and really struggling to tap into that abundance mindset?”

So in this episode, we are going to talk about how to use Law of Attraction to help you make money as quickly as possible so you can build your beautiful new business – while still working in your day job!

And in fact, we’re going to talk about how to take advantage of the fact that you have a day job to turbo boost the whole thing!






Building a business while you’re still stuck in your day job can feel really hard. You might feel resentful and like you just want to so you can fully immerse yourself in your business. I felt that way when transitioning from my finance business into my coaching business.

At the time, my finance business had become my ‘day job’. I had grown it into an amazing, successful business and it brought in lots of money, but my heart was in my coaching business. That’s what I wanted to build. That’s where I wanted to spend my time. And so I found myself constantly battling against having to show up and spend so much time in the finance business.

It was really tiring and it wore me down.

So eventually I decided to stop struggling. I looked at the energetics of what was going on and took it back to basics. And I made a few tweaks that completely shifted that energy which allowed me to not just show up more in my new business without feeling tired and worn out – it also allowed that business to take off and become successful a whole lot faster! This meant I could leave the finance business sooner and hand my clients over to my wonderful husband, leaving me free to build my coaching business full time.

Here are some basic principles that will help you manifest business success and leave that day job faster:

The first thing to remember is: What You Resist, Persist!

The more you struggle against the day job, against not wanting to be there, feeling resentful of the time you’re having to put into it and the energy it’s zapping from you, the worse it’s going to get!

You will only exacerbate that problem and feel more drained and resentful. So you need to let go of that and stop resisting what is, which is what will make space for ‘what is yet to come’.

Next: Surrender allows new doors to open.

Surrender yourself to accepting that this is how it is right now. You may need to go a little bit slower. Some days you won’t be able to work on your business. 

The more you allow yourself to go with the flow of that, the more that energy actually relaxes and allows new doors to open. That allows new opportunities to come to you, because you’re no longer wrapping up all your energy in the struggle against what is. You’re allowing things to unfold and flow where life naturally wants to go next. And that allows the Universe to do its magic, put you in the right place at the right time and have the perfect conversations that ultimately help you grow your business even faster. 

Because who knows what amazing people you’ll meet through your day job that end up being the perfect catalyst to help you succeed in your business?

The more you just surrender into it and enjoy where you are right now, the more you allow the magic to unfold.

Sometimes in the Magnetic Money Club, a member will say, “Look, I’ve decided I’m going to take a part-time job as I build my business.” People used to feel embarrassed or like they’re failing, but my reaction is always to CELEBRATE because that job plays an important role in allowing your business to grow without all the pressure of having to make money instantly. It allows you to find your way, to figure it out, to let things find their way. The day job takes the pressure off your business and that allows the magic to flow.

If you’re still in a day job while building your business, tell me in the comments:
What are 3 things you love about your day job that you can be really grateful for?

The more you tap into that and express gratitude for all your day job gives you, the more you allow that energy to shift.

Remember also that the one thing that will support your alignment more than anything else, is getting enough rest. So be okay with going slow and get lots of rest because that allows you to be in alignment. And your  alignment is worth more than any amount of hard work you could put in.  

You can never work your way out of poor alignment. 

So you may as well take a rest, have a nap, go to bed early, take a day off and get back in alignment. The power of that alignment will make up for any missed time. 

Time is irrelevant when you work with the power of alignment. 

Let me share a quick story:

One of our Magnetic Money members works full-time while running her business. She took a new job she thought was going to free her up more, but didn’t realise she’d have to travel to and from the office. This meant she was out of the house from 7am until 7pm each day! There was no time and energy left for her business. She was quite distraught. We had a conversation and I said, “Look, it’s okay. Right now you’re in a transition period. Get  your head around a new job and settle in. Your business will still be there for you. Just look after yourself for now and love everything you can about this new job. And you’ll see… the energy will shift and things will find their way.”

Well, about 2-3 months went by. She felt terrible because she had all wanted to achieve all these things in her business. But she surrendered. And once she found her feet in her new job, things started to shift. She suddenly had freedom to work from home and a lot more flexibility. She found that beautiful place of alignment again and within a few months, she’d achieved more in her business than she’d hoped to all year. By surrendering and letting go, relaxing into & accepting what is, she’d allowed herself to get back into alignment. And she made up for all the ‘lost time’ in next to no time.

What she achieved in the next few months in her business was really quite staggering – and actually more than many others who are full time in their business.

So remember: Time Is Irrelevant – Alignment Trumps Everything.

Your mindset is going to be one of your most critical assets in getting you through any transition periods. So make sure you check out the episodes linked below, because they will really help you with sorting out some of the main mindset blocks that tend to slow entrepreneurs down.

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are SO ready to take that next step!

See you in the next episode!

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Are your money affirmations not working? Here’s why… and a much better alternative

Are your money affirmations not working? Here’s why… and a much better alternative

If your money affirmations are not working, here’s why:

Affirmations don’t work!

Certainly not the way most people use them.

If you’ve been using affirmations for a while, and realize they aren’t working – or maybe they’ve worked for you sometimes, but not others – and you wonder why the heck that is, then this episode is for you!  






I’ll explain why your money affirmations aren’t working and I’ll give you a much easier alternative that does work.

First off – let me be really upfront here.
I used to recite affirmations.. A LOT!

When I first watched The Secret and discovered the power of my mind, I did ALL the things. And that included reciting affirmations from dusk till dawn.

But they didn’t work. None of those wonderful things I was saying happened.

Instead, it started feeling heavier & heavier and quite demoralizing. My affirmations were actually a constant reminder of how miserably I’d failed at manifesting what I wanted!

Only years later, when I studied hypnosis and discovered how the mind works, I understood what the problem was!

And I came up with something much, much better. A simple hack that is an alternative to affirmations – and that really does work. And no.. it’s NOT afformations (although they’re pretty cool too).

Fundamentally, here;s why affirmations don’t work:

You’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe!
Funny – huh? But isn’t that kind of the whole point, you say?

But the thing is, you cannot bullshit the Universe. If you don’t really believe it, then you’re never going to be in alignment with it. So it’s nix on the manifestation.

When you’re trying to convince yourself of something that you don’t believe, you’re also building up resistance. And that resistance is a much louder signal than your little “I am so abundant – money flows to me easily” affirmation you’re trying to get out.

And you can forget about willpower. That doesn’t work either!

Here’s a quick demo of why willpower is futile:
I’m simply going to tell you to NOT think about a pink elephant. What I want you to do right now is think about anything you want – EXCEPT a pink elephant. Anything else is fine.. just NOT the pink elephant!

I don’t want you to imagine it. I don’t want you to think about where it might live or what it might eat or how it might roll in the mud or anything to do with that pink elephant. It’s off limits, And don’t even worry about what shade of pink it might be. Do NOT see that pink elephant in your mind right now.

So… watcha thinkin’ about right now?? That’s right, a pink elephant!

That’s because the mind does not hear the word ‘No’. So when I tell you NOT to think about a pink elephant, you think about the pink elephant. This is why willpower does not work.

Let’s dig a little deeper into why affirmations don’t work. This will help you understand why the hack I’m going to share with you is so damn powerful.


The first reason is that usually, it’s way too much of a stretch. 

Most people use affirmations when they’re up the creek without a paddle, and desperately want to change their situation. So the affirmation they’re reciting is the complete opposite of where they’re at. And that’s just basically too big a stretch. The mind cannot go there. So straight away, you are blowing yourself out of the water.


The second reason that affirmations don’t work for most people is because they’re actually not practicing them often enough!

The truth is that affirmations will eventually work. They can reprogram your mind.. BUT…
It takes a looooong time and a lot of reciting. And most people don’t do it anywhere near often enough – so they’re not brainwashing themselves in the way that affirmations are designed to. (they’re just kind of giving their mind a little spit & polish every now & then…)

This is the biggest problem with affirmations. They do work, but it’s a lot of work to make them work.


The main reason affirmations don’t work is that you’re saying all this stuff, but you don’t actually EXPECT it to happen. 

Because you don’t really expect it, your vibration never lines up with it. And when you’re not a vibrational match to it, you cannot possibly attract it .

So, I really want to share with you my awesome hack that absolutely works and is a fantastic alternative to affirmations. That’s because it works WITH the way your mind naturally operates – rather than trying to battle against it. (remember that willpower thing..?)

But before we talk about that, please tell me in the comments: 

Whenever you’ve recited affirmations, did you notice the voice of doubt in the back of your head?

Because I know I heard that voice of doubt every single time … and I did my best to ignore it.
A lot of time passed before I realized that there was a much better way. 

Okay. Let’s do this… Let’s talk about the alternative to affirmations that actually works.
This is actually something I teach my Magnetic Money students and that we practice and build on in the program.

It’s an Evidence Mantra.

At first glance, it may sound like an affirmation, but there’s a really HUGE difference.
That’s because you only use your evidence mantra when something is ACTUALLY happening that you want to affirm. You kind of use it as a highlighting statement to point that thing out to your mind.

Say you just had an awesome new VIP client book to work with you. And it was really easy. That’s when you want to use your evidence mantra!

You want to have your own, personal evidence mantra, that feels really natural and easy for you. Everybody will have their own because guess what? There is no formula for you!

So my evidence mantra is really simple. It’s “That’s right. Everything is always working out for me!”

See, everything is always working out for me and no part of me can argue with that.

And you never use it as an affirmation to try and talk yourself off the ledge when things go wrong.
You use it in the moment when something really cool has happened and things ARE working out!

It’s actually AFFIRMING REALITY! It’s reminding you that “Yes, things are always working out!” The evidence is right in front of you. Your mind cannot argue with that.

It then starts to reprogram your reticular activating system (RAS) – think of it like a switch between your conscious and unconscious mind, that brings things into your awareness.

It reprograms your RAS to be on the look-out for even more things that are working out for you. 

And so with an evidence mantra you affirm to yourself that everything’s always working out for you,
AND you’re also programming your unconscious mind to be on the lookout for more,
AND bring that into your conscious awareness!

And this process will then build and build. You’re literally reprogramming and reconditioning your mind to start seeing all the abundance, all the opportunities.

Because they were always there and available. But now they’re being highlighted and brought to the surface for you so you can fully appreciate and enjoy them.

And THAT is what helps you attract even more!

I’ll link some other episodes with tips on how to attract more abundance into your beautiful business below, so be sure to check those out.

And when it comes to manifesting money in particular, people do tend to screw up a few things that inadvertently repel money rather than attract it.

If you want to find out what they are – and make sure you don’t fall into those traps, then grab yourself the Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix.

It’s free and you can grab it at the link below.

That’s it for today, gorgeous.

Remember it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential – and you are absolutely ready to take the next step.

See you in the next episode!

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3 top tips on how to get into a high vibration – when the world’s gone nuts!

3 top tips on how to get into a high vibration – when the world’s gone nuts!

It seems like the whole world’s gone nuts the past couple of years, don’t you think?

I think in many ways, 2021 has been a lot more challenging than 2020. People are being really vocal and many are being less than kind to each other.

So how on earth do you manage to get on a high vibration and stay there, when it feels like the whole world’s trying to drag you down?

In this episode, I give you my 3 top tips on how to get in a high vibration – and stay there – even the world’s gone nuts.






I think 2021 was a whole lot more challenging than 2020.

In 2020 we were all in it together. We felt like we needed to band together so we could get through it together. There was a sense of comradery among all humankind.

We started really celebrating all the hidden benefits – the earth was regenerating, smog was clearing, families were coming together, people played with their children in the park and all that sort of stuff.

We talked about the big reset and started enjoying getting a bit of a break where life slowed down. It was like a spiritual awakening for all of humanity.

But in 2021 we started arguing.. about almost everything. Arguing about the best way to move forward, whether to be jabbed or not to be, what was true, what was fake, what was exaggerated and what was being underestimated. Conspiracy theories exploded and people divided into groups.

My theory is that everybody is equally desperate to get ‘back to normal’. And whatever they decided was the best way to get us there is the position they took and dug their heels on. There are people all over the globe, now sitting on hills they’re willing to die on.

And conversations have been fueled by fear rather than compassion.

For myself personally, 2021 has been extra challenging as my husband and I headed on a cancer journey. My own vibration and mental health were really starting to slide at one stage, so I needed to dig deep, get proactive and figure things out.

The great news is that I didn’t need to do anything overly complicated, difficult, or new. I just needed to get back to basics. And that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

So here are my top 3 tips on how to get into a high vibration – and stay there – ESPECIALLY when it feels like the world is trying to drag you down.

Tip #1:

The first tip is to put yourself on a media ban. 

This is actually something that I’ve been advocating and practising for about 15 years – long before the current crisis came along. But this is a more important time than ever because the media loves a story that propagates fear on any day – and at the moment there’s more than ample material!

And if you consider for a moment that Law of Attraction is really just another word for ‘momentum’ – when you keep on fueling the same fear over & over and over again… that is a LOT Of momentum building up!

It’s a totally different proposition from having a variety of fears in series..  this is the same fear being fueled and accelerated again & again.

The truth is… you already know pretty much everything you need to know. So stop!

Stop watching the evening news, consuming news bulletins and subscribing to a million YouTube channels. Just stop. Give yourself a break and step away from the constant feeding and fueling of the fear.

This will allow your vibration to go back to its natural high vibing state. Because that is your natural, normal state.
It’s only when we suppress it, because we start worrying, paying attention to things that are outside of our control and give in to fear, that we suppress this natural, good feeling state.

But once you let go of all of that and just give yourself a break, your vibration naturally will bounce back up.

So go on a media ban. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Tip #2:

The second tip is something Martin and I did when we realized that we were going on a cancer journey.  

We went into ‘information lockdown’.

We informed ourselves, got all the information we needed & wanted, decided where we would stand on and how we wanted to proceed. 

Then we announced to people that, “Hey, guess what? This is what’s happening” And added, “But please, we don’t need any information. We are in information lockdown. We welcome your love and best wishes, but please no treatment protocol suggestions & no cancer stories!”

See, everybody’s got a story and a bunch of suggestions. And although people are well-meaning, the problem is that when you have this coming at you from dozens and dozens of them, it can get overwhelming, confusing and really get you down.

So we said, “Look, here’s our news, but we are in information lockdown. Please respect that.” 

And they did! It was such a relief and we were so grateful.

And you can do the same!

Decide how you feel, what you want to do & where you stand – wherever that may be.  And then simply say, “Listen, I don’t want to talk about it. You have your opinion and I have my opinion – whatever that is & whatever yours is. So let’s talk about something else, because there are other, more inspiring things we can talk about.”

This is going to help protect you from the constant bombardment of everyone’s opinions and the forwarding of ‘helpful & important information’. (It might also be a good time to kind of unfollow a few people on Facebook… just saying).

There’s one more thing I want to quickly slip in here for you. It’s a mantra Martin and I took on that we choose to BE INFORMED, NOT ALARMED.

We informed ourselves and then we said, “Okay, we’re good now, thank you very much. We don’t need to keep being bombarded with more information or bombarding ourselves with more information and push ourselves beyond being informed into a state of fear and alarm.

And you can do the same! Whether you’re navigating a cancer journey, a world wide health crisis, or any other challenge in life. It’s going to go a very long way towards helping you stay in that beautiful high vibrational place.

By the way – I’d love you to share with me in the comments what strategies you employ. What helps you stay in a high vibrational state when the world is trying to drag you down? 

Tip #3:

OK, my 3rd and final tip for getting into and staying in a high vibrational state, ESPECIALLY when the world around you has gone nuts is this:

Listen to and acknowledge people’s feelings with an open heart – and suspend your judgment!

You see, at the end of the day, people get vocal, they do and say things because they FEEL a certain way. And when you can get beyond the opinions – and even the obnoxiousness – and ask them to explain to you how they actually feel, the humanity can come back out.

Acknowledging the feelings helps you understand their behaviour and reconnect from your heart to theirs. This will lead to a lot more open and kindhearted conversations.

Ask them about their feelings and listen with an open heart. Suspend your judgment.
This is actually a golden opportunity to use these challenging situations to create healing in your relationships with these people and the world in general.

One way I like to support my people is with hypnotic meditations that help you navigate all sorts of challenges and maintain a high vibration.

I have a whole library of hypnotic meditations to help you align with abundance. (There’s even one to make annoying people disappear!)

A great way for you to get started is by grabbing the one I give away for free. It’s called ‘The Vibration of Abundance’ and the link to download it is in the show notes below.

Until next time, remember it’s time to embrace your amazing and unlimited potential – and you are totally ready to take the next step.

Did you find this helpful? Please let me know below & share it with your friends!


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How To Attract Business Success

How To Attract Business Success

Most entrepreneurs are impatient. 

We want to attract business success. We want the clients, the leveraged income, the freedom and the lifestyle. And we want it all… yesterday.

So when things aren’t going as fast as we’d like, we often dig in and work longer & harder.

We create more funnels, new email sequences, new marketing strategies, more content and new offers. We do MORE, hoping that will accelerate our results.

In this episode, we’re going to discuss why that’s completely the WRONG approach if you want to attract business success – especially if you want to do it WITHOUT working harder.






When I first started my finance business, I was a broke, single mom. So naturally, I worked my butt off. I worked late nights, seven days a week. Whenever my kids didn’t need me, I worked.

And I built a wonderful, successful business. But I also got very, very tired.

When I started looking more deeply into the energetics of business success, I made some radical changes. This included deciding to only see clients during school hours and only at my office. My colleagues thought I was nuts! But guess what?

My business doubled!

I became more effective and started attracting higher quality clients who valued my time and service more. The biggest shift though was in my energy – and that made all the difference. 

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

First up, let’s discuss the smell of desperation… because nothing turns people off faster. (I mean, have you ever had someone be really keen to date you – but just you weren’t interested? The harder they tried, the more of a turn off it was, right?)

When we start working longer & harder to generate more business, we start giving off that energy of desperation.  And energetically it literally REPELS people.

So how do we know when you’re doing it? Let’s be honest – when you’re starting to FEEL more desperate! After all, that’s why you’re working harder, refusing to give yourself a break and trying more & MORE things.

On the other hand, what is sexy and attractive as hell is CONFIDENCE.

When you meet someone who’s totally grounded and confident – they know who they are and what they want – and they don’t give a flip what others think – that is a very magnetic quality. 

I’m not talking about arrogance. I’m talking about being confident in yourself, in what you stand for and who you are. Energetically that is very, very magnetic. And it all comes from knowing yourself, honoring yourself and loving yourself.

Here’s an easy way to get into that space:

Look at your testimonials and client feedback. Keep them all in a folder for easy reference – especially when you start to doubt yourself! When you read over those messages telling you how fantastic you are, how much you helped people, how much they appreciate you – that’s a powerful reminder of your value, the value of your service and how important what you do is.

I also invite you to spend some time getting really clear on what you stand for.. 

How do you stand out? How are you different? What does everybody else out there tell people to do? And where do you have a really strong differing opinion? What makes you ranty? What are your ‘soapbox’ statements?

For example:
For me, it’s that most people who teach Law of Attraction tell you “Do these X things and you will attract what you want”
And I call bullshit on that – because it’s not what you do that matters. Because this is a vibrational (feeling) Universe, it’s how you feel that matters and makes you more magnetic to money & abundance.

The Universe doesn’t care what you say or write. It doesn’t know if your desk is messy, what time you got up in the morning or what pictures you have on your vision board. The reason some of those things sometimes work for you is because they helped you feel abundant. And that’s what magnetizes you to more abundance!

See how that stands out from the “Do these X steps so you can attract Y?” message?

Mine is a totally different take. And you have the same in your business!

So spend some time getting clear on those soapbox statements. They will help you stand in a  whole new, much more confident energy. And that is sexy and magnetic as hell!

Next, let’s talk about what it means to be magnetic

Being magnetic, magnetizing yourself, to money, abundance, clients and opportunities actually means standing still and inviting those things to come INTO your space.

It’s not about hunting or fishing for more money, clients and abundance. It’s about standing in your power, being really clear in your energy and creating space to invite them in

How do you approach your business? Do you stand in your power, are you clear on your message and invite people into your world?

Or are you hunting them down, spraying ‘Eau de Desperation’ all over them? 😊

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Now, let’s talk about the energetics of allowing people to come into your space:

If you spend all your time creating more content, new funnels, more offers and sending out emails and offers to work with you, you’re constantly pushing energy OUT. And that means you’re not allowing any energy to come back IN!

It’s the difference between fishing and hunting versus allowing yourself to become more magnetic.

That’s why it’s important to spend more time becoming grounded, clearer on your message and creating an energetic space that people can step into.

That means being willing to step back a little, taking a break, going away for the weekend (without your laptop and phone), meditating etc.. basically allowing some time & space for all that energy you’ve put out to come back in.

Remember – energy is a flow. If you’re constantly pushing it out, you’re not creating space for the flow IN.

Before I go, let me share my number 1 tip to help you become more magnetic to money and business success:

And that is to take excellent care of yourself & get lots of rest!

Because no amount of work will ever make up for a lack of alignment. When you feel tired, when you feel run down, when you’ve been working too hard, when you start resenting your business and not looking forward to sitting at your desk anymore, you’re completely in the wrong energy. And whatever you do is not going to be effective.

In fact, it’s more likely to be counterproductive. 

So always take care of yourself first. Pay attention to your energy, listen to those early signs and take a rest when you need to. When you come back into your business, feeling rested & refreshed, you will be aligned and inspired. And everything you do can turn to gold.

This is the very key to becoming more magnetic to money and business success as an entrepreneur.

Make it your mantra to always put YOU first. To take excellent care of yourself. Because when you combine great business strategy with the power of alignment, you will get incredible leverage and amazing results.

It all comes from you looking after yourself so you can be in alignment in the first place.
Now, one of the best ways to enjoy a little rest AND align with the vibration of abundance is with a hypnotic meditation I’ve specifically created just for this purpose.
You’ll find the link in the show notes below.

It’s time to embrace your unlimited potential, gorgeous

And you’re absolutely ready to rock your business through the power of alignment.


Download your FREE Self-Hypnosis Abundance Manifesting Meditation here:

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How to raise your vibration and manifest abundance in business

How to raise your vibration and manifest abundance in business

Have you ever tried to manifest abundance into your business & it totally bombed? Well today we’re going to talk about WHY that happened.

To manifest abundance, money, success, clients, ideas, inspiration & opportunities into your business, you need to know how to raise your vibration and become a vibrational match to the vibration of abundance.

That’s kind of all you need to know.  But it’s not that simple, right? Because HOW exactly do you do that?

In this episode, we’re going to talk about why WHAT you do actually doesn’t really matter and what DOES matter.






And today’s freebie is a simple 1-page cheat sheet that takes you through 5 simple tweaks most people need to make if they want to start manifesting more abundance, more success, more money, and prosperity into their business and life.

But first, let’s talk about what works – and what doesn’t work when it comes to knowing how to raise your vibration so you can manifest more abundance.

When I first came across the secret, I was a broke, single mum. I was pretty desperate and so I did EVERYTHING! \I made vision boards, I practiced visualization. I recited affirmations till I was blue in the face, I wrote my goals each day. I did it all. It sort of worked some of the time and a lot of the time I was just working hard. 

But then I dug a little deeper and discovered what the secret behind the secret is. And this little tweak that makes all the difference. That’s when my business exploded, I hit a multiple 6-figure leveraged income, bought properties, married the man of my dreams, moved into the house of my dreams and life changed quite drastically and also became a whole lot easier.

I also share this secret behind the secret with the students in my Magnetic Money program and as soon as they start to implement this one little tweak, their life starts to feel completely different. They suddenly feel abundant. They notice the abundance all around them and more abundance starts to flow.

So let’s talk about why some of those things you’ve done in the past worked and others didn’t. See, there’s a very simple reason. It’s because when you’re looking to manifest, you’re looking to communicate with the Universe.

And the Universe doesn’t actually hear what you say or what you do!

It doesn’t care what you put on your vision board, what affirmations you recite or what goals you write. It doesn’t hear or see any of those things. The language of the Universe is vibration. That’s how the law of attraction works. 

We have the law of vibration where all is the vibration and then the law resonance. And like attracts like. 

So it’s not what you did that made it ‘work’, but what you felt when you did it. Some of the things you did made you feel abundant and helped you match the vibration of abundance. And some of those things didn’t make you feel abundant. In fact, they probably made you feel like you’re working really hard, or just reminded you that it’s not working. And so you weren’t feeling abundant. You were doing the THING, but you weren’t FEELING the vibration. And that’s why some things worked and some didn’t work.

So I know your next question will be, “How do I know which things will help me feel abundance so the Universe hears me and brings me what I want?”

Well, I’m going to tell you that in a moment, but first I want to know:
What weird and crazy things have you done to try and manifest abundance?

I know I’ve done some really weird stuff, involving the moon, crystals, certain drinks – even the way I walk and what I eat.

So what’s something weird or crazy you’ve done in the past to try & attract more money & abundance? I’d love you to share with me in the comments below.

Okay. So back to that question, “What do I do to raise my vibration and feel more abundant, so I can attract more abundance, Miriam?”

Well, that’s surprisingly simple!

Just focus on building daily little habits that make you feel abundant.

See, Most people hold back on allowing themselves to feel abundant and enjoy where they’re at, because they’re afraid the Universe won’t deliver what they want if they seem too happy.

But that’s backwards. That is not how it works. The Universe will deliver you whatever you are a vibrational match to. So you’re allowed to feel good now. You’re allowed to feel abundant now. You’re allowed to enjoy your life right now. And the more you do, the more easily you will attract and manifest the abundance, the prosperity, the clients, the money, the opportunities, and all those good things.

So simply ask yourself, “What makes me feel really abundant? What makes me feel really prosperous that I already have and can do in my life right here right now?” 

And then go do it. Do as often and as much as possible. It will align you with the vibration of prosperity and abundance. It will automatically magnetize to you the money, abundance, the clients and all those awesome things you’re after.

I’m giving you permission right here right now to feel abundant NOW. To enjoy your life, to celebrate the magnificence of all that you have, and to do those things that really allow you to feel good and thoroughly enjoy the abundance that you already have in your life – right now.

Now I will just say that when it comes to the topic of money, things can get a little bit tricky.

Most people tend to get it backwards when they start focusing on money specifically. And that’s because we have a lot of baggage and there’s a lot at stake, right? 

That’s why I created the Manifesting Abundance Quick-Fix. It takes you through 5 simple tweaks and shifts that you can make straight away to ensure that you don’t get it backwards and accidentally start repelling rather than attracting money.

Just click below to access that for free right now.

Remember, it’s time to embrace your unlimited potential and you are absolutely ready to take the next step. I’ll see you next time. Have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

Manifesting Quick-Fix

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