How to manifest your dream house… not.

How to manifest your dream house… not.

Today we’re going to talk about why leaving your shoes in the cupboard of the display home won’t help you manifest that home. 

Apparently, in display homes – especially those big lottery homes, they have to clear the cupboards of all the shoes people leave behind while they’re inspecting it.

That’s because people watched things like “The Secret” and decided that, “Okay. If I want to manifest this house and make it mine, I have to leave something of mine behind because I’m coming back. I need to leave my energy here, and I need to show the Universe that this is my house and I’m claiming it and I expect it to be mine.”

It’s kind of cute but it’s not going to get you the house.





Simply leaving your shoes in the cupboard does not get you the house.

First of all, make sure you buy a ticket 😊

Here are some things you CAN do to help you manifest that house – or another house like it:

The very first and most important thing is that you get in vibrational alignment with the version of you who lives in that type of house.

Because just showing up in the house and going, “Oh my god! This is so amazing! I’d love to live here. This is how millionaires live.” And then hiding your daggy pair of old Converse that you were going to throw away in the cupboard and thinking that’s going to do the job…. 

That won’t do the job.

The house and YOU can only come together when there is a vibrational match – when you are the kind of person who lives in that kind of house… who expects to live in that kind of house… when you think, speak, act and feel like the kind of person who lives in that kind of house.

Incidentally, things go a bit weird sometimes for people who win lotteries and so on.

There’s a huge percentage of lottery winners – a massive percentage of lottery winners – who go broke and go back to where they were before and even further back within just a few short years.

The reason is they haven’t upleveled THEMSELVES.

They haven’t BECOME the person who has that level of money, who has that level of abundance, who lives in that kind of house.

So forget about leaving your shoes in the cupboard and doing stuff on the outside of you that are just cute token gestures.

If you don’t shift who you fundamentally are… if you don’t start acting, feeling, thinking and being that person who is a match, it’s never ever going to happen.

You’re just going to go through lots of pairs of shoes, and become a real pain in the bum to those poor real estate agents who have to clean out the cupboard every single week.

Instead, when you walk through that house (Great thing to do by the way! Absolutely do it.), visualise yourself living there.

FEEL what it feels like to be that kind of person and notice where there are some resistances in the mix.

Maybe there’s the voice in the back of your head that says, “But… I couldn’t even afford to pay the rates on this house.” 

Notice these things and then make it your work to bridge the gap.

Bridge the vibrational gap.
Bridge the mindset gap.
And bridge the practical gap.

Because certain things require a certain level of habit and confidence with managing your finances around that level of income.

You need the practical skills and the practical habits down pat so you’re ready to go.

You need to have your mindset polished up so that you don’t end up blowing all the lottery winnings and ending up broke or back where you were.

And you need to become a vibrational match so that you can bring it into your experience in the first place.

So it’s mindset, manifesting and the practical side of things. All of those need to become a match.

Remember that it’s all about you actually becoming a match to the thing you desire.

It’s not about leaving your shoes in the cupboard. That won’t make the difference.

Now, if you want to make sure you get all the tweaks done that need to be tweaked within yourself so that you can become a match to all those things you desire – whether it’s the dream house, the dream income, the dream business, the dream holiday (or whatever it is) – then grab today’s freebie because it’s the perfect thing to help you take the next step on your journey.


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This excuse is stopping you from manifesting money

This excuse is stopping you from manifesting money

Before you dive deeper into manifesting money, you need to ask:

Are you actually ready for more money?

I’m serious! If all the money you wanted came in right NOW, would you actually know what to do with it?

Would you be able to put every dollar to work for you as effectively as possible?

Do you have a plan for your money? Do you have a system for managing it wisely so it grows & multiplies?

Or would you actually freak out a little and not know exactly what you should do with it?

You might think that you have too many bills or debts to pay to even worry about having a ‘money plan’ right now but let me give it to you straight:

That excuse is costing you money!

NOT having a money plan or a money system is like opening a restaurant but not bothering to hire a chef because you don’t have any customers yet.





If your customers get wind of that, you can be guaranteed that your restaurant will stay empty.

And make no mistake, on an energetic level, money KNOWS whether you’re ready for it or not!

You simply cannot BS the Universe, so it’s important that you’re truly ready – on all levels – to receive the abundance you want.

Waiting ‘til it comes before you bother to get ready for it will keep it from coming!

You’ll end up in an energetic stalemate.

Having a money plan will ensure that when your money comes, you’ll know exactly how to make it grow & multiply.

Having a money plan is also a CRITICAL step in releasing any resistance that stops money from flowing. It gives you confidence that raises your vibration and THAT helps you attract more money!

That is why in the Magnetic Money program, we devote 2 entire modules to ensuring you have a money system that runs on autopilot.

In today’s video:

  • how exactly having a money plan opens the abundance floodgates
  • what to do to avoid a vibrational abundance stalemate
  • the easiest & most powerful way to get that abundance flowing

My best money manifesting freebie is the Manifesting Money Video Training, so after you watch the video, make sure you move straight onto the free training.

It’s only 25 minutes long and helps you make massive shifts so you master manifesting money.


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How fear & doubt in business can keep you broke

How fear & doubt in business can keep you broke

Are you spending wayyyy too much money on your business?

Most entrepreneurs do.

They spend money on fancy websites before they’ve nailed their messages, blow money on business cards that get thrown in the bin when they change their branding (or hairstyle).

Not to mention all the marketing material and the courses that either aren’t needed, never get done or simply aren’t right for them.

If this has been you, don’t beat yourself up. You’re certainly not alone!

I know it’s not that you don’t know your priorities.

And I know it’s not because you suck with money.

The reason most entrepreneurs are overspenders has to do with a  very simple fact of what it MEANS to become an entrepreneur – to go into business for yourself and rely on nothing but your brains, skills & creativity to earn a living.

Today, I’m going to break it down for you and tell you how to break out of this costly cycle.

In today’s video:

  • the first stage of the entrepreneurial journey & what few people realize
  • why band-aid solutions get expensive
  • the trick to making an investment that pays unlimited & never-ending returns





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Going BEYOND money is the key to manifesting more money

Going BEYOND money is the key to manifesting more money

Now, I’m just going to come right out and say it and tell you: It’s not about the money.

Stop making it about the money – especially if you’d like some more money, you need to stop. You just need to stop making it about the money because it’s honestly not.

Let me explain a little bit more.





You want some more money. I get it. We all live in the same material world and money is important. And when this feeling of not enough or “I’d really like some more and I’ve worked really hard to get to the next level” kicks in, it can become a bit of a thorn in your side.

It can feel frustrating, and you can get a little bit obsessive about it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with money.

Money is fantastic.
Money is wonderful.
Money allows you to spread abundance throughout the world even more.

I love money.

But the thing is: The more you obsess about trying to get some more money, the harder you’re making it for yourself.

Because it’s really not about the money.

So take a step back and let me ask you: why do you want the money?

And you’ll tell me things like:

“I want to retire my husband.”
“Buy my dreamhouse.”
“I want to travel the world.”
“I want to start a foundation.”
“I want to run retreats.”
“I want to start a charity.”

There’s something there that you want the money for, right?

You don’t want the money just for the sake of the money. There’s something you want to DO with the money.

And the reason you want to do those things with the money is because of the way that you want to FEEL at the end of the day.

You want to feel the freedom.
You want to feel the ability to make choices… the ability to choose to spend your days however you like.
You want to feel that lightness, right?
You want to feel that joy… that happiness.
You want to be able to do whatever the hell you want to do without having to ask permission or look at your bank account or have to hustle even harder.
You want the freedom to do whatever it is you want to do in this life and to fully express yourself… to become the most abundant version of you.

So what you’re looking for is an abundance… a spiritual abundance. And the feeling of joy and happiness… of all these higher emotions. 

That’s what you’re really after.

Now, while you keep making it about the money, you’re really narrowing down your ability to call into your experience the things that you’re looking for.

Because the things you’re ultimately looking for have not much to do with money.

But you think that money is a necessary stepping stone along the way.

And so you’re kind of micro-focusing down on the money, thinking, “Well, if I don’t get the money, then I can’t have the other things.”

Rather than focusing on the end result that you actually want which is that joy… that happiness… those feelings of freedom and abundance.

And those feelings, they’re actually already available to you.

And what I see so many people do, is they realise that the feelings they’re after ultimately are available to them at some level, but they refuse to go there.

They won’t let themselves feel good.
They won’t let themselves feel abundant.
They won’t let themselves feel free and joyful.

Because they think, “Well, if I feel that now, then I won’t need the money. And then I might not ever get it. So if I don’t end up getting the money, then…”

Hang on.

You’ll feel joyful, free and abundant.

And HOW is that a problem???
Right…? Can you see where I’m going here?

If you can already feel that way, without needing the money to make it happen, then why wouldn’t you allow yourself to feel that way right now?

Because the reason you want the money is to get more of those feelings into your life.

When you’re holding yourself back and going, “No, I won’t allow myself to feel that way.

I’ll instead choose to feel worry and doubt and fear and be hard on myself that I haven’t worked hard enough and I haven’t nailed this manifesting thing yet and the Universe seems to deliver for everybody else except for me.”

While you stay stuck in that place…. you’re never going to be able to attract any of those things you’re looking for – least of all, the money!

Because the money is just one of the ways that what you’re ultimately after can come about.

And when you align energetically with the ultimate end result…
when you see it and believe it to be possible…
when you act like somebody who expects it to happen,
THAT’S when it can actually happen!!

And that’s when all the things you need to allow it to happen – including the money (or maybe there are other ways it can happen that don’t even involve money that you’ve not even considered) – that’s when all those things can actually happen.

So, the only way you’re ever going to get the money is by forgetting about it for a little while and focus beyond the money… on what you actually want the money for.

Because ultimately, it’s really not about the money anyway; it’s about feelings of ABUNDANCE. It’s about feelings of expansion.

It’s about feelings of being deserving, worthy and finally embracing everything that you know that’s been waiting for you… that the Universe had in store for you all along.

That’s what you’re really after, and you can have that right now.

And I’m telling you that as long as you keep denying yourself having that, you’re actually stopping not just that end result and that feeling you’re after (which is crazy when you think about it), you’re also stopping the money from coming.

So just leave it alone already!

Stop obsessing about the money; it’s not about the money. And start focusing all your energy… all your awareness on those ultimate end results you’re really after which is the happiness, the joy, the abundance, the expansion… that feeling of spiritual abundance… of fulfilment.

And when you do that, I promise you, the money and anything else you need to make it happen will come.

Now, if you’d like some help with that, I have linked in the description to this video one of my free resources that will help you take the next step.

So that you can stay focused on the vibration of abundance which will allow all the things that you desire and ones you’d never even dare to dream of to come into your experience.

Because true abundance… true wealth is an inside job.

It’s about feeling abundant and for your soul to be overflowing with all the goodness that the Universe has available for you to experience.

It’s incredible.

And that’s what I want for you most of all.


Stop fighting about money with your partner!

Stop fighting about money with your partner!

Let’s talk about what’s going on when you’re constantly fighting about money with your partner. 

It’s not fun, right?  So we want to deal with it, solve it and resolve it and get you back to a peaceful place where money isn’t causing such a rift in your relationship.

Now, the first thing to understand is that when there are arguments about money, it comes from an underlying fear. 

So the first thing you want to do is start to look into is, is it his fear, or your fear? 

And, at the end of the day, it actually doesn’t even matter. But it is important to recognize your own fear within that because if you weren’t also fearful (even if he was) you wouldn’t feel the need to be defensive, right? 

So, it comes back to:

“Everything on the outside of you is a reflection of what’s going on on the inside of you”.





So, particularly with our life partner, we’re constantly reflecting and mirroring and shadowing off each other. 

So sometimes, we will project all our unresolved things that we’re not really ready to deal with onto them. So we go, “You’re doing this, you’re doing that, you’re doing that,” but what it really is, there’s a part of us that doesn’t like the fact that we sometimes do that or maybe we are currently doing it and we’re just not owning up to it, not even to ourselves.

So, the bottom line is that you need to heal the fear within you, because it’s just causing a vicious spiral.

And when you get to a place where you no longer hold the fear around finances then, first of all, they won’t be mirroring it back to you. And even if they have their own fear going on, your energy, your calmness, your “Hey babe, it’s okay, we’re all sorted,” will actually start to rub off on them. 

They will start to resonate more and more with where you’re at once you are stable enough in your own state of being chilled about money and knowing it’s all under control, there’s plenty more coming and we’re okay, babe.

So, like everything else, really, that I teach you, it’s all about you, because you are the creator of your life and you are this beautiful energy with consciousness so you get to cause that effect on the energy field around you and your partner will just pick up on what’s going on with you. 

So, start fixing what’s going on within you and your world will shift.

Now, if you want to get stuck into it straight away, then make sure you grab my Manifesting Money Training. This 25-minute video training takes you through the 5 reasons you’re not manifesting more money – and what to do about it!

It’ll go a long way towards healing those underlying fears that I’ve just talked about and help you have a much more harmonious relationship about money with your partner. So grab that from the link in the description.

I will see you next time. Keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.


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