I help women in business create the life they’ve been dreaming of.

I will show you how to leverage the power of your unconscious mind & the entire Universe then marry it with everyday practical skills, so you can have more money, more time & more joy – with less effort!

I am a Speaker, Bestselling Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Timeline Practitioner, Infinite Possibilities Trainer and also a Finance Adviser and ex-Petroleum Engineer & Corporate Analyst. My journey has seen me go from broke, single mum to award winning business owner.

I developed The Effectology Method a program that provides women like you with a framework to leverage your unseen power while also giving you the tools, strategies and systems to overcome any limiting beliefs or resistance and confidently manage your newfound abundance wisely & with confidence.

I will show you how to create the life and business you always dreamed of.



Why you spend too much on your business – but won’t spend any on yourself

Today we’re going to talk about what’s going on, when you find yourself spending way too much money on your business, but can’t seem to bring yourself to spend any money on you. You feel guilty.. you just won’t do it… you avoid it.

But meanwhile, on your business you’re actually overspending – too many courses, too many different marketing materials. Money is just flowing out and leaking in all sorts of different ways.

What is going on there?

Are you suffering Entrepreneurial ADD?

Today we’re going to talk about entrepreneurial ADD or what I call ‘entrepreneurial ballet dancing.’.. Where you’re just spinning on the spot over and over and over again and not really moving forward.

Sometimes it looks like, ‘hmm I’m not sure what I want to be when I grow up ‘, ‘maybe I want to be a business coach for single mums’ or ‘maybe I want to be a business coach for women leaving the workforce’ or ‘maybe I don’t want to be a business coach at all – ‘maybe I want to be a yoga teacher.’

Help! Why is there never enough money?

Today let’s talk about what’s going on when you seem to have never enough money.

No matter what’s going on, you just don’t have enough. Either you kind of run out of money before you’ve even paid the bills or there’s just never really anything left over.

So the first thing I want you to be really aware of is that it really doesn’t matter so much what your income level is if that is a pattern, because there’s always more things to spend money on.

How to not let what’s urgent get in the way of what’s important

Today we’re going to talk about urgent versus important, because as you know, each day there’s a bunch of stuff that’s really urgent for you to get done and then there’s also those things that you know are really important – important for your business, important for your well-being, important for your overall happiness levels in life.

You are the magic you seek

Have you ever wondered what your ‘thing’ is?

We all have our own special thing, a way of seeing relating to or showing up the world that is completely unique, entirely our own.

Problem is, we’re often the last to be able to see or recognise it.

Even when we think we’re starting to ‘get it’, there’s always another layer of self awareness and connection to reach.

Last weekend I was lucky enough to move through another layer of my own personal onion and feel a state of even deeper self-awareness, self-appreciation, self-connection and self-love.

A love letter to your authentic self

Are you embracing your authentic self?

For years I knew I wanted to do more, be more, contribute, leave a mark, move people, be of value and service.

I expended much energy wondering how I could do it, what it would take, who or what I needed to become.

I wondered, “What kind of  person do I need to become?”

Maybe you can relate. Do you also ask yourself these questions?