Ignore your finances to improve them

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If money is an issue in your life – maybe you feel too guilty to spend it on little luxuries for yourself – or your money disappears as quickly as it arrives – however it shows up for you, the first thing you’ll need to do to create a shift is to ignore your money for a while.

Here’s why:
Remember how what you focus on expands and where your attention goes, your energy flows?

Well, if you want your business to attract and bring in more money, and you’re busy looking at your bank account and calendar noticing the lack of enough money and the lack of appointments, then you’re focusing on the LACK of what you want.

This is then your current vibration (aka your FEELING state) and therefore the signal you’re broadcasting into the Universe. You’re broadcasting a signal of ‘lack’.

And so guess what you’ll get more of?

Yep.. that’s right. More of ‘not enough’… not enough money, not enough clients, not enough support… just not enough of what you want… especially money, which is where your main focus is.

So the trick is to get off the topic of money – just for a while. 

You need to let that vibration of lack dissipate and you can only do that by stepping away and focusing on something else.

This is how you stop that runaway train without being run down by it – you get the hell off!

You’ll find that even if you start hustling to bring in more money, the moment you stop hustling, the money will dry up or disappear.. usually due to some unforeseen ’emergency’ .

You simply cannot beat your own vibration and you cannot side-step Law of Attraction. It always catches up.

The topic of money is loaded right now. Everytime you go there, you just amplify and broadcast more of that ‘lack’ signal, so you need to get off that topic. 

That means take a holiday if you can or go away for the weekend or at least meditate, take a nap or go to bed and start fresh tomorrow.

Let that old momentum die down a bit so you can start fresh on the RIGHT frequency.



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