5 Mindset shifts to help you attract a 6-figure income in your business

5 Mindset shifts to help you attract a 6-figure income in your business

Let’s talk about the 5 mindset shifts that you need to make to help you attract a 6-figure income into your beautiful business.

So, why mindset shifts? Well here’s the thing, anything is possible. 

We live in a world of infinite possibilities. We live in an ever expanding universe where anything is possible, where you get to choose the thoughts that you think and the feelings that you feel through the vibration that you’re sending out into the universe – that intelligent universe that then responds to you and brings you the ideas, the synchronicities, the events, the opportunities, the people, the conversations, everything you need to achieve whatever you’re looking to achieve.

So when you shift your mind – when you shift your mindset, which changes the way you think, which then changes the vibration that you’re sending out into the field – you change your world.

And when you change your mindset, what you’re actually doing is shifting your perspective. You’re shifting the way you see the world, you’re taking off the glasses that say, ‘This is not really possible for me’, ‘It’s too hard’, ‘It never works out’, ‘Nobody ever helps me’ and ‘I’m all by myself, I have to sort it all out myself’. 

You’re taking off those glasses, and you’re replacing them with glasses that say ‘Anything is possible. 

‘It’s possible for them, it’s possible for me. All the support I need is available. There are amazingly helpful people. There are people whose expertise it is to help me solve this problem – to help me get from point A to point B, and it’s all right there. I just need to be open to it and see it’. 

So when you shift your mindset, you open possibilities.






So let’s talk about the 5 key mindset shifts that are really going to help you attract 6-figures into your business. If you’ve been finding yourself just below that magical 6-figure barrier, these 5 mindset shifts are critical in helping you cross that line. 

Let’s talk about them.

1. Believe it’s possible

You need to believe it’s possible, and that’s pretty easy to do. It’s pretty easy to convince yourself because all you need to do is look around and find all those other people for whom it’s become possible. So when you see other people doing what you wish you could do, instantly and automatically there’s your evidence that it is totally and utterly possible. 

So look for the evidence and know that it’s possible.

2. Believe it’s possible for YOU

There’s a big difference between believing it’s possible for some people, and knowing it’s possible for you. This is where you have to become your own cheer squad. This is where you have to cheer yourself on and become your own personal coach. Coaches are fantastic but you have a coach with you every single day. You have somebody that’s talking to you all day long in your mind. 

Be kind to yourself, be positive, be encouraging to yourself and see yourself as your newest coaching client, even if you’re not currently a coach, because we all coach each other – you coach your friends, you coach your children, you coach your partner, you’re always coaching other people. 

You know how to encourage, you know how to help people see their abilities, you know how to help people see the positive side of things, and help them count all their achievements and see all the evidence of how brilliant and capable they are. 

Do it for yourself, so that you can believe that it’s possible for you.

3. Be willing to believe that it’s easy

You need to be willing to believe that this can be easy. This is a big one. Think about it, why do you believe that crossing the 6-figure threshold is going to mean that you have to work hard, that it’s going to be tiring, and that it’s going to take sacrifices you may not be willing to make? If you think this, you will hold yourself back in all sorts of ways – many of which are totally unconscious. 

You may have the best intentions, but that belief that it’s hard will hold you back because unconsciously you will sabotage yourself. Your unconscious mind will let you get yourself in a situation that you believe is going to be to your detriment. 

So look to the world around you – what evidence can you see that this can be easy, that this will make your life easier, that this will actually benefit your life and give you an even higher level of wellbeing? 

And when you can see that and when you can truly become attached to and invested in that, your unconscious mind will get on board and it will help you figure out how to make it happen.

4. Expect support

You need to expect support. 

Yes, I’m talking to you. 

I don’t know if it’s just a thing with women in general, or women in business, or maybe it’s just me, or maybe it’s me and lots of my clients and students, but this whole ‘I’ve got to do it all myself’ thing isn’t helping. But it’s damn prevalent, isn’t it? 

So you need to expect support, not just believe that the support is available, but actually expected because when you get to a place of expecting people to care, expecting people to be willing to help, expecting people to be able to give you the right guidance at the right time, you will attract it and you will manifest it and it will happen. 

So you need to get to a place where you expect support and it starts by noticing whether you currently do or you don’t, and just using your awareness to start making those shifts. 

And again, what evidence have you got that support is available? When your husband cleans out the dishwasher, CELEBRATE that ‘I am so supported’. 

When your daughter puts on the washing and remembers to not just wash her dirty undies, but yours as well, then CELEBRATE that ‘I am so supported’. 

‘I have this amazing support network all around me’. 

Keep reinforcing it to yourself. Find the littlest excuses because they will build and build and build until you do get to a point where you truly expect it, and then all the washing and all the dishes and all the laundry will forever be taken care of. Sounds good to me, right?

5. Know that you are good enough

This is a big and very important one, and it is to know that you are good enough. This goes beyond whether or not it’s possible for you. This is moving into that space of knowing that you are good enough to have this, that you deserve this, and that you are worthy of this. 

This is about really looking at what’s going on deep within, and shifting your self-image as you need to, to uplevel to a state where you know that you are good enough, where you expect the support, where you believe that it can be easy, where you believe it’s possible for you, and you believe it’s possible to begin with, right? 

So knowing that you are good enough is key. Look at that and identify if you need to make a shift there, and then do what you need to do to make it happen. 

If you’d like some help with that, I happen to have an amazing free training that you can grab right now. So if you need to take the next step from what we’ve just talked about, click on the link below, grab the free training, and I’ll see you over there. 

Until next time, keep on embracing your amazing and unlimited potential.

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The 3 biggest blocks to attracting a 6-figure business

The 3 biggest blocks to attracting a 6-figure business

Let’s talk about the three biggest blocks to you attracting and manifesting a six figure business, and for your business to actually be generating six figures plus on a consistent level.

So where are we going to start with this? Let’s talk about six figures. Let’s talk about why six figures is such a big deal, because this is important for you to recognise if you’re going to uncover those blocks and realise which one of them is the one you may need to deal with. 

First, because six figures is a symbolic threshold, right? It’s this threshold where you step across from having a business that may be considered a hobby, or not really for your livelihood or your household. 

And you step across this threshold and it symbolises freedom – financial freedom – and it symbolises success. Your business has made it at that point. Usually your business is employing other people and their livelihood partly depends on it as well. 

So it’s a real coming of age for your business when it crosses this six figure threshold, and emotionally and mentally, that is a really big deal.






Now, if you’ve come from previously being in a job as most of us have, and then you’ve moved into having your own business and being an entrepreneur, then the biggest issue with the six figure thing and why it suddenly feels different and hard, is because it’s not the same as when you’re earning six figures plus in a job. 

You might have come from a career where you earned multiple six figures and you’re really comfortable with that. And now suddenly, you’re in this business, and it feels really weird and hard and it feels like you have to ask people for way more money than you feel comfortable, just to allow you to make that level of income. 

So when you get moved into a business, you need to start recognising that it’s just not the same as when you’re in a job. It is different in your business. There are a few reasons for that. 

The key one is that YOU set your worth. YOU decide what your hourly rate is, YOU decide what your products are worth, YOU DECIDE.

You decide the pricing, you decide the structure, how long you work for, what kind of hours you work, what that looks like, and also you have to stand up there and claim it, you have to be visible, you have to actually stand up and claim your worth. 

Whereas in a job, you don’t so much have to do that. You’ll go to a job interview, you’ll usually accept the salary that’s offered – which is what most women do, they don’t generally negotiate very well – and then you wait for the pay rises to come through. 

It’s easy to just coast along and appreciate the pay rises as they come and let somebody else dictate your worth. 

But in your business, it is totally up to you. And this is where those three big blocks come from, the three biggest blocks, generally speaking, that are at the core of what’s getting in the way of women attracting that six figure income in their businesses.

So you can sum them up simply as this:

1. ‘I’m not good enough.’

‘I’m just not good enough at this yet’. Right? Or ‘I’m not good enough to claim this amount of money, to ask this amount of money’. 

That’s where the visibility blocks come in. If that’s a limiting belief, then often what happens is that the person who has that going for them – and maybe that’s you or what has been you at some stage – are often unwilling to show up, or they feel uncomfortable about showing up. Showing up as the expert, showing up as somebody who says ‘Work with me, I can help you with that and here’s what I charge for it’. It feels uncomfortable. So not feeling good enough is the number one.

2. ‘I don’t know enough.’

‘I don’t know enough and I can’t offer enough’. And that manifests itself usually in over delivering, in taking on one course after another, after another. Getting all these extra qualifications that you don’t really need because deep down inside, you still feel like you don’t really know enough or what you’re offering is not enough to warrant that level of income, to warrant charging what you’re wanting to charge and that level of energy exchange. So ‘It’s not enough’ is the second big block that causes women in business to not be able to cross that six figure threshold.

3. ‘I’m not worthy of it.’

This one is an oldie but a goodie. It’s a lack of worthiness, a lack of feeling worthy of it. It can come in different kinds of ways, but it all comes down to, ‘I’m not worthy of it’. There may be different phrases used but they essentially mean that. They essentially mean, ‘I don’t think I’m worthy of it’ and that tends to show up in your pricing – you struggling with your pricing, struggling to set your prices, struggling to raise your prices, and also struggling to ask for money, to actually ask for the energy exchange.

So they are the three biggest blocks to attracting a six figure income in your business that I see all of the time. 

So I invite you to sit down with that and have a look at which one really resonates for you, and then be willing to do some work around it because that’s the next step. You need to shift your self-image if you’re going to clear that block. 

If you’re going to start seeing yourself as good enough, worthy enough and knowing enough, that requires a shift in your self image. 

If you’re ready to take that next step, then I invite you to help yourself to my free training that will help you do exactly that.

I’ve linked it below so go grab that now and until I see you next, make sure you keep on embracing your unlimited potential.


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Clear your money blocks by paying attention to your money

Clear your money blocks by paying attention to your money

Are you avoiding paying bills, looking at bills or just getting your money sorted out in general?

Then you’re ignoring your money & I’m sorry to tell you – it’s not going to like it!

When you act like that, you’re disconnecting from your money – just as you would from any friend if you treated them like that. And if you’re wanting more money to come to you and stay awhile, that’s not a very smart approach…





Energetically it cuts you off from the vibration of money, because money is energy & what you focus on expands. So as you refuse to pay attention to money, you are starving your money flow of oxygen.

You throttle the flow.

As you start to give your money some attention again, the flow can come back to life.

There’s another beautiful side effect to paying attention to your money and that is that it empowers you. As you pay attention to your money and take charge again, your confidence will grow and that raises your vibration. And as your vibration raises, all good things automatically start to flow to you even faster – including money and all other forms of abundance!

So listen up as I explain:

  1. why money is energy and how you get to mould that energy
  2. what you need to do to increase that money flow into your life
  3. how YOU will change as a result of paying attention to your money


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How to stop feeling guilty about the money you spend

How to stop feeling guilty about the money you spend

Do you feel guilty spending money on yourself? 

Let’s talk about that and let’s talk about why it stops more money from coming into your experience.

Maybe you’re in this habit of saying, “Ah, not yet. I won’t spend that money on myself just yet. First I need to hit a six-figure income,” or “When I have my first big month,” or “When my launch does this,” or “When I have this many clients,” or “When I put my price up to X number.”

The thing is that what you will notice if you’re really honest with yourself is that you keep moving the goalposts. You keep finding excuses and you keep skimping and putting yourself last, feeling too guilty to ever really spend that money on yourself.

So my question is: When will you feel ready?




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How to hypnotise yourself into abundance

How to hypnotise yourself into abundance

I’m wondering: have you hypnotised yourself to be poor?

So I’m a hypnotherapist and one of the first things I learned in my training is that we actually all hypnotise each other every single day.

Coca-Cola, KFC, McDonald’s know exactly how to hypnotise people into buying their “stuff.” Right?

They know the hypnotic effects of words, images, repetition and people just zoning out in front of the TV – which, by the way, is when your unconscious is completely open.

You’re actually in a trance when you’re watching TV, and that is why TV ads are so powerful.

But we all hypnotise ourselves – and each other – every single day.





Your parents hypnotised you when you were just a little kid which, again, is when the unconscious is completely open. The personality hasn’t fully formed yet. And until about age seven, you’re just open; there’s no filter and everything goes in.

Which is why my 1:1 work with clients usually goes back to things at age 7 or earlier. If they take me to an event that they say is the first time that a limiting belief occured after age 7, I always dig deeper.

Because most often, it happened before age 7 when they were totally susceptible to taking on messages without a rational filter that says, “That’s not really what that means and I’m going to choose to see it from a different perspective.”

They just take things at face value. YOU just took things at face value.

So, we all hypnotise each other.

Our parents are really good at it when we’re young.

And now you also hypnotise yourself every single day.

You do it with your words. Words are extremely powerful. They’re extremely hypnotic and when you repeat the same word over and over again that means you start to believe it.

And as you start to believe it, you repeat it more and more which means you believe it at an even deeper level. And because you know that what you believe at a deeper level is the truth, it means that the words that you are now speaking are you complete and utter truth.

What I just said doesn’t make much sense but it felt like it did, didn’t it?

Because I used hypnotic words. That is how powerful they are.

So, be aware of that.

Be aware of your words and that they are hypnotising you every single day.

Be aware that when you speak to other people, you are actually hypnotising yourself. Words are powerful. 95-98% of everything we do every single day is completely unconscious. So when you hypnotise yourself, what you’re actually doing is you’re programming your unconscious – which runs your life.

It’s like you’re programming the computer that runs the show.

And you want to be careful with how you’re programming it, right?

One thing you can practice is a simple pattern interrupt.

Basically just be aware and when you find yourself saying things that are negative around money like “Oh god, not another parking fine.” and “Oh my god, electricity just keeps getting more expensive.” etc, train yourself to throw in a little pattern interrupt.

Train yourself to say something that interrupts that old pattern firing in your nervous system because that alone will weaken that old pattern… and weaken that old belief system.

It will help you wire in a new belief system… a new pattern that serves you a whole lot better.

What sort of pattern interrupt?

Well, you can train yourself to go “BLAH” everytime you say something that shouldn’t come out of your mouth. But people might think that you’re a little bit weird….

So, how about something as simple as, “Lucky I’ve always got more money coming.” or “Lucky I’m rich!” or “Yeah, that’s right – I can afford this because I always make twice as much as I spend.” Or just anything. Anything at all that’s a pattern interrupt that’s out of the ordinary to what you would normally say.

And that alone is powerful.

This is important stuff, people.

Now, if you’re not quite sure where to begin on this journey to creating life on purpose, to getting in the driver seat and really upgrading your life no matter how good it already is you know it can be better, then take my quiz.

The link is in the description above. Jump on there and we’ll find out what your next step from here is.

I’ll see you next time.


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How fear & doubt in business can keep you broke

How fear & doubt in business can keep you broke

Are you spending wayyyy too much money on your business?

Most entrepreneurs do.

They spend money on fancy websites before they’ve nailed their messages, blow money on business cards that get thrown in the bin when they change their branding (or hairstyle).

Not to mention all the marketing material and the courses that either aren’t needed, never get done or simply aren’t right for them.

If this has been you, don’t beat yourself up. You’re certainly not alone!

I know it’s not that you don’t know your priorities.

And I know it’s not because you suck with money.

The reason most entrepreneurs are overspenders has to do with a  very simple fact of what it MEANS to become an entrepreneur – to go into business for yourself and rely on nothing but your brains, skills & creativity to earn a living.

Today, I’m going to break it down for you and tell you how to break out of this costly cycle.

In today’s video:

  • the first stage of the entrepreneurial journey & what few people realize
  • why band-aid solutions get expensive
  • the trick to making an investment that pays unlimited & never-ending returns





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