How to work one day less and make more money

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How would you like to work one day LESS each week and actually IMPROVE your results? I’m talking about more money, more clients, more fun and more joy – all while doing a lot LESS!

It’s totally possible and no, it doesn’t require some sort of Twilight zone time travel… it’s simply a matter of applying Pareto’s principle!

Pareto’s principle says that 80% of your outcome comes from just 20% of your input. What’s super exciting is that this rule applies to pretty much everything!

Let me give you an easy example:

If we opened your wardrobe so you can show me the clothes you wear 80% of the time, then unless you’re a staunch minimalist (in which case you’re already applying Pareto’s principle), you’ll pull out about 20% (or even less) of the clothes you own.

OK, so now you’re thinking Pareto’s principle is a great way to clean out your closet.. and yes, it is… but it’s SOOOO much more than that!

This little rule applies to pretty much EVERYTHING in life – how many friends you have versus how many you see (or how many you actually give a rip about..), the food in your pantry & fridge versus what you actually eat and of course… your business!!

You can do a Pareto’s Analysis on your business and decide which activities actually make you the money & help grow your business and which are largely just time wasters.

At this point I expect you’ll be pretty damn excited.. why wouldn’t you be?

You want to sit down and do a Pareto’s analysis of your business as soon as possible – take yourself on a little CEO date and write it all out. (Hint: If you’re like most people, you might need to spend a week actually tracking what you spend your time on first.)

Then comes the really exciting bit:

After you’ve done your Pareto’s Analysis, I want you to DOUBLE the amount of time you spend on the 20% that actually makes the difference and HALVE the amount of time you spend on the other stuff.

As a result you can expect to work a lot LESS and get a whole lot MORE in return!

When you also know how to get yourself in vibrational alignment and then do that Pareto’s work from a place of aligned effectiveness, absolute magic happens, so remember to keep marrying the magical with the practical!



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