Hi, this is Miriam Castilla and welcome to the Manifesting Playground where we apply Law of Attraction in practical and magical ways to transform your business and life – so you can have more, more time, and more alignment.

Let’s talk about the real secret to attracting more money EASILY.

If you’ve been focusing on attracting more abundance and more money into your business and your life for a while, you might have found that, at times… or maybe a lot of the time, it starts to feel really hard and frustrating… and the more you try, the worse it gets!

That’s actually completely what happens. As you try harder, you’re reinforcing to the universe and your subconscious mind – which are kind of the same thing but we’ll talk about that another time – you are reinforcing that it’s hard work and that it’s not happening. Just the word “try” alone, actually implies NOT succeeding – which is why Yoda was so right (if you know what I’m talking about with the Star Wars reference)

There is no try. There is only “do” and “do not.”

In fact, in hypnotherapy, we use the word “try” to suggest to people that they cannot succeed. So, I don’t know if you’ve ever worked with a hypnotherapist (maybe you’ve worked with me?) We can do things like stick your hand to your leg or glue your eyes shut. We use the word “try” over and over again, “Go on try. Try to do it,” and the more you try the more you find you can’t do it!

The word “try” is hypnotic and it implies not succeeding. When you’re “trying” you are not succeeding and you’re reinforcing to your unconscious mind that you’re having to try because it’s not working, and that is the message you’re sending out to the universe with your energy of frustration and how hard it all is and how you just keep trying and you can’t crack it.

So, the real secret to attracting more money more easily, is to dance the dance of what I call the Manifesting Paradox.





Yes, you need to connect with what you want. You need to have the idea. You need to dream the dream. You need to connect with that possibility of the outcome you want that already exists out in the quantum field. Now once that’s done, whether you visualise, or you daydream, or you make a vision board, or you just spend some time talking and thinking about it – that’s done. The connection has happened. It’s kind of like you’ve branded that event. You’ve branded that outcome with your electromagnetic signature.

So the universe heard your order, no need to keep repeating it.

The work from here on is simple: It’s allowing yourself to be in a state where you can attract it. And “trying” to bring it in is not the state you want to be in!

So what you actually need to work on is getting into a state of “allowing.” Allowing it to flow to you, which means that you kind of need to be unattached enough to “how” and “when” and still be excited and looking forward to the outcome. So being really thrilled because you know that you create your reality, but at the same time knowing that the details of that are not your work. The “how” is not your work and when you try to get in the way and micromanage the process, you just slow it down.

So that is the real secret to attracting more money, more easily:
Come up with all the great ideas, dream the dream, and then get into a space of “allowing,” which means you just have to stay in that beautiful state of unattached expectation.

Tune in and notice, “is that how I’m feeling?” If it’s not, make a little tweak and check it again. If it’s not, make another little tweak. Lots of baby steps add up beautifully over time.

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Until I see you next, keep on embracing your beautiful and unlimited potential.



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